In general, when we look at bags, we look at the big picture: how a bag looks, feels and functions as a whole unit. After all, that’s how women use their bags, and even a great detail or two can’t make up for a bag that has other serious shortcomings. That’s why we love it when Chanel gets super creative with the iconic Chanel Classic Flap Bags; the feel and function of a Classic Flap are time-tested, so Chanel’s frequent reinventions of the exterior are almost literally the icing on the cake. Today, we’ve got some serious icing for you.

These three bags, brand new for Chanel Cruise 2014 (check out our exclusive photos for more information on the line as a whole), are members of the “Exceptional Pieces” line within Chanel’s handbag division that holds the rarest, most exotic and most expensive bags that the brand makes. A couple Exceptional Pieces appear every season, and Cruise 2014’s are pretty magnificent. The pink bag, with thousands of sequins, beads and pearls, is pretty clearly Valentine’s Day-themed; Chanel generally releases a bag to commemorate the holiday, and if you look closely, many of the pink sequins are heart-shaped. The blue and white bags are more vaguely spring-related, but no less beautiful. Click on the images below to view larger versions of each. All of the bags retail for $4,400; to purchase, inquire via Chanel.

Chanel Beaded Flap Bag Blue

Chanel Beaded Flap Bag White

Chanel Beaded Classic Flap Bag Pink

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  • but the prices are the best part!!

    • Traciee

      what prices?? i assume it over the 10k price

      • $4,400 – not really that bad when you think about Chanel prices…

      • Katie

        What the size of these?

  • Julianna

    I think that when you put the prices on your previous chanel post.. it really helped out a lot. It would be so much better if you started doing that for all of your chanel posts! Thanks so much! We would really appreciate it.

    • We’ve added the price for the bags at the end of this post! Chanel is a bit cagey about telling people how much things cost, but we’ll always try and find them if we can.

      • Roxanne

        Please correct and check the facts! These bags are $15,000.00, NOT $4,400.00

  • Sandra

    Certainly nothing for the minimalist LOL!

  • Hmm…not really a fan of these bags. Too much going on. I like my bags a little less ornate.

  • Aurora

    The pink and white ones are not quite up my alley, but the blue one is divine. If only I had an extra $4400 laying around!

  • roxanne

    Hate to burst your bubble, but this bag is $15,000.00
    I have seen it and also called corporate to confirm

  • Rebecca Lippert

    I saw the blue and pink one in New York and it’s actually not that flashy, the colors are more muted. It’s so beautiful!