It’s not quite online retail sales, but we’ll take what we can get. With the addition of its Cruise 2014 Collection to its website, Chanel has also quietly added something else: price information for almost all of its handbags. This development follows a total revamp of the site’s design, which already provided much-needed size and season information for the brand’s bags, as well as bigger, clearer photos that allow potential customers (and nosy bloggers like us) to zoom in on details.

Before, if you wanted to find information on a bag’s price, you had to either call your local boutique or Chanel’s international customer service number. Once connected, you’d either have to roughly describe the exact bag you were interested in (“Uh, well, it’s quilted and it has a flap top…I know that doesn’t narrow it down much…”) in hopes of reaching some sort of mutual understanding, or you’d have to provide the product number that the website displayed for the limited parts of the collection that it deigned to show you. I called that number so many times that I have it memorized, and considering how many ardent Chanel shoppers there are out there, I’m can’t be the only one.

In an effort to dance behind the veil of exclusivity, Chanel likely made a lot of extra busywork for its phone operators and irritated a lot of its customers, so this is a move that should please everyone. Notably absent from the price listings are the brand’s exotic bags, which now feature a demure “price available upon request” marker where the price would otherwise be. That’s how most brands handle distributing price information on their most dizzyingly expensive products, so it’s not entirely a surprise.

Chanel has said that it has no plans to sell its handbags online in the next few years, but we can’t help but feel as though the brand is inching closer and closer to that eventuality. We couldn’t be happier.

Find out the prices for all the Chanel handbags you’ve wondered about, right this way. The Boy Bag above, for the record, is $3,700.

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  • Guest

    I love that they are doing this! Now to improve upon this.. they should add more handbags in there as I do not see other popular items like the GST or Cerf totes.

  • Anonymous

    This gotta be the greatest news I heard all week! lol. And NO, I hope they don’t start selling their bags online because the experience going in to a Chanel store and buying something is sometimes worth more than the price of the handbag. #justsaying :)

    • Lalla

      But selling their bags online can be more convenient for some people, it’s a nice option to have! It’s 2014!! HELLO! You can continue to shop at their actual boutiques if you want but you shouldn’t HOPE that it remains the only option available that’s quite selfish of you! BTW this is not twitter so don’t bother with the hashtags!!

      • laura

        I totally agree with you (Lalla).

    • Ana

      ITA! I’m all for convenience but in the case of Chanel I hope they don’t start selling the bags online. Whether we’ll admit it or not, that would inevitably decrease their exclusivity. There’s something special about having to make an effort to find your perfect Chanel bag. I hope they don’t sell them online.

  • dvs

    Where is exactly the price, I don’t find at all. HELP HELP!!!!!

    • guest

      I have to second that. Can’t find the prices as well.

      • Ebun

        Yeah I can’t see it either :(

    • Guest

      It’s there, after you select your location. At the bottom of the page, you have to choose Fashion, then Products, go to handbags, choose your selection, then click away. You should be able to see the price once you’ve selected a bag.

    • Click on the + for additional information and the price will be listed.

      • jun

        did that and i still can’t see the prices, even after choosing location :(

    • M.Bachman

      After you click the bag, there is + sign in the bottom right corner, you can see all the details including price.

  • jtcasas

    i don’t see the prices anywhere at all. :| HELP!

  • mbfs

    Can’t find the price as well ??!!! Can someone tell me why ???

  • finally!

  • msfili

    im in canada and i cant see the prices either even when i switch to the american website

    • Jenny H

      it’s funny because I was in Boston for the past couple of days and I could see the prices when I view the US website. I just came back to Canada yesterday and now I am on the US website, the prices just disappeared. I think Chanel can detect the proxy or internet service provide we use and somehow they don’t want to show us the Canadians prices for their products…lol though with the currency exchange rates, total price after tax is actually very simiar for some of the products (the WOC for example).

  • cherie

    Chanel’s website is an embarrassment compared to its competitors as in this day and age is still the only designer brand you can’t view via an android device.

  • Elle

    @purseblog can’t see the prices either. are you sure about this? Elle

  • Sara

    What the hell is this ! I can’;t see them anywhere!

  • sara

    I am clicking the + button and there are all data describing the bag but price!

  • sara

    But can’t find the price

  • Baggirl

    Any ideas if the gst shopper is discontinued? Don’t see it online

  • Ritz

    im 53 years old, am i too old for boy bags?

    • Nina

      I think they are suitable for you.

  • The bag is awesome but the price….less attractive….I found a better option – Mackage Rubie (have pics &and a review on my blog).

  • Spice

    When I am in Paris and visited the France version of website, I can see the price in Euro. Once I return to Canada, cannot see price regardless of the language I choose. Not sure if it is a problem or they do that on purpose.

  • Lis

    DId any one know tell what the email address that I can write to Chanel to find out the price for a medium size flag bag? It should be a fixed whether you purchase it in London,Paris, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Singapore. Right