Because most of our posts cover handbags, smaller accessories get left out from time to time. Because smaller goods spend most of their time obscured from view, they’re often not as artfully adorned as bags that we wear as part of our exterior ensemble, which means that they don’t get as much blog love. Every now and then, though, a collection of wallets and small pieces comes around that deserves closer examination.

Welcome the Chanel Palette Small Leather Goods for Fall 2011. The line includes a collection of wallets, a coin purse, card holders, key holders, makeup bags, an iPhone case, and an iPad clutch. Going along with the iconic 2.55 Chanel aesthetic, all pieces feature aged calfskin with flat lozenge quilting.

When picking out accessories, I like to choose colors I don’t normally use for my day to day bags. I like the way Chanel combines a classic with fun by pairing their elegant design to metallic gold and silver leather. I’ve never been a huge lover of metallic leathers, so having it as an accessory is a great option.

While an iPad is tech savvy and you want to be able to access it easily to play Angry Birds, watch movies and read PurseBlog, wouldn’t it be super chic to slide it in and out of a Chanel case? That is the item I am coveting most. The collection will hit Chanel boutiques late September 2011. Which item is your favorite?

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    Usually, Chanel doesn’t do it for me but this collection is AWESOME. I love all of it!!

  • rose60610

    I like the zip wallet most of all. As for the other pieces, I prefer other brands.

  • Ashleyg

    I LOVE these. Adore that zip wallet!

  • Silversun

    I love the distressed metallic look. I’m currently looking for a little coin purse and now I’m coveting the silver one. Lovely!

  • Sue

    Prices? I like them if the price is right.


    I’m loving the green shade!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Beautiful SLGs – love them!

  • Amanda

    Love the iPad cover.

  • Joan

    is the chain wallet a wallet on chain?

    • Pb

      i hope so!! love it!

  • somethingbags

    all! i wish i could afford all of them!

  • Lala

    I really love the metallic silver color. The makeup and Ipad case would be fantastic to have.
    Christmas is coming HINT HINT.

  • xiaopohai
  • harry

    Why does Chanel always use the cheapest continuous zippers on the outside of their items, the inside zipper pockets are ok but visible cheap zippers on such an expensive item?

  • xiaopohai
  • lchua

    Love the pewter hardware.

    The pink and grey combo is a bit 2007.

    PS. Is anyone going to stop people who post links to websites selling fake handbags? Just saying.

  • mochababe73

    I like the coin purse and the small wallet in silver. The gold looks a little cheap.

  • seejayluvsbags

    I like them all!

  • jen

    i have a feeling that such coating will wear off like metallic leather

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  • ninjaninja

    Am I the only one not feeling it?

  • Yaz

    Wonder what the price range will be

  • Chele

    No, I’m also not feeling it but can’t put my finger on what’s missing/bothering me.

    These SLGs just don’t have a swoon factor for me.

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    TDF! I want the Iphone and Ipad holders..absolutely gorgeous! all of them

  • Jenn-christine

    I have been lusting for a WOC and that flat silver is to DIE for :)

  • Alex

    These chanel bags are available at

  • QQ


    half of them look like the logos are crooked.

  • irina

    love the ipad cover, would also like to see it in gold

  • Nicole

    I am in love these are SO beautiful I want all of them! I LOVE the ipad clutches :)

  • Lydia aruba

    chanel bags are the best :) I love them!

  • aqua033

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  • Patti

    Love this leather line! They look so timeless!

  • anie

    Love these chanel bags

  • TheDecorGirl

    I like but I agree with lchua, pink and gray is a bit 1970’s. Gray and navy would be more Mme Chanel.

  • Jacki

    I’m sorry,I’m usually the biggest fan of Chanel handbags,but this collection certainly doesn’t do it for me. They look cheap. Not typical of Chanel.

  • esther sale

    u bag beautiful

  • marida

    What is the name of the first silver purse after the gold wallet? Very nice. Yes, I hope the price is good, too.

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  • AstaK.

    I like that distressed cool look, its surprisingly modern and still has some genuine Coco-feeling:)

  • ok809

    Thank you to share with me for something very much.

  • Alice

    The colours are divine! so elegant and classy but still fresh enough to make them stand out

  • dalianmao

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