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  • AshleyG

    Khloe looks FAB!!!

  • leather_fiend

    Honestly, this is just hilarious. And yeah, that bag is the perfect size for her! I wonder what she put in it… when I was little, my plastic purse included a plastic mirror, fake plastic lipstick, and a dollar bill so I could feel like a grownup :)

    • jayne steiner

      And a hanky.

  • Gia

    And let’s not forget the Chanel Espadrilles!!! :)

    • Sparky

      I noticed that too! Whatever. Mom and daughter actually look very nice. Family is in the entertainment business and its their job to be over-the-top. It does’t bother me.

      That said, I find it a little uncomfortable they dressed like this for Easter. Could have toned it down a little. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall see-through lace exposing a bra being appropriate for church.

      • Passerine

        Thank you for saying that. It’s not appropriate, but if they’d worn something more conservative and suitable for a religious service, they would not have gotten the publicity that they crave so deeply.

      • FashionableLena

        They may not be dressed appropriately (and I don’t think that they are), but Kris is one of the founders of that church. I doubt if anyone will call them out on it.

      • emily

        I kind of want them for my daughter.

    • YES!! And I think that’s just special order for big clients… but jealous!

  • Aoedele

    It’s their money or gift from a friend, it doesn’t bother me, it never will. Penelope is adorable, so jealous of her outfit, and Khloé looks fab.

  • Cbl

    Wait, these bags aren’t made for toddlers?? So confused LOL

  • Smithy

    OMG, Chanel espadrilles and a Fendi bag. At the very least, these kids are doomed. Born into a family that covets wealth, material possessions and no shame. Good luck kids!!! You’ll need it!!! Tick tock tick tock….only a matter of time before something really bad happens to this family. The set-up is way too strong.

    • Aoedele

      That’s such a sad thing to say and wish on anyone. They are wealthy and can afford it, good for them. Doesn’t make them bad people. You can tell they are super close and love each other, and that is the most important thing.

      • Mary Smith

        I don’t think you read what she wrote. You read what you wanted to read. There is nothing wrong with being born rich but every human needs to find merit and goodness inside themselves not in what they own or don’t own and at the end of the day of moms don’t teach good values to their children those children are doomed no matter what their income.

      • Aoedele

        And you would know how they are raising their children how? Because they are choose to showcase a bit of their lives on TV?

      • Pbagobssesed

        I tend to agree with the other two posters here. There are far richer people (billionaires and far more famous celebrities) who clearly are against raising their kids in this way (you don’t even see them flount their children and themselves in this manner in the media). Wrapping them with luxury at an age they can’t even understand the value of these things they are setting them up to a path of self-indulgence. These kids will have a wrong perception of the world and themselves and will likely struggle if all these materialism they thought matters would be all gone.

      • emily

        You can give your children nice and expensive things all while teaching them that there are those who aren’t as fortunate, and as much as I’m not a fan they do work hard for their money and I’m sure they’ll have no trouble to teach their kids the same. I think Kourtney is probably the smartest and realest out of the bunch, which is why I believe her kids will turn out different than Kim’s will. She is very doting and protective of her children.

      • Mary Smith

        Once again you are failing to read what people have actually written. Making an honest exchange of ideas impossible. If you sought to just yell random things unrelated to what people are actually say you should be congratulated.

      • Aoedele

        What have people said? Like tabloid people? They are known for the truth and all that. It’s sad to be so jealous of someone you don’t know to the point of wishing they’re bad parents. Says more about you….

  • Yoshi1296

    She’s rocking the look! The bag and Chanel espadrilles are so cute.

  • Donna Wentz-Walter

    Really??? They make WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!!!

  • Yazi

    That’s what they wear to church? *blinks*

  • Sara

    She looks cute. If I didn’t know the bag was a Fendi, I would have though “what a cute little sparkly bag”.
    As for Khloe’s all white ensemble with a hat and a white Hermes…..no doubt she looks great but a bit strange for church. Or is it? What is she meant to wear to church? Jeans? A gown? I’m confused!

    • MsPit

      how can you be confused? going to church is meant to be a religious experience, especially on Easter. Not to show off your breasts. The problem isn’t that the outfits are white, but that the the two “ladies’ ” tops are see through and show the bras. Unless you are worshiping at the Church of Tacky, the lace and the sheer blouses aren’t appropriate.

      • Sara

        Church of Tacky lol
        More like Church of Raunchy!
        Agreed. Specially if they are there to commemorate the death of a humble modest man whilst splashing their wealth…..and boobs. The whole picture is wrong.

  • Tank Diaz

    Khloe looks great, probably not conservative enough for my liking for an Easter service, but damn she looks good, I want the hat!

  • Giselle

    Does Chanel have kids’ line? Very nice advertisement Karl!

  • Imgoingbroke

    I’m a terrible mother… My 3-yr old daughter had a vinyl Beauty and the Beast purse and PayLess plastic sandals. The shame ;)

  • Mary Smith

    1- tax the rich. If you can afford $4000 toy for a toddler you can afford to pay taxes. 40% on all income above $1,000,000

    2- this is why Kanye and Kim are broke. When you are rich you are not untouchable. If you live like the money will never run out, it will.

    3- the look on that child’s face reminds us all that money can’t buy happiness (assuming you already have all your basic needs met)

    • Aoedele

      How do you know Kanye and Kim are broke? And what is wrong w/ Penelope’s face? People are just jealous and read what makes them feel better about themselves about that family. Who care what they do w/ their money? No matter how you cut, saying unfounded and rude things about them says more about you than them.

      • Mary Smith

        Because Kanye SAID HE WAS. Take your lips from out of the celebrity backside and actually think with your brain.

      • Aoedele

        Kanye says a lot of things, like he is Jesus, I don’t believe that either.

      • emily

        And if Kanye is broke that means Kim must be? The woman makes her own money and probably keeps her finnances seperate, not to mention was on the front cover of Forbes for making more than $100 million this year alone.

  • Rashida

    She is so freaking cute!!!

  • Pamela


  • Suzanne R Brown

    Surely they could have dressed that child in an adorable Easter dress and not in play clothes. Yes, tutus for little girls ARE for play, not for wearing outside the house. And little white kid Mary Janes instead of any brand of espadrilles.

    I’m in the “what are they thinking” with outrageously expensive luxury “names” for children of any age. It really is just showing off ones privilege, and that is never in good taste for a child, nor is it in her emotional best interest. Easter Sun, I sat behind the 10 yr old daughter of one of DD’s school classmates. This beautiful little girl was very appropriately dressed in an adorable cream silk dress with red pansies on it, and tiny covered buttons down the back, with a sash that tied in the back. She had on black patent ballet flats. The dress? Oscar de la Renta for girls (no brand showing anywhere), and it cost about $425 – clearly a “grandmother special”. She looked just perfect and while it was an expensive dress, it didn’t scream it’s price or designer.

    • emily

      That doesn’t look remotely like a tutu, it’s a normal skirt.

  • Dwightinha

    Beautiful little girl with a beautiful,outfit, bag and shoes. Most likely product placement, like a lot of what they wear and carry.

  • Guest

    Almost 3k for a bag for a child. That was what I paid for one semester of my college tuition in 1996. It’s not with envy that I state this. It is bring about some perspective that it is excessive. I like a nice handbag or clearly I would not be on this website. But it’s one thing to like a bag, work hard to save up for it and appreciate its design and craftsmanship.

    It’s another to just use it as a showy and tacky display of wealth especially among children. Believe me, that young child could probably care less about her bag. Yes she may think it’s cute and that she looks cute. But that’s as far as it goes. She probably just wants to get out of her dressy clothes and play!

    I don’t think anything the Kardashians do as far as style or fashion has anything to do with aesthetics. It’s all about name brands and how much money they spend or if they are gifted the items, who they know. When North was born I remember her designer friends send her the most adorable colorful clothing and Kim decided to dress North in beige or black. Yet she Instagrammed all the other clothes to show off.

    No appreciation of fashion as art. None whatsoever. You can wear designer clothes and accessories if you can afford it and appreciate it, but everything they do seems so fake and forced to me.

    • emily

      And how do you know that’s hers? I used to borrow my mum’s bags.

  • Guest

    Sorry in advance for any typos. When I type quickly and in a huff it happens! LOL

  • sophstress

    I LOVE Khloe’s Birkin!!! ???? (…and her earrings!!??????????)

  • Lilo

    khloe looks like michael jackson

  • emily

    You don’t know that it’s hers, I used to bring my mum’s bags and jewellery out with me all the time. She had the one of colourful baby Louis Vuitton bags and I was obsessed with it.