We’re well into the first week of January, and odds are that a decent proportion of you are trying to recommit yourself to a fitness routine in the new year. After a fairly sedentary December full of parties, heavy food and copious alcohol, we can’t really blame you–the idea of some green vegetables and a walk around the block sounds downright pleasant right now.

Unlike the rest of us, celebrities can’t really let their gym routines slip; being hot is part of their jobs, whether that’s fair or not, and entertainment industry beauty standards generally require a lot of exercise in order to achieve that. The entrances to popular LA and NYC gyms provide paparazzi an easy place to spot starlets, and even though they may be in leggings and tank tops, their bag game while arriving to the gym is usually just as good as ever.

Personally, it would make me nervous to bring a bag worth several thousand dollars to the gym and leave it out of my sight, but I suppose that the luxe fitness meccas that attract supermodels and Kardashians alike have plans in place to accommodate their clientele’s luxury goods. Below, scope out all the bags that were hopefully stored in finely appointed gym lockers.

Alessandra Ambrosio
Meli Melo Thela Bag
$860 via Shopbop

Brace yourself. There are gonna be a lot of supermodels going to yoga from here on out.


Alessandra Ambrosio
Michael Kors Miranda Tote
$1,095 via Saks

Based on photographic evidence, Alessandra spends at least 35% of her life going to yoga.


Amber Valletta
Saint Laurent Mini Emmanuelle Bucket Bag
$1,350 via Barneys

Amber, on the other hand, is more of a SoulCycle girl.


Ashlee Simpson
Givenchy Shearling Pandora Bag
Shop Givenchy via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy is a popular gym companion. (Probably because Givenchy is a popular companion in general among celebs.)


Ashley Greene
Alexander McQueen Legend Bag
$2,195 via Nordstrom

Mostly, celebs seem to carry whatever bag their stuff is already in to the gym instead of having a dedicated gym bag.


Ashley Tisdale
Fendi Monster Shearling Backpack
$2,100 via Saks

I’d say that the gym isn’t an appropriate place to carry a shearling monster mini backpack, but what would be the appropriate place for that? Keep it up, Ashley.


Ashley Tisdale
Givenchy Snakeskin Antigona Bag
Shop Givenchy via Neiman Marcus

Now only will Ashley carry fur to the gym, but she’ll also bring exotics.


Dakota Johnson
Chanel Vintage Tote

Any guesses as to whether Dakota bought this bag secondhand or snatched it out of mom Melanie Griffith’s closet?


Diane Kruger
Chanel Mini Flap Bag

Diane is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorites, and she’s almost always wear a little Chanel in one way or another. Even on the way to work out.


Gigi Hadid
Tom Ford Natalia Bag
$2,990 via Neiman Marcus

Gigi often wears athleisure even when she’s not going to work out, but we’re like 95% certain this photo is from an actual gym trip.


Hilary Duff
Céline Trio Bag

Hilary spends a lot of time heading to and from the gym, but we chose three looks that we think typify both her athletic and bag-centric pursuits.


Hilary Duff
Chanel Chevron Classic Flap Bag

Hilary’s biggest handbag loves are her Chanel flap bags, by a pretty wide margin, and they frequently make the trip to the gym.


Hilary Duff
Proenza Schouler PS1 Fringe Pouch
$1,425 via Proenza Schouler

Hilary basically spends her life in leggings while carrying expensive bags, which is actually a personal goal of mine.


Jennifer Garner
Céline Ring Bag

Some people do something drastic to their hair after a major breakup; since ditching Ben Affleck, Jennifer has been going to the gym.


Jennifer Garner
Givenchy Pandora Pure Bag
$2,475 via FWRD

She’s also gotten some new bags.


Jessica Alba

We’re not sure who makes Jessica’s little quilted bag; it’s definitely made to look like Chanel, but we’re not convinced it is. (First of all, the chain style is wrong for the lock on this bag.)


Kate Walsh
Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag
$595 via Barneys

If you’re gonna change out of your gym clothes after you leave, I don’t blame you for not wanting to shove them in your handbag.


Kendall Jenner
Céline Nano Luggage Tote

As a family, the Kardashians go to the gym more than any other clan in Hollywood, I think.


Khloé Kardashian
Givenchy Antigona Bag
$2,280 via Saks

Khloé has a dedicated gym bag, but occasionally, one of her regular pieces will also make the journey.


Khloé Kardashian
Givenchy Backpack
$1,320 via Barneys

What, you thought Khloé’s regular gym bag would be anything other than Givenchy?


Kiernan Shipka
Miu Miu Mini Satchel
Shop Miu Miu via Net-a-Porter

Kiernan is just about as adorable and fresh-faced as a teenage actress gets.


Kim Kardashian
Givenchy Mini Pandora Bag
$1,150 via Saks

Kim going to the gym in layers of black is always my favorite celebrity gym look.


Lisa Rinna
Balenciaga Papier A6 Mini Tote
$1,465 via Balenciaga

Probably one of the less glamorous parts of joining on to a Real Housewives franchise is getting photographed going to yoga.


Lucy Hale
Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote
$2,750 via Net-a-Porter

My first reaction was that white’s a risky color to take to the gym, but in hindsight, it’s probably not riskier than taking a white bag anywhere else.


Nina Agdal
Céline Luggage Tote

BREAKING NEWS: People who are paid to be hot are hot even when they go to the gym.


Reese Witherspoon
Hermès Garden Party Tote

I find it somewhat surprising that Reese works out at a gym and not a personal trainer at home, thereby letting paparazzi photograph her in workout clothes.


Rooney Mara
Balenciaga City Bag
$1,835 via Balenciaga

The gym is a smart place for paparazzi to camp out because even celebrities that try to fly under the radar have to go see their trainers occasionally.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Balenciaga Metal Edge City Bag
$2,125 via Balenciaga

Never mind the bag; did Rosie steal that water bottle off a table at the café next door?


Sara Sampaio
Chloé Drew Bag
$1,850 via Nordstrom

Going to the gym like this with a little bag and nothing else is a bold move.


Taylor Swift
Gucci Jackie Soft Shoulder Bag
$2,350 via Gucci

Taylor, ever the over-achiever, looks even more perfect and well-coiffed when exiting the gym than most of us do entering it.

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7 years ago

I’ve never seen so much Lululemon in one place.

7 years ago
Reply to  Maggie

Come to Vancouver 😉

7 years ago

Kardashians “go to the gym”?? One assumes they’d have mega gyms in their houses.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sparky

They have all the money in the world to have a state of the art gym and the best trainer in town to come to their home….but have mercy if they didn’t call the paps to let them know when they’d be going for a workout.

I keep waiting for the karma with this family. I don’t wish them ill will….but I just want them to go away. We have become a Kardashian focused world and it’s hella weird.

Amanda Mull
7 years ago
Reply to  Sparky

Vlad actually ran into Kim at Barry’s Boot Camp in NYC once!

7 years ago
Reply to  Sparky

but then how will everyone see their workout gear and bags?

7 years ago
Reply to  rigidmink

Lol you are so right. Their life is all about being photographed at any given moment; gym notwithstanding.

7 years ago
Reply to  Karisma

And their weight loss/gain is always a topic of conversation which stems from photographs of them going to/leave the gym…

7 years ago

there has to be a “many bags of ashley tisdale” post please!! her collection is amazing and iv’e been waiting forever!!

7 years ago

I have a reissue WOC. The chain on it is the same kind as Jessica’s.

7 years ago

“Mostly, celebs seem to carry whatever bag their stuff is already in to the gym instead of having a dedicated gym bag.”

Amazing insight!

7 years ago

Apparently Jennifer Garner goes out once a year and buys all of the latest handbags from Barneys and the like in LA. I find it a bit sad really. Takes away the anticipation of seeing a bag either online or in shop that you think you like and the journey that you take in getting the bag. I personally prefer a proper gym bag, the ones Stella McCartney do for Adidas are great, I still have mine from years ago.

Jerri R
Jerri R
7 years ago

My guess is that most of these celebs intentionally get papped going to the gym. All of them can afford to have gyms set up at their homes and work out in private, in addition to having a personal trainer visit at home.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jerri R

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7 years ago

What size is Khloe’s bag? Is it the small? Is the color simply known as lavender?

6 years ago

Khloe’s bag is a size small. The color is new for SS-16.

GG Pastel