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  • Sparky

    Would it be possible for PB to do posts on what successful women are carrying rather than celebs? Women like Christine Lagarde or Indra Nooyi?

    • 8Lovelee .

      This is an EXCELLENT idea! I would love to see women like Marissa Meyer, Sheryl Sandberg featured or maybe a grouping of women politicians or women news anchors. Obviously it will be harder to find pics, but even socialites (like the Miller sisters) would be a welcome change.

      • Dorothy Bechtol

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    • W S M

      Great idea. Christine Lagarde of the IMF carries exclusively Hermes (I’ve seen her with a Bolide and Birkins).

    • Mei

      Would love this. But maybe it’s harder because they’re not photographed as often?

    • The photo agencies don’t seem to follow those women very much, if at all. But I’ll see if we can find something to do!

  • Amazona

    Giada is the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten is.

    • Sophie Proust

      That’s the joke — like, now we’re wondering which bags Ina Garten carries. She wrote, “BUT what kind of bags does the Barefoot Contessa prefer?”

      • CatR

        Ina loves Hermes–that would actually be a really interesting post!!

    • Yoshi1296

      Ina Garten: “If you cant get your bags handmade from the tanners in Italy’s finest countryside…store bought is fine”

  • Sen

    Are you not gonna talk about Kirsten’s Chanel luggage?

    • BabyDietrich

      Was wondering the same thing°

  • TexasST

    I hate to be negative but does anyone other than a Victoria’s Secret model look good in a high waisted jean? Jada is such a beautiful woman and super fit but in this photo her belly button looks like a shriveled up avocado, surely it is just the angle of the pic.

    • Smithy

      Ha!! I thought to myself, I really don’t need to see people’s belly buttons. They’re such an odd part of the human body and typically not sexy.

    • Sara

      I agree,. Not a good look. She doesn’t need to show belly button to look good.

  • Smithy

    Gigi Hadid has great style, but these shorts where she appears to be packing something — are not her best look.

    • ottercat

      I think it looks like a loaded denim diaper.

  • Sourisbrune

    I’d really like to see successful women in business featured, too. I saw Amal Clooney featured once carrying a Tod’s bag. Seeing her made me think that their factory practices must be okay, because I can’t see a human rights attorney buying a handbag from a company with questionable treatment of employees. Company practices, as well as style and how well the handbag is made, are important to me.

  • Sara

    The more I see Balenciaga Papier mini, the more I like it. Ps; Kendall’s Lucrezia is my old time favorite.

  • Finem Lauda

    Kendal Jenner looks like she’s wearing a giant dirty sweat sock. Bags cute, outfit not so much

  • Michelle

    So glad you covered Caitriona, thanks for showing love to the under-covered and underrated actresses!