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  • abigail

    I actually have this red buggy! The diamond eyes on it are to die for, honestly. I didn’t think they were out yet but I purchased it at the Fendi on Rodeo Drive where I was told they were likely to get new things in before all the other Fendi location here in the US. This was back in Febuary! Totally adore it!

  • Purse loco

    They are real cute. if I could afford one, I would get one.


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  • Sad

    No surprise. Can’t believe people would pay to have foxes and other animals inhumanely for fur. All in the name of fashion. Such a sad and cruel world.

    • sad

      Slaughtered inhumanely.

  • Spookie

    The red one is the cutest one.

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    Dragoo was almost mine, it was already packed, ready to go home with me and apparently the last in Mexico, the whole country, i weep a little when i remember he’s not with me because they are absolutely gorgeous


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  • R K

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