Are you feeling upbeat and whimsical for reasons you can’t explain? It’s probably because, unbeknownst to you (or maybe very beknownst), Blake Lively has begun another movie promo tour. As you may remember, the press tour for Blake’s last film, Age of Adaline, was a rapturous fashion affair. You can see some of the highlights in this post about Blake Lively’s love of Louboutins. This is how Blake has built her movie career: she does one film a year, does one extensive, designer-filled press tour and lets the resulting paparazzi photos secure her A-list status for the next 12 months. It’s not a bad plan at all. Meanwhile, almost as if on cue, A-listers have stepped out and stepped up their handbag game. We’ve featured some celebs this week who we rarely ever see: Angelina Jolie, Melissa McCarthy, Nicki Minaj. It’s almost as exciting as a Blake Lively film about sharks.

Angelina Jolie
Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag
$2,890 via Saks

In case you’re wondering who on earth can manage to get/pay for “Hamilton” tickets this summer, here’s your answer: Angelina Jolie. Here’s Angie leaving the theater with her brother and two sons. She’s carrying a tawny brown Sac de Jour from her handbag brand of choice, Saint Laurent.


Blake Lively
Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Bag
$2,000 via Saks

Here’s Blake, leaving the Greenwich Hotel to do a day of press appearances for her new movie The Shallows with a studded Sweet Charity bag from Louboutin. Her press tour for last year’s Age of Adaline involved a gob-smacking number of outfit changes, designer handbags and shoes, so I have high hopes for this one.


Celine Dion
Céline Medium Square Bag

Celine Dion was recently snapped leaving the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris with a white Céline Medium Square Bag. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this one, but Celine Dion likes it, so I’m sure it has some merit.


Jennifer Aniston
The Row Hunting 9 Shoulder Bag
$3,800 via Barneys

Jennifer Aniston was recently seen going to the gym in NYC with an unassuming black leather bag from The Row. It fits perfectly with Jennifer’s very-subtle-but-very-expensive look, don’t you think?


Melissa McCarthy
Givenchy Pandora Bag
$1,940 via Neiman Marcus

Melissa McCarthy carried this oversized, washed lambskin version of the Givenchy Pandora Bag to LAX. It obviously makes a fab carry-on. Unrelated: I love when celebs wear floppy hats to the airport, and I especially love it when they wear them at night.


Nicki Minaj
Chanel Denim Patchwork Boy Bag

Here’s Nicki Minaj, heading into the Playhouse club in Hollywood to watch boyfriend Meek Mill perform. She’s carrying one of her favorite Chanel bags, a patchwork denim edition of the Boy Bag. It’s extremely on-brand for Nicki Minaj.


Shanina Shaik
Céline Belt Bag

Aussie model Shanina Shaik was spotted leaving Barneys in Beverly Hills with a beautiful black leather Céline Belt Bag. The Belt Bag is swiftly becoming the supermodel-preferred Céline bag of choice.


Uzo Aduba
Coach Rogue Bag
$795 via Coach

Finally, here’s Uzo Aduba, heading into Good Morning America to do a little press for Orange is the New Black. She’s carrying an ivory Coach Rogue Bag, which you can get a better look at here.

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6 years ago

I know she just lost her husband but she looks 75

6 years ago
Reply to  Irene

I agree, she definitely looks like she’s aged a bit in the picture; I’m not sure if it’s her facial expression or it’s just because of stress. But I love her outfit!

6 years ago

Love Celine Dion’s leather coat!!????

Sophie Proust
Sophie Proust
6 years ago

Love the Blake Lively snark. Chortle chortle!

Sylvia Blaire
Sylvia Blaire
6 years ago
Reply to  Sophie Proust

How was it a snark? It was a statement.

Sophie Proust
Sophie Proust
6 years ago
Reply to  Sylvia Blaire

Did you read the top of Emily’s post? Her comments about Blake Lively are hilarious. I was paying Emily a compliment. Lighten up!

6 years ago

I love you Celine Dion! Nicki’s figure is tdf.

6 years ago
Reply to  missarewa

Nicki looked so bomb in that picture, I’d kill to be her for a day

Halim Amin
Halim Amin
6 years ago

Celine looks typically french and love her coat but wondering who designed her sunglasses? Is this a one off Linda Farrow?

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