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  • CoCo

    I love her so much!

  • i heard louboutins are really uncomfortable tho…. how are her feet alive?

    • Lily

      Probably, because Blake Lively’s shoes are custom-made for her, with a mold of her foot. Similar, to all of Dita Von Teese’s Louboutins.

      • Sophie Proust

        Must be nice

    • Kate

      They’re not uncomfortable, unless you find really high heels to be uncomfortable in general.

    • Imagine Koi

      depends for me i can walk in the 100mm with no problem and in the 120mm not so much

    • Jen Sutton Real Estate Agent

      I have 13 pairs of Louboutin and the Pigalle 120s and Biancas are very comfy for me. I live in heels however and I’m used to 5-6″ stilettos.

      • Kerstim

        Same! I enjoy it though that I’m use to it now, because I’ll own different loubs from my friends ’cause they stay away from all 120mm heeled loubs.

    • Kerstin

      I walk in louboutins almost every day and I almost only own 120mm heeled loubs. You have to commit then it becomes like any shoe you wear. A lot of friends I have only wear 100mm loubs cause they say 120mm hurts too much. But if you keep walkin in ’em it feels like any other shoe when you break ’em in. So walkin in 120mm loubs every day is like breaking in that height and being able to walk in any louboutin shoe ????

  • Sam

    I actually think she’s kinda basic and the Louboutin obsession confirms it.

  • Sandy

    She has a driver waiting for her and she does not have to walk far in them…because you are right, the particular styles shown here are difficult to walk in. I would mention that CL makes some amazing more walkable styles, the pointy toe flats are the best!

  • Sparky

    The top of the foot arches forward (especially noticeable in #3) so severely it distorts the leg silhouette. I don’t find this attractive or sexy. The platforms in #4 are particularly unattractive.

    • Robyn Brooks

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  • Vicky

    For an actress as beautiful as her, I find her fashion choice leaves plenty of room to hire a new stylist. i like her A Lot, but for half of the outfits here, I just can’t.

  • mo

    android, or plastic surgery? no problem with it but let’s be honest, her old nose and boobs were not quite as perfect

  • Imgoingbroke

    slide 4. What the heck is that outfit?

  • Daria

    I love Blake but her latest round of plastic surgery makes her look old, haggard and wonky

  • Jacqueline Yee

    I would kill to have her legs lol the heck with the shoes! Not a mark on those legs, not a vein showing. Spray tan I don’t know but their fabulous!

    • Aurore de La Gorce

      Yes, but actually I believe the photos are photoshopped by her press agency or something like that. Like for Natalia Vodianova who controls every picture taken of her.
      Or it’s body-makeup. As far as I know, every human being needs blood circulating in their body. But WHY wanting to clear the veins out of your legs ?

  • lee alen

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