Totally Underrated: The Céline Belt Bag


For a moment in time, Céline felt unstoppable. From 2011 to 2013, the brand followed up its smash-hit Luggage Tote with the nearly as popular Trapeze Bag, and it was the kind of one-two punch unseen in the accessories market unseen since the mid-2000s and the Chloé Paddington and Silverado. (Not uncoincidentally, current Céline creative director Phoebe Philo was at Chloé’s helm during that time.)

That kind of market-bending success is never replicable in perpetuity, and although Céline has sold tons of bags and enjoyed immense popularity in the intervening years, it sometimes feels like everyone’s hoping for some more handbag magic. Personally, I’m not sure why that can’t come from the Céline Belt Bag, which has many of the elements that have made the brand’s bags consumer favorites in the past.

The Belt Bag debuted about a year ago with the brand’s Spring 2015 collection, and although it regularly garners positive comments from readers and I’ve seen it on the arms of a handful of celebrities and bloggers, I just don’t think the design gets its due for how attractive it is. It’s great, you guys!

It may not be quite as distinctive as the Luggage Tote or Trapeze Bag, which both showed up on the market looking like nothing else available, but it’s a solid day bag with the kind of luxuriously minimalistic look that’s just begging to be photographed next to a vase of peonies for maximum Instagram likes. It doesn’t look over-designed, and the long tails on the front belt give it just a little bit of drama. It also looks good when carried with the optional long shoulder strap, and it’s not has heavy as some Céline bags–what’s not to like?

The size you see below is the Mini Belt Bag, but don’t be fooled by the name–like the Mini Luggage Tote, this is the bag’s standard size, and there’s nothing particularly small about it, with a base that’s 11 inches wide and a roomy interior. The bag starts at $2,500 for a solid color in grained or satin calfskin, while bicolor goatskin will set you back $2,700. The crocodile version, of course, is priced at “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” You can get more information about the bags via Céline.

Céline Crocodile Mini Belt Bag
Price on Request


Céline Mini Belt Bag


Céline Mini Belt Bag


Céline Mini Belt Bag


Céline Mini Belt Bag


Céline Mini Belt Bag



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  1. Lily Avatar

    From what I understand the Celine Belt bag is not popular, because it is impractical purse. The closure of the flap makes it very difficult to open and close. Plus, I think, people are starting to get a bit tired of Celine, in general. That said, the Belt bag is beautiful to look at.

  2. Sandy Avatar

    Hmm..last summer I was obsessed with purchasing a Celine bag. Like many times before I went on the store determined to make a purchase. The bags IRL leave me wanting more. I looked at the Belt Bag and I must say that if I had a Celine bag I think it would be the one.

  3. ellavanw Avatar

    I really like it but when I went to look at it in the store, I thought it would be too impractical for daily use. As with the Kelly, the handle attaches to the flap, so you have to close it all the way in order to carry it by the handle; otherwise you’ll destroy the bag. And it’s annoying to carry a tote that size and have to button it all up every time you take out your phone or your wallet.

    1. ellavanw Avatar

      Oh, and if you carry it by the shoulder strap there’s a lot going on, what with the shoulder strap and the handle and the belt – to me it felt too fussy and dangly to be a good work bag.

    2. Lisa Avatar

      Ellavanw, thank you for identifying the problem! I’ve never analyzed why I’ve never sparked to the Kelly and your comment is spot on — that design (and this Celine) really aren’t very practical, no matter how attractive in a photo.

    3. GH68 Avatar

      But it has a zip!

  4. Grace Avatar

    I just loooooovr that green one! There’s a lovely belt bag in a natural saddle leather in one of the big department stores I regularly visit that has my name all over it, but I just can’t commit to it because it seems so incredibly impracticle. Too bad really as it is quite a stunning bag style-wise.

  5. FashionableLena Avatar

    Out of curiosity, I went to look at that bag and the Edge at Nordstrom. The Belt bag is gorgeous, but the closure is impractical for daily use. I actually found it a pain to get in and out of. My bags have to be nice to look at and functional.

  6. jng2b Avatar

    Why does Celine always get credit for the trapeze shape? My YSL Dowtown from 2008 had this shape long before the Celine bags came out.

    1. Irina Rusu Avatar
      Irina Rusu

      Seriously? There’s vaguely any resemblance. Celine makes a much prettier bag.

  7. Melly Avatar

    I love my belt bag. The clasp isn’t any more annoying than my luggage zip that sticks a lot

  8. Finem Lauda Avatar
    Finem Lauda

    Is the bag in slide four black or blue? I can’t tell :c

    1. Melly Avatar

      It is blue.

      1. Finem Lauda Avatar
        Finem Lauda

        thaaank you c:

    2. rigidmink Avatar

      i couldn’t tell if it was white or gold to be honest

      1. kaly Avatar

        ahahaha , I see what you did right there!!! 😉

      2. Finem Lauda Avatar
        Finem Lauda

        oh my god, marry me plz lmfao

  9. Kitty Avatar

    I love this bag!!! I agree with this post, it is a fantastic option to an everyday bag. It is on my list to buy. Here in Miami Céline is not as popular, you see random bags out here and there. But this city is still very much LV concentrated. So I really love it’s simplicity and anonymity!!! 😉

  10. K Avatar

    I’ve never seen the bag in person. I do like the shape of the bag, but what are the long straps in the front suppose to do? Can it be untied?

  11. Zinou Avatar

    My dh bought me the Celine belt bag a couple of weeks ago as a joint xmas and birthday gift and I enjoy having it! It’s beautiful and I can zip it up and quickly tuck in the flap so the closure doesn’t bother me. I personally don’t find it impractical. I sort of was wondering why I don’t hear as much about it here on purseblog so I was happy to see this article pop up! Incidentally 1/05 is my bday so it seemed like a happy omen that the post about my bday gift was posted on mybday ????!

  12. Stella Avatar

    @Amanda I am in the market for my very first crocodile or alligator skin bag and I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to which brands and styles I should invest in. A post about it would be so helpful.

  13. Marcy697 Avatar

    I bought a mint green Belt Bag during summer 2015 and have used it every day since then! This bag is great and the clasp isn’t difficult to me at all. You can close the flap over the “belt” strap or behind it which makes it super simple for me. I agree it should get more attention but at the same time want to keep it a secret for myself.

  14. JP Avatar

    I purchased the Celine Mini Belt in Paris last Oct. I have the luggage tote which I personally find heavy and hard to carry as an every day purse. The belt back is practical and light weight. I love it and think it’s such a classic understated bag 🙂

  15. LL Avatar

    The straps on the side look a bit long to me.

  16. TheBagHoarder Avatar

    I loved the grey felt with black leather details.


    I carried the luggage everywhere for years but it was heavy even with very few things inside. I love the box more than the belt bag.

  18. CelineLover Avatar

    I just bought one last week and I am so happy with it! Ungortunately the Luggage are way iverexposed so I opted for this one instead.

    1. Jess Avatar

      So is it a flap that goes over the bag to keep it closed? is there a zip or anything? I’m always a bit hesitant with a bag that is wide open or has large gaps that people can put their hands into or a bag that cannot be closed/locked.

  19. Pamela Avatar

    Love this bag! This would be a great work bag and j love that everyone doesn’t have it. That’s always nice.

  20. nikki Avatar

    was not a fan of this bag what-so-ever when i first saw it, but theres something about it now that makes me kind of want one. however I heard getting in and out of the bag is quite annoying.

  21. Mya Wilkes Avatar
    Mya Wilkes

    Totally annoying more like – the belt portion that is.

  22. Oda Avatar

    Hello! I am thinking of getting a Céline Belt Bag and would be very happy for your help: I really love the shape – it´s classy but also modern and special. Love the details, the straps, the closure with button and zipper and also the practical aspect (shoulder strap). Just the choice of colour is tricky. As the item is quite an investment for me, I don´t want to buy a colour that I will soon become tired of. I own a black Mansur Gavriel bucket bag so would like to ad another colour. I am hovering between the green (almond) and the navy blue with red edges (both shown above). The green is somehow more special but not as versatilely as the blue. Navy blue however seems a bit conservative and even boring to me. So would this green be a good choice – long lasting colour that goes with many other colours? THANK YOU!!!

  23. Van Le Avatar

    This bag is so good in every color! I ended up going for a black one, but the mustard yellow one is super unique! If you guys are interested in seeing the bag up close, I have more photos on my blog 🙂 x http://www.forevervanny.com/2016/08/celine-belt-bag-black.html

  24. Pamela Avatar

    Only $1500 euros in Venice! i want it

  25. Zara Ali Avatar
    Zara Ali

    would a laptop be too heavy for this and make the bottom sink? I have a Mac book pro

  26. Stuart Avatar

    I love the bag which is light in weight.

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