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  • Lily

    Beautiful…. cannot wait to see the Coach Rogue in person.

  • Daphne

    This looks so much like the Diorissimo.

    • Lily

      Only due to the style of the short handles. Besides, at this point, it is virtually impossible to come up with a completely original design.

      • rigidmink

        I’d like to disagree. Designers are coming up with original designs all the time. Look to the Chloe Drew bag, the M2Malletier, the designs that Alexander Wang comes up with. I don’t think you can use the argument that there are no new designs to be created, the designer needs to be more original.

      • Sparky

        I think what happens is a particular design element (Gucci bamboo handle for example) becomes so synonymous with a particular brand that applying that element to a different brand seems like a copy. What I like about these bags is they say ‘Coach Heritage’.

      • Lily

        Honestly, the Chloe Drew is not original at all…. nor is it even an attractive bag.

      • Einstein

        Yeah I agree. I thought of buying it online at first because almost everyone seems to be carrying it. But then I stumbled upon it during my vacation in milan, and i find the real thing is not that attractive.

    • uncertain

      I thought so too until I saw the side and top views.

    • I see it in the structured handles, but not anywhere else.

    • Canuck65

      That’s what I thought = a cheap knock off Diorissimo.

    • Loli100

      Daphne I am not a purse expert. So I had to Google it. You’re right. I see a strong resemblance. But since I did not see that purse back then it’s all new to me. I agree with others when they say Coach interior is very much different and more functional. I’m impressed that you made the connection. I have to give it to you, you know your handbags.

  • Looks like the Gucci bamboo tote sans bamboo handles. I’ll pass on this one.

    • kindled

      Agreed. Gucci with Dior handles.

  • GoanLit

    Beautiful bag, but won’t pay $795 when it’s “Made in China.” Lower your prices or change your name to Coach Beijing.

    • Irene

      Unfortunately many bags in that price range are made in China. Philip Lim, Alexander Wang to name a few. It’s something that used to really bug me when considering a handbag. Now I realize how limiting it can be so I’ve thrown in the towel. You can get a really well made, well constructed bag with top quality materials made in Chinese factories. If it’s beautiful and I love it, I just go for it now.
      From the looks of this online, I am intrigued enough to go check it out in the store.

      • ?? ?


    • Loli100

      LV is no longer exclusively manufactured in France. Word has it that it is now made in Spain, Italy, and USA ????. Can you believe that some people dish out $1000.00, sometimes even more, for a bag made of canvas. Imagine that. Yet some people think it is preposterous to purchase a handbag that is made of leather and lined in suede for $795.00 just because it was manufactured in China. Hmmmm……Food for thought. In all seriousness check out the Rogue in person. Then go to the LV store and check out their canvas Speedy and then decide which is the better deal.

      • Me2

        Speedy. Classic design and excellent resale value. Neither is true of this Coach bag.

      • Loli100

        True. But a Speedy made in France has better resale value so if you buy for investment purposes keep that in mind.

        I myself purchase for the beauty and luxury of the item. So I can’t say I’m in love with the Speedy because I neither find it beautiful nor consider it a quality piece. But here’s the beauty of it all, my opinion does not matter so keep your goals in focus and enjoy your handbag. That’s all that matters. And again if you buy for investment keep the origin in mind. Truthfully I’m seeing many people steer away from USA LV handbags.

        That being said it’s a lot harder to counterfeit a LV USA handbag at the moment. Once the counterfeiters come up with the “made in USA” stamp, that will change.

        Thanks Me2.

      • Lori

        Do you work for Coach? I am feeling like you are too quick on the China defense here. Most the people who buy high end handbags aren’t just buying the materials. They are buying a brand, a history and a quality level that they know will stand the test of time. I realize Coach needs this bag to be a success and they desperately want to get into the luxury market (I want them to succeed as I want a U.S. brand to have the same cache as a French or Italian brand), but Coach missed the boat, imo, by not having this new luxury line made in the US. If this bag was this price and Made In The USA, I would have ordered already and I bet it would be a huge success. I know so many people who buy based on where items are manufactured. Look at the success of Shinola and what they are doing for Detroit. US made is a real option for luxury items and I hope more companies take note.

      • Loli100

        Lori let me start by apologizing because apparently I insulted you or I struck a nerve, so a thousand apologies coming at you with all sincerity.

        Someone threw a rock at Coach for being manufactured in China and I threw a rock at LV for being manufactured in USA. Neither company is sticking to its origin or history as one put it. But Coach hasn’t manufactured in New York for decades. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is aware of it. If Coach manufactured in USA, how much would the Rogue bag need to be priced to make the current profit? If LV manufactured their Speedy in USA (which I believe they now do) how much should that bag be priced to make the LV current profit? I could give you the answer but I have a strong suspicion you would not believe me. So I’ll let you do the research.

        Lori I recently purchased a LV leather bag for over $2,500. In all honesty the bag is of no better quality then the Coach’s Rogue. And the bag was manufactured in USA not France. I hope you can understand why I returned the handbag back to LV with the message “if I wanted a USA bag I would have purchased a Coach bag at a reasonable price”. Of course this statement is contradicting but I hope that LV interpreted my message to mean that Coach is manufactured in China and LV is manufactured in USA but Coach’s price reflects it.

        No Lori I do not work for Coach. And I took no insult in the matter that you addressed it. However, word has it that working for any of the Coach FLAGSHIP stores comes with great benefits. So kudos to Coach for taking care of its employees in a manner that less US companies are doing so. Again, I do not work for Coach. Do I like Coach? Absolutely. Lately more so than LV. My first handbag was a Coach. I actually have a true vintage piece

        Lori, I initially did not get into the labor laws and issues intentionally because that is a hot topic. And truthfully, that is not what I thought was specifically referenced. I was strictly referring to origin. But now that you have brought up labor, I can assure you that the workers in France are not happy about LV sending their work overseas. But even I, with my limited knowledge in business, recognize it’s a smart move for LV one that I can not support because LV is not passing on the savings to ME and an LV handbag made in the USA is just an overpriced handbag that will not be in demand by collectors. They found a way to meet the consumers demand at a much lower cost and even better profit. Same thing Coach did but, unlike Coach, LV is not passing the savings unto the US consumer. Coach themselves do not pass the savings to the Chinese even though the handbag is made there. It actually costs more to purchase a Coach item in China than in USA. So they too are guilty of the LV deceit. Do we have better protection for labor workers here in USA compared to China. A resounding yes. What if we take it a step further and compare it to that of France………

        Ironically the Asian community has begun to steer away from LV. I guess they don’t want a handbag made in USA???? The Asians’ decision can effect the US economy if LV is forced into a position where it has to close its USA factories. Just like our decision not to purchase products made in China can impact the Chinese economy. It’s a win/lose situation.

        If Coach could make the Rogue bag in USA for the same price of $795 and make the same profit, than why the heck didn’t they do so?

        Again, Lori, I apologize for not reading in depth to the statements and incidentally bringing such controversy. Considering that the focus was taken away from the main subject I greatly regret it.

        Have a lovely day. Lori.

      • Lori

        Thank you for the apology (nice to be a civil as possible on any forum, so appreciated), though it is unnecessary as I wasn’t offended, I just didn’t agree with you. It comes down to this for me, I simply do not want to buy a handbag that is made in China for that price. I would say the same for all brands including LV, Chanel, etc. if they were manufactured in China. It is just a personal preference as I feel certain luxury items should be made in their home country or a country that specializes in that type of manufacturing. And it was just my, Lori’s, opinion that Coach made a misstep by having their new line manufactured in China. As for LV and America, I had no idea and will look into this further, though I don’t have an issue with it. The others going to Spain and Italy, I was aware of and do not have issues with either.

      • Kat

        When you purchase an Hermes, a Chanel, an LV bag and other luxury brands manufactured in France, Spain, Italy or the US, you’re buying something made by a skilled artisan who works in comfortable, safe conditions for high wages. Not true of China. For moral and ethical reasons, I won’t pay luxury prices for something manufactured cheaply in China.

      • Loli100

        Hi Kat. There are multiple subjects you’re hitting here. The labor issue is not something that can be simply addressed and while you feel our laborer in USA is treated better than that of China, one may argue that that is not the case when you compare the laborer in France to that of USA. Of course this is a general statement and it’s difficult to put much weight into it without support. I’ve done my own research not only through education but also through worldwide experience. In many cases I was surprised how the real life experience steered from the book experience. But then again the books were outdated so I’m happy to actually see things changing. It’s about time.

        Now Kat USA also has their dirty little secrets. My father was a laborer all his life. He worked in so many plants and finally landed a good one with Caterpillar. Prior to that he can tell you some horror stories. Not all laborers are unionized especially in the restaurant business which is why in addition to tipping my waiter I separately tip my busboy. It’s what my conscious tells me to do.

        On the subject of quality, I can only simply say “like beauty, quality is in the eye of the beholder”. Here’s someone else’s interpretation on quality that you may find interesting.

        Enjoy your handbags Kat. I agree. You should always follow your moral conscious .

    • Firdaus Hilmy

      Apple is made in China. and the price is ridiculously expensive. Should they change to Apple Beijing too, because they’re made in China? just because it is “Made in China”, doesn’t mean the quality is not there. Made in France doesn’t mean the quality is the highest.

      • ?? ?

        I know you guys were just talking about handbags, but as a Chinese bag lover I’m very much appreciated you said that!

  • Lori

    I think this is a great looking bag and the colors are fabulous. Before this I would NEVER have considered a Coach bag. But is it really made in China for those prices? Shame on you Coach…you got so close…

    • foxgal

      Not all factories in China are poor-quality sweatshops, and not all factories in Europe are fair trade….

    • Loli100

      Shame on LV whose a French designer for making their handbags in Spain, and USA. Shame for Chanel for making their bags in Italy. Shame for Longchamp for making their bags in China….. the list goes on and on and on. But here is the difference. Lately LV and Chanel have been criticized for the deterioration of their product while Coach has been stepping it up. So in the end what difference does it make where the bag is manufactured as long as the quality is not compromised and children are not being exploited. And seriously if one purchases a Chanel bag that was made in Italy can one honestly say that the price reflects the fact that it was NOT made in Paris? $795 for leather and suede sounds ridiculous but a Chanel double flap bag made in Italy for $3000+ does not???? I believe Coach has taken this known fact into consideration when pricing this bag. No disrespect Lori. But China manufacturing has come a long way. It’s up to the company to price their bags accordingly. Everything has to be put in perspective.

      • Irene

        Well put!!

      • Lori

        Are the workers in China getting the same wages as the workers in Italy, Spain and the US? And are their working conditions similar? The hours, breaks and general conditions? I am well aware of how far along things have come as far as manufacturing in China, but at $795 I want to know the work is done by people who are being treated well and able to live a good life. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have not heard of any issues with Italian labor in the luxury market. Many brands are proudly manufactured in Italy, etc. So I guess if there is total transparency by Coach re: the China labor (lets see some pictures, get info on wages, etc.) then sure, I’ll buy. And thanks, everything IS in perspective, which is why I made the comment.

      • Jen Martin

        It would be interesting to know what you think of your smartphone since that a luxury item made in China.

      • Lori

        If I could buy a cell phone that was manufactured by people who were treated well and got fair wages I would. But unlike handbags, that isn’t an option. And a cell phone is not a luxury item, in my opinion. So to answer your question, that is what I think of my smartphone.

    • Kimmy

      i have the Rouge and it’s made in Vietnam

  • FashionableLena

    It looks like an amalgamation of a couple of handbags.

  • Passerine

    Don’t like it. From what I can see in the photos, the quality of construction doesn’t justify a $1000-plus price tag. It looks sloppy and those side bulges are not attractive — it looks overstuffed even when empty. Too bad it’s a botch — the color combos are very appealing. So it has multiple strikes against it without even considering the Gucci copy factor.

    • Sandrajherrell2

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  • laura

    I like it but I wouldn’t pay that much for a Coach bag.

  • Joseph

    The Rogue bags are incredible! The craftsmanship and attention to detail are unlike anything we’ve seen at Coach!
    If you’d like to order one, call me:

    Joseph Kapla
    Store Manager
    Coach St. Paul MN

    We can waive expedited shipping, and you get 60 days to return or exchange the items.

  • Cynthia Santillan

    Really nice, but I can’t see spending extra for an exotic handle that will just get dirty over time. Isn’t the handle often the first place to see wear? Maybe if the accents were somewhere else.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Nice practical bag but not getting the name at all. Rogue? Too safe for that moniker.

  • Vicky

    I know this is OT, but I wonder why people think all Chinese-made product has to be cheap and must be made in sweatshop. Have you ever been to China and visit any of the factories? I’ve been there. It’s not a Coach factory though. It’s for other kind of industry and I have to say I’m impressed. There’s a sweatshop in every country and there’s a fair trade one in every country. It’s the job of everyone involved to eliminate that. And here people are saying it’s made in sweatshop and it’s expensive. What if it’s not made there and the price reflect how much they pay for production? It’s mind boggling as to hear we want you to keep the price very low, but we also want you to pay the worker high enough so they will have a good life. Where the business will get profit from?

    And no. I’m not a Chinese and I’m not working for Coach or in fashion industry

    But I’m kinda bored to see this argument comes up every time there’s a Coach or Prada feature on the blog.

    And yes (If you wonder), I think Prada’s quality control isn’t as good as they claim it to be.

    • Ping Yan

      because these people keep saying they won’t pay high dollar for “made in china”, now the smart Chinese business men have been moving factories to Europe, bring exact same Chinese workers. Now they are paying triple or even more money for “made in Europe” for exactly made by the same workers. forget about the Artist, the bags sold to commercial are all made by line workers

  • Sly

    I’ve read the comments and you guys comparing this bag, especially to Dior’s Diorissimo and Gucci’s Bamboo, whilst the comparison can be made you guys are far off the mark. There are various Coach handbags from the Bonnie Cashin era (1970’s) that have this handle design, the Lady Dior bag came to be in 1995, and the Diorissimo much later, so Coaches came first. In addition to that fact, this shape can be seen in vintage coach bags as well, Now the Gucci bamboo first appeared in 1947, but these two handles look nothing alike, the original version and the current iteration. So I don’t believe Coach is not copying anyone. Secondly, although I am not a “Luxury Handbag” shopper, I am interested in fashion, and I study all of this quite closely. Now If I saw a handbag that I loved, and it looked to be of good quality, I don’t care where it was made. For example I have American made t-shirts that haven’t lasted as long as their Asian counterpart. Am I to buy the American one just because it’s made in America?
    Anyway, this is a gorgeous bag! And a bag that’s lined in suede? That price seems reasonable!

    • kaly

      You said it!! If I saw a handbag that I loved, and it looked to be of good quality, I don’t care where it was made!! I have many LV bags and I really don’t care whether they’re made, to be honest. Although the IDEA of a Made in France Louis bag is somewhat romantic, I see no difference in the quality of my bags between Spain, France or the USA. And this Coach Rogue bag is great, I’m just glad they’re getting away from all the jacquard and back to leather!!

      • Sly

        Exactly what I mean! If you love it, that’s the most important thing!

    • CMah

      +1000 and besides, bags need to have handles on them. Putting a hard handle on a bag like this one or the Dior is hardly a revolutionary idea. Many brief cases have had these same handles on them for decades and decades. Are they “copying” the handbag designers? Give me a break. All bags must be made of the same components and in a similar shape more or less. It’s a BAG for heaven’s sake! How “creative” can we possibly get before it ceases its function? Not very, is the answer. These are beautiful bags. I want one!!!

    • Firdaus Hilmy

      spot on!

  • ECooper

    I like these bags. Since when does the design have to be revolutionary? It is very “Coach” with the sturdiness, practicality, and pockets. The colors are nice and the handle details are interesting. When I was growing up, Coach was expensive. Then they went through their mall phase, and now they are trying to be more classic again. I say GREAT!

  • gt66

    I really like this bag. Did anyone notice that the shoulder strap isn’t a single strap but instead a double strap, so the bag can function as a tote? I think that in the real world, this will make the bag much more practical. I really like that there are three compartments, lined beautifully in suede. My pet peeve is buying a 3000 bag, then having to buy some kind of organizer.. I always loved coach in my younger years, and I’ll definitely check out this purse..

  • Gan Yu Qin

    it looks like a diorissimo to me. But still a beautiful bag and reasonable price.

  • polly33

    While I actually like the bag a lot, I don’t know if I would pay that much for it. My reason being that eventually I feel like I would find this at the outlets. So I’m going to wait around and see when/if it ends up there. It’s almost that I prefer designer bags because I won’t see then go on sale eventually – particularly the more established/core designs.

  • Kimmy

    Coach’s 1941 line is made in Vietnam NOT China!

  • Kimmy

    The Coach Rouge bag is made in Vietnam not China. Not that it matters? If this bag was Dior or Chanel instead of Coach it would become the IT bag you would pay $2k for. Please go see the 1941 collection in the Coach store in person. The Rouge is a GORGEOUS bag! It is very high quality, hardware is substantial, much more than LV imo. I own chanel flaps, hermes lindy, LV canvas and empreinte bags and the Rouge ranks in my top 2 favorite handbags of all time!!! Some of ya’ll just like to hate on Coach for no reason.

    • CMah

      Couldn’t agree more. I’ve never found a single Coach bag I ever wanted to carry until this one. But in general, the Coach hardware quality has always been great. I still think with the premier designers you’re paying so MUCH for the name (and not always for the best quality or a luxurious feel). Coach never captured the high fashion cache, but for me, I’ll pay a reasonable amount of money to carry a bag I really love that is well made. I don’t care about brand. I’ll even carry a “brand” I normally have no interest in (like Coach because I think most of their bags are ugly) if I like the design of a particular bag well enough. I’ve been in every high end boutique and handled/viewed just about every modern IT bag out there and this particular Coach bag measures up and beyond in almost every way.

  • Mikey

    I am getting a very Reed Krakoff vibe from this bag which is a good thing. I think the feeling is coming from the
    quality & look of the leather. I think this is a lovely bag but I don’t know if I would spend $800+. I believe I need
    to see it in person.

  • Lori

    I know we are talking about bags here, but I love how everyone who is complaining that this bag is made in China, is more than likely carrying an apple product (made in china) inside their expensive bag. Ironic, isn’t it?

  • NurseOrPurse

    No lie, I have quite a few Chanels & Vuittons in my handbag collection, with a few Diors, Pradas and Fendis thrown in. But when I happened upon the Rogue at the Coach store on Columbus Circle in NYC, I fell in LOVE. I had to have the Tea Rose applique Rogue from the pre-Fall 2016 collection. I haven’t looked back. It is as beautifully crafted as the higher-end Couture Houses, and feels both upscale and casual. I adore all the different ways you can carry the Rogue: You can hold it by the handles exactly like the Lady Dior, or sling it over your shoulder using the mid-length (and very comfortable) shoulder straps, or you can unhook these shoulder straps on the diagonal, connect them together, and the Rogue converts into the perfect length cross-body bag. The Tea Rose Applique version is the priciest one ($1,500.), but you would pay 3 times that price for a different label, due to all its handwork and exotic leathers. The Tea Rose only comes in the smaller size, which is plenty big enough, and that’s coming from a woman who swears by Chanel Jumbos and Maxis. I adore the crazy leather dinosaur charms you can buy for your Coach bag, but since the Tea Rose already is covered with leather blooms and also sports a key fob and a Label charm, it has enough embellishments as is. RUN, don’t walk, to Coach, Ladies; I have a feeling this house is on a major game-changing trajectory!!

  • SueP.

    Just bought this bag. Had my Coupon/special invite, but they would not allow the discount on this particular bag…kind of a bait and switch. Coach has never not applied an invite discount before, ever. So be warned. That aside, I have not been able to buy a coach purse for 2 years. The styling has been atrocious over the past 2 years! Colors were decidedly old lady (85 years and up). Too much metal (adding too much weight). No pockets on the outside for the cell phone / traveling airline tickets…
    This new one has the straps which I love. Will never use the short handles, but at least they fold in out of the way, unlike previous ones. The square stand-able model is great so it won’t keep falling over where ever you sit it. The 3 sections are okay, missing the small inside pockets that have been in coach purses for years, one for Kleenex, one for pens and business cards. Still missing the RF blocking feature in their purses or wallets! A real blunder (think Windows phones). The center section could have been the RF blocking section – would have been a home run!
    All in all, it’s pretty, easy to carry – but I should have gotten the 25% off. That has made my loyalty fade a bit. The only time I go in to buy is when I have one of the invitations with a discount. I probably won’t go much now if all the new stuff doesn’t get the discount. The Pebble leather/suede is a nice combo, the Pebble leather has been my all-time favorite bag from coach. Soft and comforting. So if you are so ready to buy a new purse after a 2 year drought, it’s time to take a real look. Touch it, feel it, hold it, strap it all the different ways – and they have 3 sizes, the biggest is all suede on the outside (which I think would be hard to keep clean). I bought the middle size. I may have gotten the largest one if they offered it in Leather on the outside. Still mad about not getting my discount, but I can finally put my Brighton purse away that I was forced to buy since Coach had nothing to offer for 2 years. (I only now own one Brighton purse).