Britney Spears Chloe Bay Bag
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Ready for a vacation far far from the paparazzi, civilization, and anything that resembles a camera, Britney Spears enjoyed lunch with a sombrero, eyelet white dress, a brunette wig, and a lovely piece of arm candy. While the Chloe Bay Bag first gave me the creeps that a face was staring at me through the bag, it has grown on me a tad. Not my style, but it has been a huge hit, and Spears is enjoying toting it around pre, during, and post rehab. Spears carried a red hue of the Chloe Bay Bag and put on a smile for the crowds. No bashing here, just lots of support from Purse Blog to Brit! And hey, at least she has a nice designer bag, right? :wink:

Like many of their hit bags, Chloe starts with the mother bag and then many versions are sprouted. Check out a few of the many after the jump!

Chloe Bay Leather Tote

Chloe Bay Leather Tote | $1680 | Net A Porter

Chloe Bay Leather Shoulder Bag

Chloe Bay Leather Shoulder Bag | $1600 | Net A Porter

Chloe Bay Quilted Tote Bag

Chloe Bay Quilted Tote Bag | $1635 | Net A Porter

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  • shopdiary

    yes, she’s looking good in this pic. good for her! i hope it’s a sign of better things to come… :smile:

  • capsy

    Britney looks good. ALOT better than her ‘lolita from over the hill’ look. And the good thing is, once she starts to act normal. The media will leave her alone and I won’t have to waste my time flipping past all the stories about whatever shes doing in rehab.

    By the way :wink: Nice bag

  • vimadez73

    :mrgreen: I WANT THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!!
    btw: You rock Brit!! :razz:

    • sharon

      hi sharon, i bought this bag from fashionbags online, it is absolutely stunning, i think they have a few still in stock,go to there ss07 new arrivals in the chloe section..

  • pricilla

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  • courtney

    Brit, you look great with the Chloe Bay bag, it would be fun to see you toting the marimekko or funtote. I wish you smooth sailing from here. :!:

  • Aubrey R.

    Love the bag, hate the dress! :wink: LOVE YA!

  • haley turner

    love the dress and bags you look good


  • bigbertha

    :lol: I loooove this bag!! The $1600.00 was way out of my budget but I am happy to say after searching the world wide web I found a great look a like for $34.00 at an online shop called . They also have it other colors. So, I will be back for more for sure. Highly recommend them.

  • Please don’t talk to an astrologer Britney! When your relationship is developing problems you should go to a marriage guidance councellor.

  • A minder suing Britney for millions of dollars because of sexual harrassment? I find it difficult to be sorry for a minder who says he is being picked on.

  • Naggy

    The reddish one she’s carrying looks so soft compared to the others here. (ipad)