Chloe Large Bay Handbag

You know the feeling that someone is staring at you? I got that feeling this morning and woke up to the pool man outside my window (kind of creepy) and got that feeling again looking at a the Chloe Large Bay Handbag later. All in all, my day has been filled with creepy staring. Chloe is known for its Paddington and Silverado, and recently has tried to introduce Betty and some others into the scene. Similar in shape, size, and look to the Paddington, the Chloe Large Bay Handbag features olive green leather and leather pull tabs that add a facial expression. I’d rather not feel like I am being stared at when I carry my handbag everyday, rather I would like people to stare at my beautiful handbag (not have the bag stare back). Don’t tell me you do not see the face? Creepy and funny all at once. For an unaltered picture and to buy a bag that can be your side kick (literally) visit Browns for $2318.

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