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  • Khaya

    This is a great post. I love the affordable options!

    • Traceyhredden3

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    • I’m glad you liked it! We try to be on the lookout for reasonably priced stuff as much as possible.

    • Me too! And I also appreciate that their unique, instead of the same-o same-o.

  • Alexa

    Really liking the Flynn bags! I would also add Cuyana to this list – been eyeing one for a few months and the price point is crazy for Made In Italy.. http://www.cuyana.com/

  • Y Ajayi

    I like the Kara tote…I’m looking for one. Price wise much better than what I have been checking out. May give it a whirl

  • Kate

    I like a lot of these. Well done.

  • Irene

    Really great post! Love a lot of these, especially the carven

  • Misscheng

    No love for Clare V? They have really expanded their offerings in the last couple of years.

    • I thought about including Clare V but thought the brand might be too well-known for a spot on this particular list; I agree that the brand is doing a great job lately, though!

  • Smithy

    The first couple foldover Flynn bags look like direct rip-offs of the long standing lunch bags of Marie Turnor.

    You forgot Steve Mono bags — a little pricier but classic gorgeous-ness.

    • Tang

      Yes I agree! They look rather like Marie turnor!

      Check out rabeanco from HK. Great leather and prices are mostly below USD 300!


    Dear Amanda or any expert, could you please help identify this particular bag? I am guessing Miu Miu but when i googled it and checked in the Miu Miu website, this bag is not coming up. Perhaps this is the next season bag of theirs? Thank you.


    • Amazona

      You might want to post on the forum, on the Bags, bags, bags sub in the Identify this handbag thread.

  • ?? ?

    love this post!!!!just in time for my bag craving!
    and the price! so appealing!
    KARA backpack is a great choice as well, I’ve actually shopboped it O(?_?)O

  • Sara

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Thank you :-)

  • Amazona

    Oooh I love that Kara Stowaway! And just as I was soo happy with my collection and didn’t think I needed something…well, there’s that theory out the window!

  • JaneH

    I’m in love with the Carven bags!

  • Loved this, Apart from Carven I hadn’t heard of the other brands but there are some gorgeous options available.

  • Ana

    great post!! It is really nice to hear about new brands and not always same one over and over. Have you seen a brand name CAPAZONIA? http://www.capazonia.com It is made in Spain and really it is something different. Also, there is other very interesting brands in Italy. It would be nice if you can make an article of new upcoming brands from Europe that did not hit US yet.