L.A.P.A. Pink BriefcaseI’m all about taking over the business world. As far as I’m concerned any woman can make it out there- in fact, any person can. I tend to think of myself a bit like the character of Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde.

Before you take it the wrong way- let me explain how. I may be blonde and say some ditsy things from time to time and I may dress in all designer clothes, but I truly know what is going on in this world. Just because a woman makes it in this world, doesn’t mean she needs to lose her sense of style and girliness. So why not strut your stuff with a bold briefcase that shows everyone your bold style.
The L.A.P.A. Pink Croco-style Leather Double Gusset Briefcase is made to look like croc but is actually made of embossed calf leather. The briefcase has a top flap cover with a zip top underneath and I am sure some inside compartments and pockets. Just like many briefcases, this bag is not the cheapest. Buy it online via Forzieri for $798.

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  • Lisa

    This is super cute! Its my second fav to the LV

  • Roy

    ohhhhhhhhhhh…this is nice!


  • lmpsola

    it is very cute, I want it now!!!!

  • Horse Lover

    Oh wow, it’s beautiful!

  • billyjoe

    Awwwww….It’s so cute, the pink makes it look stunning!

  • kaitlyn

    This is so cute ohhhhhhhhhhh…I want it

  • chemlex

    Croco-leather always looks tacky to me. The fake texture just makes it look cheap.

    One of the first things I look at when I’m shopping online for a bag is the measurements. And this site is quite precise (in.W16.14 x H11.42 x D3.54), to two decimal places, nice!!

    If it isn’t too much trouble, could you please include the measurements of the bags in your descriptions?

  • Zippy

    For the price, may I please have real crocodile? This looks fake especially in pink; of all the God-forsaken colors one would choose.

  • Kaitlyn

    You are crazy I meen look at it it is awesome I do not think it is tacky at all and it is not everyday you see a thing this cool in your store right!!!

  • Patti

    Oh my gosh, I want to look professional ….not like some yum, yum. Who ever heard of a PINK croc? Looking for something way more professional looking.

  • Julie

    Can someone suggest a great looking briefcase for my new job, which is in the medical field…Can’t do the “cute” pink but gorgeous one you show, but Kate Spade style I like.
    Roomy with shoulder strap is necessity.

  • karin heller

    check out the range of bags by kikko, they make really beautiful bags for the professional woman and if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd this may be want you want. All lined with vintage kimono fabric. http://www.kikko.com.au

  • stacy


  • I Medici

    BEAUTIFULL BAG .. Horrible color… makes one look a bit fluffy

  • Handbags

    I thought it would retail for alot more then that. Most minaudiere designers use swarvski crystals in their designs (ex leiber) and charge at least $1k more.

  • Best Designer Boots

    I’m going to use them just because they’re good for my health.

  • Naggy

    This looks like a Legally Blonde type of bag- a bubbly fashionista turned lawyer.

  • Naggy

    This looks like a Legally Blonde type of bag- a bubbly fashionista turned lawyer. I can imagine it being used for another movie of Legally Blonde. (ipad)

  • KY

    Pretty! (ipad)