Louis Vuitton Ambassador BriefcaseWhile I was tweaking the blog tonight, I noticed that the Briefcases catagory has collected some dust in the past months. Strange actually, for there is so many elegant and chic briefcases to talk about. I figured I might as well freshen things up. And why not go all out with my favorite of all, the Louis Vuitton Ambassador Briefcase. I want it, now. Worked in LV’s textured Epi leather, it truely does not even need an LV logo at all. It features a classic s-locl closure and a lined interior with pockets for cell, wallet and miscellaneous other accessories. An exterior back pockets rounds of the 16 by 12 inch briefcase. How very lovely, once I get done with my grad studies, I sure know what I’ll be sporting to work. At a price of over $1,800, I better start saving already. via eLuxury.


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