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Bottega Veneta The Point: The Next Hit?

A close look at a stunning version of this new BV beauty...

The success of Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta seemed to take hold when he released The Pouch. In fact, The Pouch became a modern day it-bag, with everyone scrambling to buy a version of the luscious, oversized leather bag and many other brands following suit to design a similar oversized, buttery soft clutch. The bag isn’t always the most practical when it comes to carrying (especially if you opt for the large size and are typically a fan of a shoulder strap), but it was an immediately recognizable fashion statement. Many people told me, they didn’t need it, but they needed it – you know?

After such a great success, consumers are often hungry for what’s next from the brand. When we shared the Bottega Veneta The Point, you had mixed reactions. The new bag from Daniel Lee is reminiscent of the famed Bottega Veneta The Pouch but with some interesting added details: namely the structured, magnetic frame top with the triangle point.

I wanted to see this bag in person, and the version I got to check out is a meticulously stunning work of art. Behold, this version of the Bottega Veneta The Point, which is crafted from 100% crochet lambskin with a tonal magnetic frame top. This exact rendition of The Point is a bright green color, called Parakeet, and while it isn’t on yet, it should show up soon. There are two sizes available, small and medium, and this is the small size. As far as the lambskin crochet goes, there’s another equally stunning medium option in Spearmint, which is what blue-hued bag dreams are made of.

As far as the design, the bag is a pouch like shape with a framed, magnetic top handle with the namesake Point. There is a removable shoulder strap that attaches to the interior of the bag with little indentations on the frame for each side of the strap to sit in nicely when in use. The interior doesn’t have a pocket, but you wouldn’t really need that as it’s not meant to carry much. One thing I must mention is the heft of this bag – this bag is heavy. Now, I didn’t get to hold a plain leather version, and the crochet lambskin will for sure add to an already heavy frame, but I do think majority of the weight comes from the magnetic metal frame.

There are many different versions of The Point already, from the classic in a range of unexpected but delightful colors as well as other intricate interpretations like this one covered in shells. The Point shown will be $5,400 and you can discover more of this new design on now.

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