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Bottega Veneta’s Next Big Hit is Here…

Introducing: the Point Bag


Back in December Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta finally graced fans with some colorful newness in the form of beautiful bags, accessories and RTW. The collection, Dubbed Salon 01, was a continuation of resort and like we’ve come to expect from Lee, it was presented in an entirely unique way.

Lee chose to forgo the digital format and instead presented the collection in a closed, intimate setting that included various objects to help tell a story. The presentation included a 3-part book series with a backstage look at what it takes to design a collection, a glimpse into the process of design and a collection of Lee’s sources of inspiration. Finally, the series gave a complete look at the private physical presentation that had taken place two months prior in October.

One of the standouts from Salon 01 is the unique and incredibly sleek Point Bag. The Point bag is new to Bottega Veneta’s lineup this spring and it is sure to be the brand’s next big hit. Lee’s interpretation of one of this season’s micro trends—angular cut-outs and lines, the Point Bag embodies Bottega Veneta’s commitment to refined luxury that is unique in style while remaining expertly crafted.

Bottega Veneta Point Bag

Just in time for spring the Point arrives in beautiful hues like peach and blue as well as neutrals like black and white. One of the most interesting versions is the brand’s quilted leather lambskin, though the Point is available in smooth calfskin as well. Similar to Bottega’s iconic Pouch, the Point has a framed clam-shell opening which allows for a pretty roomy interior. Featuring a leather strap for shoulder carry as well as the option to hand carry it via the bag’s top handle, the Point comes in two sizes: small and classic. The Small is new as part of Salon 01, while the classic was released for resort. Retail in smooth calfskin is $2,250 and $3,200 respectively.

Different in shape while remaining sleek with its clean lines and angular cut out, the Point is high on our wishlists and sure to be a big hit among handbag lovers too. Discover the full range and purchase now via Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta Small Point Bag


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  1. pinksky777 Avatar

    I actually don’t think this is their next hit at all. It’s very nice in the crocheted versions but they’re like almost $9000 CAD, which is laughably outrageous for what it is. The regular versions I’ve seen IRL many times in the boutique, and the triangular closure is uncomfortable to carry (and very much cheapens the bags overall aesthetic tbh). Let’s not even get started on the awkward shoulder strap; thank god at least it’s removable. The bottom line is that they’ve been trying to do variation after variation of the original pouch, and they’re all nvr going to be as timeless and simply chic as the original. I’ll skip this one and get another OG large intrecciato thank you ?????

    1. Passerine Avatar

      Amen to every word of your post. If you count influencers being gifted with or loaned bags for SoMe photos, yes, maybe you could call it a hit, but if you count actual sustained sales six months after release, I am highly skeptical it will fit the “hit” category. I find the quilted version annoying — it’s like they’re trying to get the intrecciato look without the artistry. Hard pass.

      1. pinksky777 Avatar

        Yea hard pass as well. The “quilted”also has a plastic-like feeling which seems very cheap.

    2. ART Avatar

      What makes the shoulder strap awkward? I haven’t seen these in person so idk? Thx.

      1. pinksky777 Avatar

        It’s the awkward width of it combining the fact that it just looks so off with the whole bags aesthetic. It is in fact a clutch and why would a clutch even need a strap?… of ppl are too lazy or don’t have the lifestyle to carry an oversized clutch than just pass on this completely and buy a crossbody.

  2. Justice Avatar

    I love this bag! This is so beautiful! ? The pouch is very nice but to me this is way better. In my opinion, BV has negotiated its post-TM transition really well.

  3. Sandy Avatar

    I actually like this bag. I have not been one of the BV fanatics of late. I like the Cassette bag but there was hardly any room to carry anything. The Pouch looked like a toothless mouth to me! Don’t get me started on the colored rubber boots for $650.00, talk about fashion victim, ha! I will watch and see how this bag does in the market. I just cannot help feeling like this is same situation that Celine was in a few years ago, heavy saturation, frenzy to buy everything people could get their hands on, and then it’s over.

  4. Guest Avatar

    Having new tacky iterations every season will not produce a classic piece instead the brand will just head its way to a fast fashion route. This won’t be a hit. No wow factor. Not functional at all. And I wouldnt be surprised if this bag will be plagued by a lot of quality issues.
    Also his rtw is sooo ugly.

  5. psny15 Avatar

    I don’t know if I like or dislike this bag – reminds me of an older frame bag – nothing new or innovative

  6. FashionableLena Avatar

    The blue is gorgeous.

    That’s all I have.

  7. fran123 Avatar

    What bag, all I could see were those cool shoes! but yea that strap is a deal breaker for me, can’t stand the ones that attach one on each side like that, makes the entire bag awkward.

  8. Dwightinha Avatar

    Don’t like any of them. For that price I would want a stunner of a bag!