It is that time, the time for bright and cheery Bottega Veneta Spring 2010 colors. One of my favorites is orchid, which I am fairly certain is being used on this bag (though it is labeled as grape). And the bag this color is being splashed over is the Montaigne, a popular duffel shape bag from the house.

Liking this bag comes down to whether you like the duffel shape or not. Bottega Veneta is known to produce classic simple designs that stay relevant and elegant at the same time. This design falls into that category.

The signature Intrecciato weave is used on this design. Of course there is every bit of impeccable quality used, both in craftsmanship and materials. The inside is lined with pebble suede, which adds a bit of weight but is always a nice touch.

The shape of the body will slouch, unlike the photos in which the bag is stuffed. In the battle of the perfect duffel bag, the Bottega Veneta Montaigne should at the very least be a contender. Other options include the punk rock Alexander Wang Coco, and the classic monogram Louis Vuitton Speedy. I say go for the BV option if you are looking for a timeless classic, which sounds cliche, but when it comes to BV is entirely true. Buy through NAP for $2,280.

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  • Pam

    Beautiful bag, but the shape and the fold on the side reminds me of the YSL Easy bag. Between the YSL Easy and BV, I’d pick BV especially if it’s in that yummy color.

  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    The shape reminds me a bit of the Goyard Boeing duffel!

  • jburgh

    The Montaigne is one of my very favorite BV styles. I was a shoulder bag only gal before I discovered the Montaigne. It is a versatile/convertible bag. The sides can be pulled up to transform it into a tote style. Orchid is definitely on my radar for this season.

  • mochababe73

    This bag is beautiful bag, but if it’s not going to retain that shape, I wouldn’t want it.

    • It retains the shape, it just is not as shaped as the photo above (more like the one I linked). It has some slouch to it

  • Jane

    I want this bag right now. i actually gasped when I jumped the page!!!!!

  • dierregi

    Great bag, love the color. This one looks like it is actually worth the money :-)


    It’s a beutiful bag but I wouldn’t want it, I prefer Chanel and Hermes.

    Go on for fashion, fashion and fashion, my new first indipendent blog and on to vote me…


    I think that Bottega Veneta Montaigne Bag is really elegant, pretty and well finished in detail. The color makes very attractive this bag.

  • cge

    I just arrived home from spending the weekend in NYC, and bought my very first Bottega bag at their 5th avenue store (I chose the Ferro Intrecciato Nappa Umbria Roma bag in dark grey). It was impossible to choose between the staggeringly beautiful bags on display there, but I held this one featured in this blog and it was stunning. The only reason I chose the one I did is because I preferred the shape. But I did notice how they all soften with age, as was clear when they showed me the floor models, which had all developed a lovely softness to them. I think I am quickly becoming a new Bottega fan!

  • otter

    Momma wants.

  • ShoeQueen1961

    Everything about this handbag (color, craftsmanship, etc.) is simply spellbinding!

  • BookerMoose

    I love the Montaigne! I have this colour (it is definitely Orchid) and it is such a lovely pop for spring. And yes, it does retain its shape once it gets worn in (especially when carried – the placement of the handles ensures this) – it really only becomes a wonderful BV puddle if you want it to when empty or resting.

  • Kyandra Turner

    This beautiful Bottega Veneta Montaigne Bag is very pretty and has nice qualitites. I could actually see my self caring this on my arm or shoulder. Carrying this bag would make me feel confident and good about my self. With this Purplish purse bag you can carry it anywhere. I could also see like the purse can be fancy at a nice dress up party, and also seeing it carrying it around every where, like for example walmart too. I really do want this bag its just really perfect in my eyes. The color of the hand bag could really go with any color that is nuetral. Like for example the purse can go with colors like black, white, dark brown and etc… This purse bag would be perfect im sure for any girl dreams.

  • speaking of…

    love it although the shape is like an lv keepall the color is luxe..aww

  • Kendra

    THe shape is nice, it’s pretty. Great for the girlie girl. (fb)

  • Deb

    what a fantastic colour!!!! reminds me of grapes! haha (fb)

  • Elyse

    there is only one word – gorgeous (fb)

  • Kathryn

    purple color is awesome! (fb)

  • Joy

    Not really my style, sorry purseblog.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    NOPE! (fb)

  • belgianyen

    And this is my current favorite! i have this in a red bordering orange color and the shape stays!!! Truth be told, this is way better than the LV Speedy. =]

  • Mousse

    The color is TDF. (ipad)