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  • Rachel

    I have used my same pair of Tweezerman tweezers for YEARS, and while I know that Tweezerman will sharpen them for you at no cost, I have never had them sharpened because I cannot bear the thought of parting with said tweezers for long enough to mail them off to the sharpening spa.

  • Starflower

    Revlon tweezers work amazingly well too ; )

  • kemilia

    I’ve been using Maybelline Brow Drama in soft brown. I’ve used the Anastasia brow mascara and the Bobbi Brown one too, but this one only costs $7.99 at my local Target and it does a good job though I am going to give the Hourglass pencil a try. I have some white brow hairs so the mascara really does the job. And yes, Tweezerman rocks; I also never have them sharpened, I just buy a new one. Thanks for the info too!

  • AshleyG

    Amanda, you were totally supposed to share a pic of YOUR brows in this article, lol!

    • Sadly, I am battling a case of the forehead flakies that I have yet to vanquish at the moment, so a close-up was not in the cards this week. However, I can offer you this, from a few weeks ago: https://instagram.com/p/zDutpnFqsj/

      • Hahaha, I did not know this was going to auto-embed from the Instragram link. HELLO, MY FACE.

      • AshleyG

        Ha! This will certainly suffice- your brows look great- and full!

      • Guest

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  • ElainePG

    Great article, Amanda. I had been using Anastasia products, but it was time to replace them so I just popped for the Hourglass pencil. I like the idea of a clear (rather than a tinted) gel, so I got one of those, too. A good pair of Tweezermans, of course, is something no girl should be without!

    • I hope you enjoy the new goodies! I’ve gotten a couple friends hooked on that Hourglass pencil; I wish I remembered who originally recommended it to me.

  • Chris

    Nice article. I was hoping to see a pic of your brows, Amanda ! :-)