This Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Has Me Giving the Brand a Second Look

For the first time I'm thinking about adding a B-bag to my list...

When Balenciaga debuted its Hourglass bag back in 2019 creative director Demna Gvasalia began his descent from the top of logo love mountain. Slowly the designer began to stray from the band’s easily identifiable bold logo bags and witty graphics, and the Hourglass bag was the brand’s first foray into an accessories collection that was far sleeker than ever before.

The Hourglass bag is named after the bag’s incredibly recognizeable and unique curved shape. The bag works because it’s the perfect mix of fresh and modern while sill striking a bit of a classic appeal. Upon its release the bag sold out fairly quickly, and we debated if this new silhouette had the power to stick around, and now two years later the Hourglass has proven it’s going nowhere fast.

The more structured and sleek design resonated with shoppers looking for a luxury bag that was known but didn’t scream as loudly as your typical logo bag. It quickly became more than a one season wonder, popping up season after season in new sizes and iterations. Gucci even hacked the shape as part of its Aria collection, which further cements the fact that the Hourglass will go down in handbag history. Now for spring the brand has introduced a new variation of the Hourglass and it has stolen my heart.

Balenciaga Hourglass via Moda Operandi

The Hourglass Sling bag takes a new Balenciaga icon and revises it in an elongated and exaggerated silhouette that’s designed to perfectly store your essentials. Very of the moment, the bag resembles the sleek Baguette-like shoulder bags of the 90s and it shines in glossy calfskin leather. I adore the bag’s new shape, tonal hardware and of course, it was the lilac color the really drew me in making me add a B-bag to my wishlist for the first time ever. What do you think of this new Balenciaga classic?

Purchase for $1,490 via Moda Operandi


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