Gilli Handbags Happy Stadium

When Megs discovered this particular piece at Zappos, I got really excited. Living in Germany and Germany happening to host the Soccer World Cup this year, this athletic little number brightened up my day! I’m not going to come here and pretend like I am a true soccer fanatic. Nothing like that really, but I have been following the WCs very closely in recent years and get just as excited as the common soccer nut when it comes to the playoffs. Brasil is my favorite team. Actually though, to me it’s more about seeing amazing soccer. Like all the other 1.5 billion people who watch it, I guess.
The Gilli Handbags Happy Stadium is a rectangular shaped shoulder bag made of suede with leather trim. It’s got the dual rounded shoulder straps and is finished with silver tone hardware. The dimensions measure 13″ wide x 7 1/8″ deep x 8″ high. For a price of $516, you may consider it to be a little rich for the Athletic bags section, I couldn’t make up my mind on where else to place it.

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16 years ago

I love this one and want to buy one for a friend but I couldn’t find a shop in Germany – can you please help me?

14 years ago

This bag is so cool I would buy 2. one for my friend and one for me because we both play soccer. 😎 😀 :mrgreen: 😆 😛 🙄 😈

11 years ago

An athletic friend who’s into carbon copies of her fav sports would appreciate this. (ipad)