I never really understood why anyone liked “designer” activewear until I started going to the gym regularly about a month ago. After I caught the exercise bug, I immediately went out to try and find some cute workout duds to encourage the new habit and prevent me from sweating on every black tank top in my closet. What I found was…uninspiring.

I am so excited for the 2012 Olympic Games I can hardly contain my excitement. We are having an Opening Ceremony party tonight and there is a good chance I will be jumping up and down on the couch for the next few weeks watching and cheering on my favorite Olympians.

As some of you know, while the entire PurseBlog team loves fashion, we are sports lovers too.

I spent the vast majority of my life as a competitive athlete. In fact, PurseBlog wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for me being an athlete; Vlad and I met on our college swim team. The day I was done swimming, I was done swimming. Actually I was done working out entirely. I was burned out and ready to veg out on the couch for years.

Our winner is LINDA! We have emailed Linda to notify her. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Beyond Yoga Tote

Seeing this tote reminds me that it is time to get back to Yoga. Truly is good for the mind, body, and soul. The hottest yoga brand of clothing and accessories, Beyond Yoga, have released the coolest line of canvas bags that graffiti artist Andre Charles sprayed with selected words.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Zutan Gym Bag Do you know the number one New Year’s Resolution? To loose weight/go to the gym/get in shape.

The amount new registrations following the new year at the gym is incredible, yet the amount of people that follow through is slim (no pun intended). And you think I am sitting here, on my couch, typing this because I am the big gym-goer?

It seems that I will bask in my no-vacation-on-Memorial-Day-LONG-weekend misery by finding some chic beach bags at a great deal. This way I can order a new beach bag and carry it around central Ohio, which makes perfect sense to me and no one else. I will just pretend. But for those of you who are partaking in weekend water fun, or want to get a great summer beach bag for a deal, check out some of these great designer beach-worthy bags at eLuxury (all on sale!)

Emilio Pucci Montalban Print Large Shopper
Emilio Pucci Montalban Print Large Shopper | $339 at eLuxury

Michael Kors Marina Large Grab Bag

Michael Kors Marina Large Grab Bag | $175 at eLuxury

Emilio Pucci Lava Print Large Terry Beach Tote
Emilio Pucci Lava Print Large Terry Beach Tote | $409 at eLuxury

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

hermes beach bags1

Hermes Beach BagFor many, the holy grail of handbags is the Hermes Birkin, a highly coveted, highly sought after, and hard to get bag. Another reason the Birkin is so exclusive is the price. Because let’s face it, how many people actually want to spend over $7,000 (or upwards of $140,000 for a diamond encrusted Birkin) for a leather handbag? Granted you may want to, but does your significant other, bank account, etc?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Backpack

I had many friends in high school who had a ‘family life’ class (or something of the sort), where the females had to put on a faux-pregnant belly to see what it will feel like to be pregnant. Along with that was sex education. Being in private Catholic school, I never had to try on that belly because all Catholic girls wait until marriage and do not need sex education ever {insert total sarcasm here}.

Lacoste Sailing Boston Satchel

Granted I have not stepped foot in the gym in a while, but when I decide to go back (after my indefinite hiatus) I would love to carry a retro athletic bag. The Lacoste Sailing Boston Satchel embarks on an athletic journey with a retro chocolate and burnt orange color pattern and large body. Granted this bag is touted as a satchel, but I would inevitably use it as my athletic bag to have all my friends laugh at me and my choice of work out bag.

The Chloe Bag by Chloe Dao

One simple word: unimpressed. Chloe Dao was Project Runway Season 2‘s winner. While on the show her designs were elegant and fit in all the right places for the women that modeled them. Granted The Chloe Bag by Chloe Dao is meant to be used as an overnight bag or carry on, the color and saying looks overly simple and grade-schoolish.

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