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  • T Tara Bagnista

    I have to deviate from the items on your list. When I was 20, I was attracted to the Prada nylon messenger bag; however, I couldn’t afford it at the time. I have two now–one in black and one in blue. It’s especially great on rainy days, it has multiple pockets, zips (in case you take public transportation) and the cross body is adjustable. I often use it for travel. At about $960, the price is more manageable. I love my Prada Saffianos (tan and purple); however, I think they’re more formal. I use for work. I just got a Chanel GST; however, I don’t see it as an everyday bag. Love it, though. I was never attracted to Balenciaga. If you’re leaning toward LV, perhaps a Neverfull is a more versatile option.

  • Sandy

    I agree the Prada is out of contention..,beautiful but too stuffy for a 20 year old. The Speedy is the cheapest option, so if money comes into play no shame in having it be your first designer bag. The Balenciaga City, well, it’s just a cool bag that I think will be around for a very long time. If you can get this bag…middle of the road in pricing with great color choices!! You are just starting and Chanel will be down the road for you…that small of a bag compared with your other choices would probably drive you crazy!

    • Grace

      You are definitely more understanding than the rest of us re: the Speedy. You are of course right. If money is a problem there really is no shame in getting a Louis Vuitton Speedy as long as you actually love it.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Megs, excellent and well thought out response. I agree, Kerri consider a City instead of the classic first for the Balenciaga; the classic firsts shape isn’t as cool and as versatile looking. Frankly the shape looks dated to me.

    I don’t like the Prada simply because of the Saffiano leather, it does not feel luxurious at all, I recently consigned mine. I’ll vote the prada but when you make it to the stores, have a look at some other classic supple leather options.

    Off the cuff I would have said go big or go home and get the Chanel classic flap but i am fully aware the price is prohibitive esp for a college student. I only got mine (jumbo) last year at 29. Once you start working full time, hopefully you can save up and buy it then.

    As for the speedy, nothing about this bag has ever attracted me. Then when you consider Megs points above on the bag, I think def no!

    In summary, I’ll say prada (in soft leather), otherwise the Balenciaga CITY

    Really excited for you, happy choosing!

    • Guest123

      I agree with you 100% about the Prada soft leathers (Vitello Daino or Cervo). I have 2 Vitello Daino bags and one Cervo. I love them. They look great at work or elsewhere, have held up beautifully, and I get tons of compliments for them.

  • FashionableLena

    I agree with everything you said with the exception of the Chanel. I would put this in the same category as the Prada. I think that it’s too mature for a 20 year-old college student.
    The reasons that you listed for the Speedy is why I don’t own one. However, there are other options from LV that would fit the bill. The small Pallas comes to mind.
    Out of all of them, I would definitely get the Balenciaga if I were a 20 year-old college student. She has plenty of time to get the likes of Chanel.

    • Stina Sias

      I agree, can you imagine trying to save 5k working part time as a student?

  • Stina Sias

    The LV Speedy in Damier was my first bag and I still love it! It’s 10 years old but it looks brand new, the coated canvas is amazing! Also keep in mind in my early 20’s I treated it like crap sometimes and left it wedged in my closet without it ever losing shape. Of course, 10 years ago they didn’t cost near what they do now- I’m not sure I would pay today’s prices for canvas. I think a Chanel flap would be a great first option, there are lots of them on ebay from reputable sellers that are barely used. You could get one for half of what they cost off the shelf!

  • PJGambler

    Somewhat agree; I think Speedy B (with a strap) is pretty indestructible for a first luxury handbag, and both Prada and Chanel are too staid for a 20 year old, and the Chanel hardware isn’t particularly reliable. The Balenciaga is youthful, all leather, and can hold all her things, and probably fit best with most of her clothing.

  • FH

    I would go with the Balenciaga. It’s fun and perfect for a 20yr. Plus the price is somewhat reasonable for a European designer brand (compared to the other options). I also may have a bias as the city bag was too my first designer purchase. Same purple color but with rose gold hw.

  • MM

    I feel like for a 20 year old, Chanel is a bit too…out there.

    Unlike a lot of people, I think Prada is a good choice imo. Because it is structured, you can easily keep using it once you start working after graduation. Obviously this depends on the industry, and I work in a more corporate industry, so prada would have been my choice anyway.

    Balenciaga is nice, and it is a casual bag. But it depends on your style.

  • Sofia

    Kerri, if you’re gonna go for Chanel, buy vintage. The quality of their current bags is just not that great, especially for the price. The Saffiano is a lovely bag, but probably too mature for you. The LV is just too common. So I say either vintage Chanel or a Bal

  • Kathyjazz

    Of the options discussed here, I also think the Balenciaga would delight you! In your question, you actually mentioned the Chanel MINI flap bag–I would wait on that one for later in your collection. And I agree wholeheartedly with Sofia about considering vintage/preowned. There are many reputable sites now that remove the worry of authenticity and you can get a fabulous bag for a more affordable price, and maybe have money left over (for your NEXT one…)

  • Kali

    Kerri, I agree with the group. Go with the Balenciaga. For functionality purposes and where you are in life, it’s definitely the best choice. Plus, the color options are endless so you can have fun with your decision.

    I wrote a blog post for what to consider before buying your first design handbag, should you find it helpful.


  • dinabobina

    I love the speedy as a first, but maybe try a pre-loved speedy that is different, like the watercolor speedy(brown 30, not the white 35) but my first pick would be the Balenciage city black with GSH, pre-loved to save money! While I love a brand new bag, as a first bag I think I would go pre-loved.

  • ElainePG

    I think it’s terrific that Kerri has been doing her homework on her first designer bag, and not just snapping up the first thing she sees on one of the reality TV shows. I also think it’s great that she’s been saving for this bag, rather than feeling as though she’s somehow “entitled” to it. Anything that you have to work for you will truly appreciate, and Kerri will definitely love whichever bag she chooses!

    Megs, I totally agree with you that a Bal City is a great “starter bag” for a college student. The City is large enough to carry all of life’s necessities, plus an iPad. Also,with a bit of care, it will look even better over time… Balenciagas age beautifully!

    Kerri, I wish you all the best. If only I’d had someone like Megs to mentor me about my bag purchases when I was in my twenties (and… let’s be honest… in my thirties and forties!).

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  • Jade

    Have you considered a LV Neverfull? I think the ideal first bag is the medium sized Neverfull. I would recommend it over the others for certain. It’s very practical.

  • Grace

    I totally agree. Although technically my first designer bag was a Chanel Medallion Tote with GH, it was a gift, therefore I really consider my black Balenciaga City GSH bag my first designer bag b/c it was bought with my own money. I loved it and still do. I used it everyday for almost 2 1/2 years before I was able to buy another designer handbag to take its place. It was a great everyday bag, going out bag (before the mini bag craze) and work bag and I loved that it added an instant edgy cool factor to any outfit without looking like you tried to hard.
    I’ve bought a few bag since then (not as much as Megs) and I can honestly say the Balenciaga City was the only bag I’ve bought thus far that I didn’t really have any complaints about. It’s a classic like Chanel, the leather will just get better and even though it’s as ubiquitous as a Speedy, it doesn’t have the same reputation.

  • shopper

    I LOVE my Prada Saffiano but I’m 50. I agree it’s too formal for a 20-year-old.

    I don’t own a Balenciaga. I’ve not seen one in person but they look cheap in the photos (don’t shoot me!). HOWEVER I agree its the best option for a young woman’s first designer bag. Its sporty and she can use it day in, day out.

    I think she’d get more use from the Balenciaga than the Chanel. If for no other reason than you can actually fit stuff in the Balenciaga!!

  • oui

    I chime in with the others about Balenciaga. Maybe the City because it is useful for college students trucking many things around (and sturdy shoulder strap!), and if you grow older, it can still be used (even if you have a kid or two it can fit all your children’s toys and what not). It’s a good casual bag.

    The Prada, I agree it’s for preppy students, and future corporate raider. Something in a color would be great and it will definitely serve you for a long time. The leather is amazing.

    I guess it circles back to what you want to use the purse for.
    Something versatile that can be taken to college every day, and not to college on holidays? Something for a dress-up party or a brief day out? Something to travel with? (Actually most of these scenarios point to the Bal… but hey.)

    FWIW, technically, my very very first designer bag is this small Loewe.


    It was an impulse buy many many many moons ago for me with my first (few) paycheck–it felt really expensive at that time but it’s really not, is it?– and the next morning I was skeptical about it and wondered when I could use it (definitely not to school). But I use it almost exclusively when I went out. It saw me through many dates, breakups, loss of family, etc. I still use it until today and the leather still held up.

    i loved it so much that my first major designer bag purchase was an Amazona.

    • Since we’re talking about Balenciagas you can stuff things with, the Velo is another option. It’s right about the same price as the City, is a little more roomy, and has a longer shoulder strap that would allow you to carry the bag cross-body. I love my Velo.

      • Jess

        Yes, the Velo! Such a gorgeous bag. In my opinion the Bals have gone from IT bag to classic. Not many bags manage this. I would not want to wear a Paddington or Spy Bag anymore, but the Bals still look great and will do so in the next 10 years. No matter if it is a City, a Velo or a Day.

  • khm

    I have to agree with Megs – probably why I read the blog everyday no matter what…the Balenciaga is classic and young and fun all at once. The only other bag that I would also buy early on if I were in my 20’s is the Givenchy Pandora – I’ve been thinking about a mini, but never quite pulled the trigger on the larger one – I think it is pretty hip looking and definitely chic, and you would get a lot of use out of it. Maybe that could be your #2! Good luck and enjoy your new bag!!

    • amg

      I adore my pandora….I have other nicer bags but this is my go-to bag all the time..it can be worn crossbody and it’s just so slouchy and easy.

  • lavinia

    Dear Kerri, I would go with my heart. I explain: you do not really know what you want till you see it you try it on, feel it. For me there is not a “too old for a young girl” bag at all. You buy a Chanel (my God you have to save for looong time)? Ok you will carry it your whole life, you will let her to your daughter, granddaughter…wonderful isn’t it? You go for the Prada? In ten years the bag is still a classic one. So I do not vote for one of these bags, I just say follow your heart after seeing them :)

  • Very well said Megs. My first was an LV Speedy 25, though I don’t regret it but I totally agree with your thoughts about it but still its a classic. Right now I am looking forward for my first Balenciaga. Kerri should get the Balenciaga.

  • Have you considered a tote? My first designer handbag was a Goyard St. Louis and it’s great. It is very light and practical for carrying what you need for classes. It’s similar to the Neverfull (and it can be argued was the inspiration for the LV), but I like it better as it’s lighter and less structured.

  • Doodles78

    All these bags are wonderful. For Kerri, I suggest the Bal as well. Youthful, easy to carry lots of things in, practical and attractive. Very cool.

  • Lu

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I think the Balenciaga is not a classic bag. The shape is too particular and I already think it’s a “past-seasons” bag. I’ll probably buy something like the Gucci soho disco bag, classic and not too expensive.

    • Rebekka

      I agree, my first was a Gucci Soho in red, It was sold out everywhere but I finally found it when I was at a conference in Edinburg – my heart sang! What I REALLY love is the fact there aren’t a billion fakes all over the place. I am wondering about my next one now I am torn between the Chloe Faye regular or an all black python small Faye. Maybe I should just plunge for a Chanel 2.55 but I am scared I would be to afraid to actually use it.

  • SydneyEastCoast

    I just love this discussion. My first designer bags were a small black leather Gucci bag that I picked up at a sample sale as well as a Fendi Baguette. Those were the days! Even though I loved the look of them they were both too small for my lifestyle and a bit up-tight for a 22 year old. I own many Chanel (classic flaps and seasonal) and Balenciaga bags (City’s, Work’s and a Weekender) as well as LV (Neverfull, Speedy, Sofia Coppola), Gucci (too many to list), Celine (same again) and Fendi.

    So here is the thing.

    I love the process of researching, dreaming about and buying bags as much as I love carrying them. Many of them are impractical but look amazing. I just rotate based on where I am at in my life and then buy another when I feel there is a gap.

    What is my point?

    Well, if you have the opportunity to get a great education and work hard to get into an industry that pays well, you can buy whatever you like. Buy a Balenciaga City so you can be a cool girl (I just love how French they make me feel) and spend the rest of your money chasing your career dreams so you can try them all. With a well paying career you can travel and buy from the source which is just delightful. Celine in Paris is a must. Good luck.

  • SHANNA_BRUCH on insta

    def the prada, for your situation it’s the best, the leather is very durable in 10 years you still gonna love it because of the classic shape and it has a nice price.there are so many different colors and shapes for every taste. the lv logo is everything but exclusive, every one has it, and it looks so tacky and annoying. the chanel is too expensive i think. the balenciaga is not even a designer bag. it also looks horrible.

  • Jennifer

    I vote for the Prada. Even when I was in college, my style was conservative & that bag is just so classy. It will transition easily to a corporate environment after college & will never look dated. The Bal bags are pretty, but I will always consider those to be ‘IT’ bags, circa 2005. That doesn’t mean I’ve never wanted one, but for someone with limited funds & will need a bag to appropriate in many environments for a long time, Prada is my favorite.

  • adguru

    Oh, that first bag is a slippery slope! But so much fun. I agree with everyone that Bal seems dated rather than classic, and personally I don’t love the leather. Chanel is too limiting – small, dressy – and something to aspire to. I think the Prada will give you the most wear for the bucks, but here are a few other ideas: The Speedy in epi leather rather than monogram, maybe in red to give everything in your wardrobe a punch; YSL sac de jour vs the Prada, or — and I expect most will say this isn’t a “designer” per se — the Mulberry Alexa, which is young, practical, will wear like iron, and affordable.

  • Guest123

    The Balenciaga First or City bag would never be my first choice — now. But at age 20? Definitely the top contender on the list. Both are great choices for someone that age. The Prada, which I own (and have not had any quality issues with the leather, zipper or other bits) is a wonderful bag, but I do consider it a work bag. I don’t take it out casually. If you want Prada, I suggest you look at the Vitello Daino (pebbled leather) or Cervo (deerskin) bags. They’re younger looking and can be either casual or professional. The Chanel bag is, based on your brief, too expensive and I think every time you carried it, you’d be worrying about it rather than enjoying it. Maybe put that on the list for your 25th birthday!

    The Speedy would be my last choice. In addition to all the excellent reasons Megs gave you, I will add a sad one: carried by someone your age, a lot of people will think it’s a fake. I’d probably be one of them. The market has been flooded with Speedy fakes, unfortunately. This is no fault of LV’s, but counterfeit Speedys have reached saturation point. If you really want LV, then maybe the Pallas. It’s got a zip top for security, comes with some popping color accents, and would look great while you’re in school and still go well for the start of your professional career. Happy shopping!

  • Jennifer

    My almost 70 year MIL has the Speedy, a Prada saffiano and a Chanel flap bag. At 20, I vote for the Balenciaga, but definitely consider the City or even the Velo or Town if you want the crossbody option.

  • S

    What about an LV pochette? You can use it anywhere. Errands, the club, to a wedding.. the uses are endless. I agree with skipping the speedy for all the same reasons. Good luck! and kuddos for being smart and waiting and saving.

  • Bell Papavarin

    omg please do more of these lovely recommendations! I love it! I am about to get my second designer bag and couldn’t decide between YSL mini cabas chyc, Mini Lady Dior, and Valentino shoulder bag (the structured one that looked like a flap bag). Or are there any other recommendation of a bag that’s priced below 3000usd? Im going to university soon and could not choose which would best fit my lifestyle

  • Y Ajayi

    I think for the first of what may be many the balenciaga works best at this stage. The others can potentially come later. I own none of the bags in contention but Megs’ reasoning rings true having seen others carrying/chatting about these bags.


    Kerri, please don’t listen what most people say about the prada bag and chanel bag, if they confuse mature with classy it’s their problem. I am 21-y-o student and I have a classic chanel flap bag please check out my instagram account it’s SHANNA_BRUCH and look how DAMN GOOD and hot this bag could look if you choose the right color and stiching. since when is anyone too young to dress classy??

    • Oh please, no one is confusing “mature” with “classy.” All the bags being considered can be called “classy,” actually. It’s just that, given the lines and structure of the Prada and Chanel, they are a bit more formal, staid, and serious compared to the other options. Given Kerri’s age and taking into account her student life, mots people think that she may prefer something more casual and less structured. Besides, people were just chiming in as asked, no one is prohibiting Kerri to buy what she wants to buy. It’s not fair that you’re reading so negatively into them when they clearly don’t mean what you say that they are.

      • Lily

        The LV Speedy is anything but classy.


        yes everyone has a different opinion

      • anon

        everyone is entitled to an opinion. no need to be rude with an attitude #justsayin

    • as

      really subtle with that instagram promotion huh?


        there are 50 comments on this article and probably only a few read this, and many of them won’t even have a insta account… I must be a promotion genius

      • armroe

        but still.. shameless plugging.

      • Jennifer Saha

        bzz off green eyed monster

    • Winn

      shameless self-promotion of your DAMN GOOD and hot instagram. you’ve nailed classy, girlfriend.


        well lady, you def don’t get my point there

  • Lily

    Oh the four choices, the Prada would be my choice. While it might be a bit formal for a 20 year old, it does come in some very youthful colors. Never understood the appeal of the Balenciaga bags, as they always seemed so dated to me. I know this is not one of Kerri’s choices, but the Givenchy Antigona might be a great option for a 20 year old…. it has a nice balance of timelessness and trendiness.

    • Lily

      Kerri, the Fendi 2Jours might also be worth looking into. It have all the benefits of the Prada, but it a bit more youthful.

  • Dylan Propst

    Balenciaga or Prada for sure. The Louis is tacky. The Chanel isn’t functional even though it’s gorgeous.

  • Winn

    “The bag looses its shape when you start to fill it up and while you can buy a bag shaper, I just don’t see the need.”

    *loses not looses.

    If there is ONE bag in the world that needs a bag shaper/organizer, it is the speedy. It makes no sense that you “just don’t see the need” in a bag that loses shape so easily AND as you said (and I agree) can become a dark and bottomless pit. That is the exact situation where there IS a need!

  • amg

    I have a 20 year old and I have to agree with the consensus here – go for the Balenciaga….out of all of these DO NOT go for the speedy…such a dated out of style bag IMO…I have an issue with LV because they are counterfeited so often and so ubiquitous….I think the Balenciaga or a Givenchy is a better bet…. I adore Chanel as well but would definitely go vintage and save that for a second dressy bag down the road….Good Luck!

  • Reece Andavolgyi

    I’m 18 and will be in college this August. I just got a dark green Prada Saffiano tote and I LOVE it!! I wear sneakers/joggers/ jeans most of the time and I love the classic and ladylike shape of the bag juxtaposed to my tomboy, sporty, casual outfits. It’s a good balance and the bag has a cross body strap which makes it reaallllly great. So I say Prada! It comes in every color under the sun and its a classic!

  • Olivia J.

    My first designer bag was an LV Speedy 25 (I’m 21, I got it when I was 17, 18 out of high school) and I was so happy to have my first real “luxury piece” even though it’s all worn up now I can’t let it go. (That canvas is durable as ever!) My next saving is for a Chanel Flap or a Prada Lux a gift I’m going to give to myself as a graduation present. Any of the bags you have would be wonderful choices, but my heart is with LV because it was my first and has been my first love forever. What about the LV neverfull? Holds a lot of stuff and will fit your MacBook and whatever stuff you tote around, kinda nice for a college student :)

    Happy Shopping!

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  • Sparkletastic

    Great analysis! I think you gave her some great things to ponder. In fact, you gave me some things to ponder, too!

    One thought I would add is the choice of bag is really dependent on more than the bag itself. I don’t always agree when people say Prada is for work or Chanel is stuffy. I think the bag has to be taken into account with the person’s overall personality, fashion sense and outfit.

    I find I can rock my Chanels with jeans and tops because I always wear heels and am pretty much a a blend of classic and girly. On the other hand, my 20 yo daughter is a (non nylon) Prada devotee and makes them work on campus because she has a cool edge to her preppy vibe. And neither or us would wear the LV because we don’t usually wear earth tones (and we don’t like the uber logos).

    So, again, it’s really about your essence and your wardrobe. The bags don’t work in isolation.

    This is a fun journey, I hope she has a blast exploring brands.

  • Denise

    I agree with everything that is written, but I would definitely go with Chanel. If you can afford it, kudos to you. I got my first Chanel bag (the classic flap) a few years ago at $2,300 and now the price has gone up to almost 5k. My friends who got into designer bags earlier than I did purchased the classic flap for under $2000. I’m originally from Toronto, Canada (currently living in the U.S.). For the past few years there, Chanel has been having two price increases per year. That’s insane! I consider all my Chanel bags as an investment piece as it is timeless and looks chic with everything you wear. Hard to go wrong.

    The LV bag and the Balenciaga bags you can find in great condition at credible secondhand shops or online for a pretty decent price. On the other hand, secondhand Chanels in great condition can be found for $200-$300 off at best, and it probably won’t be the colour or material of your first choice.

    Plus I find there are so many knock-offs of the LV speedy that it has become oversaturated losing its appeal.

    Second choice is definitely the Balenciaga.

  • Ghi

    I agree with Megs. But I think LVs canvas makes great starter bags. My first bag at 22 was an LV neverfull tote in Damier print (I hate logos). It’s still a great starter bag that I see a lot of young women gravitate towards and it’s pretty much indestructible. It’s casual enough to take to class or the gym (As I often do). It’s not an evening bag but depending on your budget you can get a tote and a cute clutch. I love the Givenchy totes as well for starter bags. I think starter bags should be durable…so they can be worn frequently. Just my 2 cents. Happy Shopping!

  • Jenny

    Oh please ! Just buy a caviar Chanel flap and you will thank yourself ten years from now for getting it ! They increase their prices twice a year ! And any money not spent on Chanel is considered wasting your money in my book ! I regret not starting when I was 20 when the bag was Abt 1000$ now I’m 37 and I’ve been buying Chanel , paying 5 times more what they used to sell for ! Chanel will always remain a luxury and something you will never regret ..

    • amg

      you should spend a little time researching Chanel….vintage is a much better bet…the new Chanel is not good quality and is living off his brand name.

      • Kate

        What Jenny said is absolutely accurate, so what does she need to research? Chanel price increases have resulted in excellent resale value for its classic bags in good condition, and caviar leather is almost indestructible. Vintage Chanel is fantastic, but the workmanship and materials in its more recent bags is still pretty impeccable compared to others, including premium designers. And who is he that is living off “his” brand name? I was under the impression Chanel was the surname of its female founder.

      • nygirltrappedinfl

        “His” was a typo – my apologies I meant “its” —–I have several newer bags and in my opinion the quality has gone down.
        I think Bottega is far superior in the luxury category.

  • Amelia Masniari

    hai…. speedy lv is always the best start and the value always goes up… no regret…

  • Casey

    My vote is for a Balenciaga, but I would also recommend the City. It’s a minor price difference for a much more usuable bag that you won’t get tired of, since it might get irritating when you realize how little you can fit into the First. My second option would be a small Prada that you can carry crossbody, since I personally do think the smaller ones can be age appropriate for going out or on the weekends if you’re dressed accordingly.

  • Kerri

    Hi! I just saw this, and I just wanted to thank you so much for responding back to me! This really made my night (especially because it’s finals week!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

  • Giselle

    I vote for Balenciaga as well, because it’s understated with no logos. Others might be too showy, depending on the look Kerri is going for.

  • Wilma

    Buy the bag you covet, the bag you love, the bag that makes your heart sing. That’s the bag that you will still lovingly remove from its dust bag when you are 45. I’ve been a purse addict since I got my first little bag at age 11 and I’m still crazy about them at 60.

    P.S. Do yourself a financial favor and check used bags at credible sites like Yoogi’s Closet and Tradesy. I just snagged a 2005 Chanel 2.55 reissue in mint condition for a great price to add to my collection. Also, find a husband who will indulge your passion:))

    • sdaniels

      Jesus! i love that last line. find a husband who will indulge your passion!

  • Jordan

    BALENCIAGA CITY!! You will appreciate fine quality leather and how it gets better with age…but you will do it while carrying the coolest, cool chick bag. No labels or monograms or quilting needed.

  • TonyMontana

    Hey! If anyone interested in designer bags with good price email me! Kirantaha@hotmail.com

  • 23 years old here.
    kinda agree with purseblog comments.
    i would suggest her to buy Balenciaga City Bag
    another suggestion from me is Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag! :)

  • maria garcia

    do you think mini handbags have a certain age limit or do you think its like a classic style. I’m obsess with mini handbags and I’m 25 and kind of feel like I need to stop with the mini handbags since I’m getting older or do you think I’m crazy for thinking that way lol

  • kk78

    I don’t know if the LV neverfull MM is so played out now that it’s not as desirable (I still love mine in damier) but I think it’s great for a college student. Mine has held up for years with daily use and you can use it cas’ or dress up (basically) and she will actually use it at school. Oh, and I vote for the Gucci disco bag as well. Also great for any age (though small.)

  • Isabella Sarah

    I use Prada Saffiano Lux Tote for daily work and feel comfort with it.
    I appreciate you and your effort.

  • Julia

    How much student loan debt are you going to graduate with?