To start off our new category, Purseonals, I decided to review my Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 30cm. I bought this bag a couple years ago to complete my small Speedy collection of a 35cm, 30cm, and 25cm. The Speedy is one of the most iconic handbags in the world and so popular that many of you probably own at least one as well.

Here is how my Speedy scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings:

Aesthetics 3.5 Stars

The rounded shape of the Louis Vuitton Speedy is one of the most recognizable shapes in the handbag market. Some people love the shape, some people hate it. I happen to love it. There are two short leather handles on top of the body of the bag.

The Damier Ebene gives a checker board appearance with dark brown and a lighter brown pattern. I loved this pattern when it first came out in the Speedy shape and I still like it now, but I find it a tad masculine. Of course the classic monogram canvas has been used and abused, but I prefer it on the Speedy more than the Damier Ebene.

Usability + Functionality 2.5 Stars

While the Speedy is very spacious because of the shape, that is about as far as we can go with its usability and functionality. I prefer a bag that has an option shoulder strap or can be put over the shoulder, and this Speedy has neither option. The bag must be carried by hand or in the crook of your arm. That leaves me with one less usable hand to get things accomplished and in this day and age, having both hands accessible at all times is important.

The bag loses shape very easily when you hold it, which means it doesn’t have a flat bottom with rounded sides when carried. Anything you put in the bag rolls around at the bottom, which further ruins the shape the more you put in and really makes locating specific items hard. I was carrying this bag last week and for the life of me could never find anything I needed when I needed it. My phone would hide under my wallet, my keys never seemed to jingle in the right place, and my lip gloss was buried underneath all the items I carry.

There is an inside pocket, but let me be honest: it is hard to get to. The flat pocket never gets use unless I am sitting down and open the bag to access it. This bag looks great when it is empty and forced into the ideal shape, but it looses that immediately upon adding any items or carrying it.

Quality + Construction 4 Stars

Many new to the handbag world have a misconception about the classic Monogram or Damier canvas bags from Louis Vuttion. These are not leather, they are coated canvas. The handles and piping are tan vachetta leather, which has held up extremely well for me over time.

While the body of the bag is not leather, there are major pluses about coated canvas. For one, I use this bag in the rain very regularly. In fact, this Speedy is one of my go-to bags in inclement weather because it does not get ruined. I simply wipe the water off the bag and it is just fine. True story: Over the weekend I was at a college football game and took this bag with me. I was sitting down enjoying some chicken fingers and fries when the team mascot began shooting shirts into the crowd. Somehow a shirt was headed my way and I was certain the men around me would jump up and get it. Unfortunately, no one did, and the shirt landed directly in my lap, splashing ketchup and BBQ sauce all over me and my bag. I grabbed a napkin and wiped it right off my Speedy, which left absolutely no stain and was the easiest clean up ever.

Every part that makes this bag is high quality. I have not had a problem with the coated canvas, with the leather, with the hardware/zipper, ever. In fact, as you can tell from these photos, this bag is in amazing shape and I have owned it over 3 years.

Another plus is the weight of the bag. This bag is EXTREMELY lightweight, which makes it much more pleasant to carry.

Value 3.5 Stars

The price of Louis Vuitton bags, like all other luxury designers, has increased with time. Louis Vuitton has price hikes yearly and this bag is now being sold for $775. For this price you can buy two genuine leather bags from a contemporary designer, but in the premiere handbag market, $775 seems par for the course.

Taking materials used and brand name into account, I still find this bag overpriced for what you get.

Staying Power 4 Stars

The Speedy will always be iconic, ALWAYS. It depends on personal preference for the version of the Speedy you like. I find the Damier Ebene canvas to not be as iconic as the classic Monogram canvas.

Total 3.5 Stars

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  • Ashleyg

    Woohoo! This post made me giddy! Give me more, lol!!! But seriously- this is great and so informative. It also makes me feel better about the inner battles I have about purchasing this bag- particularly the fact that I wrestle with paying that much for a non-leather bag. Thanks!

  • Blo0omdi

    i have to agree on the optional strap i didnt buy a speedy because of it.. but they released it for mongram so i’m gonna wait till they do!.. thanks for the post if so helpful

  • Laura

    I own the exact same bag and I love it. There’s a few cons but overall is a good bag. Your review could have not been more accurate. I agree 100%.

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Love all the information and honesty in your review.
    Will look forward to more great bag reviews to come!

  • Flaw

    Megs, if I may ask, and if you actually know the answer (being a handbag lover, I think you may), how many bags do you own? or an estimate XD

    • Flaw – I truly haven’t counted in a while… but well over 150 I think :)

      I have TONS of reviews I can and will do!!!

      • Flaw

        that´s really amazing haha

      • jennifer wong

        i bought 3 bags from Cydwoq – customized for me and made of pure leather.  Each bag was 500 dollars.  I am feeling guilty if i buy yet another bag for my collection.  I am thinking of getting the speedy 30.  Overall, I own a lot of bags but the 3 that I did buy from Cydwoq were a bit of a mistake – too much at once.  If you own a lot of bags, would you still get the speedy 30?

  • Rashida

    Can’t wait for the next one! This was great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna C.

    Love this article. Can’t wait for other reviews

  • Mirna

    I love the speedy but I sold the only one I own for the simple fact that when I use it I feel annoyed that I can’t put in on my shoulder. It will always be in style and actually can’t go to the mall without seeing 2 or 3 of them. I love LV even if it isn’t leather the bags are timeless and hold up very well.

  • jeanette

    I have been following this blog everyday, thank you for your perfection, as to the bag it is what it is, but I grow bored of it. Great price point considering all.

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Great thorough review – I’m looking forward to reading the posts in this category! I like your mani and Vlad’s pics are always fabulous. Thanks!

  • Jessy

    Great review! I look forward to reading your other ones. I’ve never been a fan of the Speedy, but I do love the Damier Ebene.

  • Sonia

    Off topic, but I LOVE YOUR ARITZIA wilfred shirt!!!

  • klynneann

    Thanks for doing Purseonals! It’s so great to get this kind of info when you don’t necessarily have the ability to view the bags in person. Keep ’em coming!

  • marinaharbour

    Fantastic review I agree 100%! I really like the Damier Ebene and Azur. Im really tired of the LV monogram!

  • Donna

    I love the Damier pattern, but never cared for the shape of the Speedy. Very interesting read! Can’t wait for more reviews.

    Can you please tell me the brand of your jacket? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find one as good looking as yours!

    • Donna – The jacket is Calvin Klein and I got it at an outlet mall in Orlando, Florida. It is a great transitional piece and really well-priced!

  • Silversun

    I love the Purseonals concept and look forward to reading more. :)

    My issue with Speedys has always been that they lose their shape as soon as you put anything into them. As iconic as the design is, it doesn’t seem very functional at all.

  • kemilia

    I loved your review, you hit all the points I would wonder about if thinking about a Speedy, which, without the ability to wear it on my shoulder if I need to, eliminates it.

    And I really look forward to your coming Purseonals, especially one bag that I know you own and I have a few of them too–will your pros/cons match mine? Can’t wait!

    • Def let me know if my pros and cons match yours with the bags I review!

  • LAltiero85

    I LOVE your speedy!!! I’d really love to have something in Ebene or Azur as well, I’m getting tired of Mono. I totally agree about the speedy being a bit overpriced though…which is why after purchasing my Mono speedy 25, I will probably never purchase another speedy, just because they are pricey for not so much leather…though I feel everyone should have a speedy in their collection.

    Very nice review!!! It will be great for someone looking to buy a speedy!

  • LuxBag

    Great review. Although i don’t own a speedy anymore, i love the indepth reviews! I hope you do a review on a Chanel bag!(or two:)

  • rose60610

    Great descriptions of the pros and cons. Wonderful choice for the first review. I have quite a few bags, several LVs, but not the speedy. From time to time I toy with getting one.I love the red interior of Ebene, but would lean toward mono for nostalgia sake. Thanks for this review!

    • Stacy F.

      Rose, I’m sure everyone already knows this little fact but actually, the damier came first, the monogram followed many years later. But it is iconic nonetheless.

  • ChangeTheCut

    Although i usually like the LV runway/season bags, in my opinion i found it a little stupid (pardon my word- i do not mean it in a bad way) to spend 700+$ for a bag that everyone carries-even if it is not an authentic one.For the same price i think there are much more interesting bag choices.Ten years ago i spent (then) 220 euros to buy the pochette accesoire LV bag(now 385$) (i was only 18 years old then).What a stupid buy!I really regret it!I still have the bag-it is in perfect condition since i did not used it a lot-but i never carry it! With the same amount of money i could have bought a Miu Miu metallase clatch for example. Same thing for the check Burberry’s bags!So overpriced for nothing!
    I really laugh (inside me) when i see someone to carry such a bag, cause i think what a waste of money!

  • J Umm

    too many fakes on the market really detracts all the luxury from this iconic bag.

  • ChangeTheCut

    I forgot : your review is so good, i mean i would write the same things!
    I would just add an extra parameter : how unique is a bag, meaning the probabilities of meeting someone in the street carrying the same bag as you are.
    For something to be unique it must not be super expensive too. For example i love carrying my YSL Roady bag (in olive green) as the chances of meeting someone with the same bag are very limited.Same thing with my MMJ black Leola zipper
    bag and so on!

  • Sophia

    I definitely agree with all the points here, especially how everything gets lost so easily in this bag! As far as the shape of the bag becoming distorted goes, I personally have a base shaper ( found on ebay) which works wonders in retaining the structured flat bottom, but that being said items do get stuck underneath it in particular the ever elusive lip gloss as you mentioned!!

  • Lianne

    Looking at the pictures, I definitely agree that a clip on shoulder strap would be a great design addition, as well as a stiff bottom so that it holds its shape. The way it sags just isn’t appealing.

  • Diane

    Great review…enjoyed reading your thoughts! Personally I think all bags are bottomless pits. I don’t have one that I would consider well organized. What I do have though is a unique LV Damier Ebene Speedy 30 with Vachetta trim. I have to say I have never seen another one like it. Very much a one of a kind bag and hardy a day goes by when I’m using it that it doesn’t get a compliment. Will mention I also used a nicely tanned LV vachetta strap to make it a shoulder carry. Works well for me! Not a lot of any type of designer bag here where I live so it’s a rarity to even see an LV bag in my day to day travels. Looking forward to more Purseonals!

  • FrauMu

    Absolutly great review, especially since I’m thinking of buying a Speedy myself. There’s just one more thing I would find great if you could add to your reviews and that is the bag you would recommend instead. It seems like the Speedy isn’t the perfekt sort of small everyday bag and it also seems like you would know some other bag that is :) looking forward to more reviews!!

  • Bec

    I love the shape of the speedy, but honestly, this bag is so overdone – real and fake. Everyone has one; I see teenagers with this bag all the time and I have to ask myself – why would I ever spend $775 of my hard earned money to look the same as half the population. I would much rather have something a bit more original (and leather).

    That aside, the purseonal review is a great idea!

  • Sarah

    Thank you for posting about this, I’ve been contemplating getting one for about a month now. The only concerns I have are the zipper teeth eating your hand when you have to reach in for something, and a girl at work warned me that the rolled leather trim around the bag gets destroyed easily. What’s your thought on that?

  • Penelopeb

    Love the concept of Purseonals!
    thanks so much for your first review. I have the same bag in Damier Azur and def agree with you on most of your points. cleaning definitely is it a plus, and usability is difficult when needing both hands!!
    looking forward to more reviews!

  • mochababe73

    Love the review. The reasons that you listed is the main reason why I have yet to invest. I need to be hands free when clothes shopping. A shoulder strap is essential.
    I have a Dooney that is made similar to a Longchamp-a shapeless nylong bag. I was losing stuff in it as well because it lost its shape. I used one of those purse organizers that you see on the infomercials. I paid like $6 for one at Marshall’s. It helped the bag to keep its shape, and I didn’t lose a thing.

  • Leslie

    “There is an inside zipper pocket, but let me be honest: it is hard to get to. The flat pocket never gets use unless I am sitting down and open the bag to access it.” maybe this was a typo but none of my authentic speedy’s have zipper pockets just a flat unzippered one.

  • erica

    Love this feature. Cute pics! That incident with the sauce had me cringing! Glad you and the bag were unscathed!

  • Irene

    I have the same bag and I use purse organizer inside of the bag to make it easier to find things and to prevent it from looking too droopy like in your pictures. It works wonder! But I’ve moved on to the Empreinte line :-). But I still love my Speedy Ebene 30!!!

  • EVA

    Thank you very much for your honest review.
    I must say that I wanted to buy speed. I changed my mind when I saw it up close in a store. I gave up buying, I was disappointed by the lack of shape of the bag.
    I bought a smaller Trevi, it is true that it is more expensive than speed but I know what I pay for.

  • Jennifer

    Great review! Keep em coming! =) PS -I used to have this bag & I completely agree with all the points you made! I look forward to reading more!

  • Amy

    What a great new feature! These reviews will be helpful when I’m actually weighing a new handbag purchase. I really wanted a Speedy, but when Botkier had their sample sale, I bought the similarly-shaped Howard satchel. Part of the reason was that it came with a shoulder strap, which I use even more than I expected to. So right about that functionality! The Speedy is so iconic though.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I really enjoyed this post. Great idea and I am looking forward to your next one!

  • Lorie

    Great! Thanks for adding this to the Blog!

  • MizzJ

    Great review! Looking forward to more Purseonals. I’ve been contemplating the Speedy in the Damier for quite some time. It’s such a cute, classic shape, but I think your review has stopped me (a good thing), as the shapelessness and the handles are a very good argument. Also the fact that everyone and their mama has it haha

  • Tina M

    I recently bought this bag and it is my first LV and I absolutely LoVe it!Totally agree with your reviews.Though no worries on the shapelessness and difficulty searching for your stuff, coz I use a bag organizer inside to make things easier to find. I find the price as well to be a bit expensive. Hesistant to buy this at first because of the too many replicas out there.But the feeling of buying the real thing makes the difference.Adds confidence and aura when you carry it!

  • 19yearslater

    I love this rating system and all the pictures! I agree that the major con of the Speedy is the inability to carry it over the shoulder. I love the floppy shapeless look though, so that’s good for me.

  • Misa

    Thanks for the great review! I have this same exact bag and I agreed with much of it such as the ease of care for coated canvas. Even though many would think the Monogram Canvas is more iconic, I like the Damier Ebene because it seems more understated and I don’t have to worry about the vachetta leather – my bag looks almost exactly the same as when I bought it (off a consignment seller in eBay & authenticated on TPF of course ;) ) and I’m sure it’ll still look great 20 years from now.

    Now, what I didn’t quite agree with you, or well, where I differ from you in the review, was your lack of a purse organizer or shaper. Once you have a great one in place in a shapless and bottomless bag like this, finding things isn’t nearly as hard. I personally hate the shaplessness of Speedys, so right after I bought mine, I searched for a good shaper and found a 2-in-1 shaper & organizer from a quaint shop by some girl(?) named “hippie chick”. I have recommended this shaper to anyone and everyone if you want an organizer for your Speedy. I know I must sound like a saleswoman for this product, but I am not and I honestly love it. There are lots of pockets and it doubles as a shaper when not in use. Sure, it makes your Speedy a bit boxy & filled out, but I’d take the full look over saggy bottoms anyday! I don’t know if they’re still selling this product on eBay, but I did a quick Google search and it seems like they might have a estore on what seems to be their website: Buy it Megs, and I do believe you could enjoy using your Speey even more :D now, if only LV could hurry up and come out with the matching strap…

  • Misa

    Oh, and to all those naysayers who turn their noses up at such a popular bag? To each their own, but this is definitely one of those bags that when you finally actually own and use it, you’ll realize why it’s such a popular bag in the first place… :)

  • Subbz

    I mentioned it before in your Cobalt Blue Mini Luggage reveal, but would really like to see you full collection (Although since it’s 150+ bags I think it’s impossible to do) So the purseonals will be a good temporary substitute. For some reason the Speedy appeals to me although It’s very common, thinking of Getting a 25 Damier soon!

  • Mila

    I really want a speedy, but I see so many of them. I was planning on getting the mongram or ebene and the azure. But no i’m thinking about getting one bag in the azure, because I think it really pretty.
    I need advice on what to get

    • Abbi

      I would go with azur- there was an article saying that the classic monogram and ebene are copied alot more than the azur as its not as popular.

      • Mila

        Thank you so much Abbi, I ended up getting the azure speedy. I would like to get another “everyday” bag but something I can wear all year round. What do or anyone else think about the neverfull bags?

      • Bianca

        I just got my neverfull MM in azur, im in love no questions asked its a great everyday bag!

  • Alex

    Great review! Now I’m actually thinking of buying one. I’d definitely go for the damier ebene compared to the monogram one. It looks so much more classier to me.

    Can you do a review of the balenciaga city next? I’d love to know how good the bag is since I’m planning to buy my very first one. :)

  • sama

    hey… thank u very much for ur review it was really helpful since i am willing to buy one. However, i have a tiny question.. i found online there are two ebene shades!! which one do u have or can u plzzz write me its exact code??

    thank uuuu :)

    • Bagaholic TV

      If you mean two Damier Ebene shades, the canvas changes its color through the years. A DE bag which is 10 yrs old will not be the same color as a new DE bag

  • sama

    hi again… which one do u recommend the speedy or the berkeley (regardless the price)??? :)

    • Coteyito

      The speedy is more casual and young, and the berkeley is more elegant and great to be used for older ladies IMO

  • Safoora

    I just bought my first LV bag! I was confused between Monogram and Damier print but choose Damier because wayy too many people carry the monogram print and with so many fakes around its a put off!

    Mine is LV Damier Ebene 35, maybe a bit too big but with the number of stuff I carry around (I have a toodler) looking forward to showing it off!

    Worked very hard to buy this so woo hoo!!

  • Tiffany

    What about the Speedy in Azur? Do you think it’s less masculine? Speedy in Azur or Speedy in Monogram?

  • Missuszad

    I own a Speedy30 ebene and never stopped loving it .  Besides a long purse, I carry a large le sport sac pouch for my skin care and cosmetics, a coach purse for loose change, a sunglass, even carry my lunch pack in it:)  There’s still space for cheque book and smaller books.  love it love it..

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy serial are iconic and classic, worth the investment to make a fashion statement

  • sirius max

    Love that speedy! Oh, and the LV badge is outdated :P

  • ITA! I LOVE mine. Its so durable and after having it 6 months, and using in in snow wind and rain it looks BRAND new… I cant say I baby it either. A classic, great no worries – handbag.

  • Sheena

    Wow great review. I thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you for sharing.

  • Applegrapefrui

    I love your review! I actually had bought the speedy30 in damier without seeing your post.
    I’m going to use it for a work bag.. And hopefully and I think, I will last looong time!
    I work in Japan so during morning rush I get pushed a lot by loads of people on the train so I hope that won’t push my bag or harm my bag :-(

    Anyways thanks for the review!!

  • desire

    my bag on the lock it said louis vuitton paris and than it the bottom it saids ” Made in France ” it was a gift , i just wanna know if thats real 

    • Lauren

      Yes originally Louis’s first founded or made in Paris but now they are mostly France. Plus Paris is in France

    • Joe

      Could easily be a fake, you need to have it authenticated. Most “gifts” are not authentic.

  • Olivia Jenkins

    My first LV was the Speedy 25 in Monogram. I actually bought a vintage one that was made in France in 1984, let me tell you the bag is holding up quite well and is one of my favorite pieces in my collection. I’m going to purchase a Speedy or Alma in Epi leather next. 

  • Connie

    Hi! I’m planning on getting my first LV speedy, and your review (and all the coments) was very useful! I reciently got a CH by Carolina Herrera Andy Bag (the big one) in navy instead of the damier azur 35 and I don’t regret it since the bag is sooo beautiful. But I can’t stop craving for a speedy and now I think it will be better if I get the ebene first. My cuestion is, should I go for the 30 or the 35? The difference is very notorious? I’m 5.5 and 112 lbs. Please help! :)

  • Gaby

    Hi, I love your review :). I recently purchased Damier neverfull louis vuitton bag as they didn’t had the speedy in stock but my questions is Should I condition the bag or leave it alone? they are really expensive therefore i’m worried about messing it up. Thanks

    • Coteyito

      Hi Gaby I’m not an expert, but a SA in the LV store told me that is not necessary to condition your LV bags, specially the ones made of canvas!! hope it helps

  • Anne

    i just bought my first ever LV speedy bandouliere… but i find it hard to zip and unzip the zipper, is that normal with LV bags? Thank you!

  • Red

    Hi! I just bought a Neverfull Monogram, it is okay that i kept it inside the box?

  • serena

    I really enjoyed your review of the bag, I had the damier ebene in 35 and gave to my mum as an early Mother’s Day gift. I recently purchased the monogram print in 30 and it’s my go to bag for the weekends.

  • Tamiko

    Late, I know, but I’ve just seriously gotten into these bags. I’m 45 and I’m a believer that it’s only a matter of time before just about every fashion-minded woman wants one! I prefer the vintage Made in the US bags (French Luggage Company). I’ve found stellar deals on Ebay for these bags. I agree with the other poster that mentioned the base shapers. It really improves the look of the bag when carrying it. I also agree with your assessment. Spot on.