One of my absolutely favorite bags that I own is my Balenciaga Giant City in Anthracite with Rose Gold Hardware. This bag took me what feels like eons to finally find and accept to be my first leather Balenciaga Bag. The reason for this is the color conundrum. While being known for their colors, Balenciaga has a way to find hues that literally change like mood rings in different lighting, and you need to see the bag up close to know that it is the color you desire. I thought I found the perfect BBag before, a Seigle Giant City, but I ended up returning it since the bag was more taupe in person than tan. But when I opened the box to unveil this Anthracite BBag, my heart was immediately taken and this bag has fast become one of my absolute favorite bags that I own.

Here is how my Balenciaga Giant City scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings:

Aesthetics 5 Stars

The Balenciaga Motorcycle bags are cult classics. Since the bag’s inception, everyone who is anyone or wanted to be anyone has owned and carried a Balenciaga bag. They have the perfect touch of grunge with an overall feel of classical appeal.

I am a huge fan of the giant hardware, which my mother tells me resembles thimbles, but these studs bring the bag to life. There is so much happening on the front of the bag, but it’s not overwhelming. Some say they see a face on the front of the bag, but all I see is beauty. A front zipper pocket is found on the middle of the bag, and this helps break up the design and add functionality at the same time. The City size is perfect for everyday use and while there are double top handles with a nifty whipstitching finish, there is also an optional shoulder strap.

The bag is made to be slouchy, as it sits on a table it will loose its shape. But that doesn’t bother me at all, because as soon as you put it in the crook of your arm or over your shoulder, the iconic look of the bag takes form.

Usability + Functionality 3.5 Stars

The Balenciaga City is simple when it comes to its usability and functionality. I sometimes have a bit of difficulty opening the zipper closure when the bag is in use and still can not figure out why Balenciaga decided to give 6 inches of extra zipper track to either end of the bag; that’s precisely why it is hard to open and shut the zipper when not holding the other end to make the track taught. That being said, I can look past that flaw because the bag is just that great.

The next thing I would change on this bag is making the shoulder strap just a few inches longer. That way it would sit nicely on my shoulder even with a jacket or coat on. Many times when I put it on my shoulder, the strap slowly slides down my arm.

Even though I have the giant hardware version, I have never considered this bag to be very heavy. Some people complain about the weight, but compared to many of the bags in my collection, this bag is relatively light for leather plus lots of hardware purse.

When it comes to the inside of the bag there are not a plethora of bells and whistles. You have a nifty mirror (that I never use but always think is cute) and one inside zipper pocket. Much like other bags, this bag is accessible but not redefining the way we use our handbags.

Quality + Construction 4.5 Stars

I haven’t used this bag enough to wear it down, but for owning it and carrying it for nine months so far I have absolutely no complaints. The leather is really smooshy and only gets nicer with time, the hardware has not lost its luster or flaked off in any place. The stitching is still in tact (though Amanda told me after all the use she has given her 2007 Balenciaga bag, which she still carries regularly, the stitching on the handle has begun to fray).

Each aspect of this bag shows that there was great attention to detail and the bag holds up extremely well.

Value 4 Stars

For a high-end, highly-sought-after designer handbag, $1,895 is a relative steal. When we begin to talk about handbag classics and staples, brands like Chanel and Hermes and Louis Vuitton are thrown around. And in that sphere, there is no other bag that costs under $2,000 that is full leather and high quality like the Balenciaga City. Let me put it this way: you can have 5.277 Balenciaga City bags for the price of one Hermes Birkin.

When it comes to designer handbags and great values, one of the first brands that comes to my mind is Balenciaga.

The ‘It’ Factor 4.5 Stars

Over the past ten years, the popularity of this bag has never swayed. In fact, the ranks of the obsessive continue to grow along with the obsession. Much of the reason is because Balenciaga knows they have a good thing on their hands and they do not try to reinvent their staple designs again and again, instead they offer us a plethora of colors that change each season. Tell a Balenciaga girl that you have an Apple Green or Bubblegum pink bag from years past, and you can watch their demeanor change to full-out jealousy and envy. This bag has not gone out of style and will continue to stay in style for years to come.

Total Score 4.5 Stars

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