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  • luxemadam

    I fully agree! LV bags are indestructible! 2 months ago, my epi speedy bag was trapped between the doors of a train in Brussels. Instead of opening the doors, the ticket man just pulled it out of the shut doors with great force! My heart sank… thinking that it will be ruined. But, hey it was a bit wrinkled at that time… of course I was still not happy then. The good news is… after a few days, the wrinkled parts seem to disappear (a little). I started using it again, since it’s a really practical bag for work. Now, I must say that 80% of the squashed wrinkle is gone! It’s hardly noticeable and there’s not a single scratch at all. For ref. I’ve been using it almost everyday for work since I bought it in Jan 2008.

    • Lynnie

      Does anyone know about the web site besela.com? Do they sell real LV’s? Please help.

      • JK

        I just checked the website….it is written “Replica” all over it…NO they are no real

      • better by from the louis vuitton website or from the LV store itself :)

  • luxemadam

    I forgot to mention… I also have a speedy watercolor from the SS08 collection. I don’t really baby it but I must say that the white colorful canvas stays just as new as it was!

    Just for info, my first LV was the saumur which I bought in 1992 and i’ve used it until 2005 before giving it away.

  • Idealist

    Amanda thnx 4 this post! I hv never bought a LV bag bcuz I couldn’t afford it, so I thought the speedy would be a great start. However, I had given up on the idea becuz here in Atl you spot some1 w/ the bag every 2 steps u take whether it be a knockoff or authentic. From a schoolgirl to a stripper, 2 your average girl in the mall. Its hard 2 explain but seeing so many ppl w/ it md me feel like it had lost its elegance for me. – it just became the ordinary. & I don’t mean tht in the snobbish way that it sounds. But you’re right a great bag is a great bag! The speedy is a classic staple piece, that has historical significance in the fashion world. I think I’ll go back to trying to find 1 that suits me best.

    • I’m from ATL so I definitely understand what you’re talking about. The way I see it, though, the bags I buy (and anything I buy, really) are about what I like and what makes me happy, and I try not to let anyone else that has what I want interfere with my decision-making process. There are a lot of Speedy options other than the regular monogram if you want something you don’t see every day! I hope you find one you like.

    • Monica

      I see the same thing in Denver, which is why I don’t own a Speedy. I really like the look of it, the price, and how tough the bags are, but it seems like everyone has one (real or fake). It’s also the same reason why I don’t wear Uggs, Crocs or carry an iPhone. Uggs may be comfy and the iPhone might be a great phone, but I just can’t be the same as everyone else.

  • smoocherooch

    I owned a mini lin speedy. Love it! I think they change the name of the mini lin line now.

  • NancyH

    i loveeee LV
    i really wish i can have one in the future
    and a 2.55 and a birkin too
    :( really wish

  • noirpur

    I Have got three of them, epi black , monogram and monogram canvas and love them all ,the best bag ever very practical for uni , work , shopping etc…

  • Linda

    Sorry! Not sold on it! Number one prerequisite for me when buying a bag is it must be gorgeous leather. Second, no logos. Third, strap must be 7″ to accomodate being worn on the shoulder. The shape of this bag doesn’t look like it would fit comfortably under the shoulder even if it did have an ample drop and I truly believe, that if it wasn’t “LV” no one would be interested!

    • Well, they make leather, non-logo versions and also make a crossbody strap for the bags. Just sayin’!

  • Mika

    thanks for the post.. i dont own a speedy but because of this article i may consider buying one..

  • Anna

    the monogram speedy was my first real designer bag and i still love it and its fabulous till this day. love it! The bag isn’t made to be worn on the shoulder, the shape is fabulous because it fits all the essentials and then some, and im pretty sure it is the most versatile bag i have in my collection – really. goes with literally everything, except maybe a ball gown, but, you know, that is the niche that judith leiber took over I guess

  • Terri

    I have a speedy damier ebene 30 and love it – my go to bag. I would buy the crossbody strap in a heartbeat, but don’t quite understand where it would hook on to the bag?

  • Linda

    Thank you for the post…you are right. This bag is a style icon that will always be around. It is a light weight bag that can take the wear and tear of every day life. If you get sick of it for some reason, sell it on Ebay….a beat up Speedy still commands $$ on Ebay.

  • Ruth

    Love my Speedy 30 – and it surprises me to say that cuz I’m a crossbody/over the shoulder, leather girl. But it’s the perfect shape, perfect size, great for rainy days…and classic. I have monogram, I wish I had Damier ebene – just cuz the oxidization of the leather aggravates me a bit.

    • Val

      tell me about it! I hate when the leather changes color =( It makes me sad.

    • I loooooooove the changing leather. I should have put that in the list. Damn. But I don’t like the super-pale trim on a new LV, I like it when it gets nice and carmel-y.

      • Marleen Isabelle

        I so have to agree with that – I just got my Speedy at Christmas and am wearing it all the time, practically waiting for the leather to turn into this gorgeous rich brown.

  • Val

    I’m a big girl 5’8..so I use the speedy 40! I totally love it! I use it for school and when I travel!

  • Sheryl

    This was my second addition to my collection when I first started. I still love her!!!

  • swags

    I got my speedy 30 in 2007 after years of wanting one. I carried it constantly for a year and still consistently go to this bag.
    The knockoffs don’t discourage me. A friend brought me a knockoff from china before I got mine (it was supposed to be one of the good knockoffs) There is no comparison. The real deal is indestructible like Amanda mentioned, it holds it shape and can fit more than I would have thought. I’ve put a bottle of wine in it before, I’ve put a lightweight sweater in it and I’ve taken it on shopping trips.
    Lately, I am considering the 35. I really love the patina mine acquired so have checked out a few on ebay using the authenticate this section of the pf. Not sure if I want a used one or if I want another brand new one.
    I also love the azur one, I think its a great looking bag for summer.

  • Aru

    I totally agree…This is the MOST favorite bag in my collection. Iconic too…

    When in doubt…reach for the speedy :)

  • Bag Brag

    The Speedy is LEGEND! I personally used to have the Stephen Sprouse neon green graffiti version and that was the best bag I have ever had!

    I’ll avoid the monogram versions like the plague but only the bold and the striking one stays!

    p/s: I once saw a maroon ostrich Speedy 30 that knocked me out! It was one of those moments where I’d sell something to bring that home!


  • Catsoup

    Where can I get a crossbody strap for this bag?! I am DYING for one and have no idea where to look… there’s not a large store where I live that sells LV. I have a shoulder strap but need a crossbody!

    I have my mom’s Speedy that she bought in the 80s. She carried that bag for years and loaded it with everything moms carry, and the only wear it has is on the bottom corners. The handle has a darker patina now but in no way does it look as old as it is. Love it.

    • Catherine

      i saw a crossbody strap on shopbellabag.com i THINK. check it out

    • D.L

      The thing is if you attach a shoulder strap on the hardware, to me the bag will look deformed and ugly. I think you should get the new version that originally comes with long strap.

    • Scottsdale Kim

      The other thing to consider is that the leather darkens over time. If you purchase a crossbody strap it is likely to look much much lighter than the handles on the bag.

    • Amber

      I bought mine at south coast plaza in Costa Mesa it was $234 not a bad price

  • Michelle S

    I do agree with everything you said except for the “played out part”. This bag is totally played out, I am sorry but when I am standing in line to check out and the 5 girls in front of me all have the same bag, the bag totally losses its value.

    Louis Vuitton is just too all over the place these days, everyone has one. And if you notice the bags they are all the same ones, 1. Speedy 2. Neverfull 3. Epi Clutch wrist-let bag.

  • swtshan7

    I have a damier ebene 30 and I LOVE it …it goes with everything, anywhere, anytime…and no matter where I am even if its church, shopping or the most knock off infested place It stillgets eyed :)

  • Irene

    OMG!!!!! Amanda…Loved this review. I purchased a logo Speedy 30 about 12 years ago. Love, Love, Love this bag. It’s a TRUE Classic. I don’t care if I see them over and over again on women…I know mine is a REAL LV and to me, that’s all that matters. I did purchase a shoulder strap with mine and will use that when I know I will have my ‘hands full’…if not, I don’t use it. Also agree with U…love that Carmel-y color as the leather changes.

    Thanks again for the great review.

    And Catsoup…you can phone a LV store and they will ship a shoulder strap to you.

  • Sim

    Sorry but I really don’t like the speedy. I just hate how slouchy it is. I prefer my Galliera or my mum’s Noé… I have to say that I prefer shoulder bags and not handbags weared as a crossbody bag…

  • Lauren H.

    This is a really pretty LV.

    I can’t believe I am able to say this….but last night I ordered my very first LV (my Mother’s Day gift from my Hubby!!!) I chose the Montorgueill GM, and added a hot stamped luggage tag with my initials! Should be here tomorrow. I am still in shock! LOL! :*)

  • terri

    I thought they made a (really expensive) Speedy bag style that came with a long strap. But are you saying they also sell a separate strap that a person can add to their classic Speedy???

    • Catsoup

      Yes, this. Is there a separate crossbody strap I can add to it? I have the shoulder strap already. Need a crossbody!

    • Yep, they sell separate straps! They’re also useable on other classic LV styles like the Alma.

      • Terri R.

        Where exactly on the bag would the strap hook on to? Just the metal rings that the handles are attached to? I would love if it could somehow be attached to either end of the bag.

      • catsoup

        Thanks! But I can’t seem to find any via googling…. any suggestions?

      • sarah

        Hi Amanda. Do you think the speedy 35 is too big for me? I’m 5’1 and 110 pounds but i like big handbags, i just would like to know your opinion. Thanks!



  • Handbag Lover

    I totally agree! I have one and I love it. I am ready for my next LV purchase and this time I want the epi leather Alma bag.

  • SisiEko

    I love my Damier Speedy!

  • Jen

    Love my Speedy! I usually try to buy very classic and traditional bags or trendy and obnoxious bags:-) Just a few props to the LV store in Tampa-took my Speedy in because the leather around the edges had ripped, I guess things happen. Well, Mr. ? helped me out with completely fixing and renewing the torn edges. Looks like new and no problems since:-)

  • CesA

    Love my damier ebene speedy so! It’s also the first in my collection like some of you. Am considering inquiring in our local LV store about customizing a strap to go with it. Might cost an arm and a leg (even more than the $322 it takes to repair my neverfull’s straps I suppose) but it might actually work, it can make it more relevant for me.

  • Empress

    Amanda, thanks for this post. I’ve been vacillating between the Passy in black Epi leather or a Speedy 30 in Damier Canvas (or Epi). I happen to love the multicolore. I think it’s cute, but I’ve been hesitant because I see it everywhere. I also did not have a good experience at my LV boutique with an annoying mallrat SA. That really turned me off to the brand. Your post has got me thinking (again) about adding LV to my modest collection.

    P.S. I love the fact that you used “played out.” I call shenanigans on LV SA’s. You irritate me so.

  • crow

    My Speedy is 29 years old and still looking great. However, my mother’s best friend has me beat by a mile – hers is over 50 and still fabulous.

  • Sofia Nolan

    I conquer! The Speedy is a must have in any woman`s wardrobe

  • Natalie

    Love the post! But I think a new post should be on LV Speedy vs. Gucci/Fendi Boston. Is there potential comparison?

    • Natalie

      maybe not “new post” but an open debate?

    • That’s definitely an idea for a new post/debate! I’ll put it on the list of things to write about, thanks for the idea!

  • mellee

    I used to have a Speedy 30 but ended up selling it on Ebay for two reasons: 1) so many people had the same bag (real and/or fake) and 2) i found it difficult to find things in the bag due to the total lack of compartments…everything was sort of just jumbled together and i would often end up dumping everything out just to find my keys. That being said, my Speedy held its value extremely well. I sold my used Speedy for like 90% of retail so I feel like it was worth buying just to try out with minimal loss.

    • Gorgeous

      i did the same thing, except i sold it to my friends sister instead of over the internet. its like everyone and their mom has that bag now. i had it before it was hip i guess. now i second guess ever buying another louis just because soo many have the fakes and it drives me crazy. i do love some lv though, but ill stick to my chanels for now.

    • Mochababe73

      I have always wanted one, but I didn’t realize that it didn’t have compartments. I would have to buy one of those purse organizers to go with it.

  • Helena

    Have it-Love it!!

  • Sonia

    I agree with Mellee… I did the same thing… Bought and then sold for practically the same price!

  • Moonchild

    I used to have a Damier Speedy 30 but sold it recently.
    I love the Speedy, but I rather want an Epi one. Love Epi! :-)
    I also love the new LV Fall Winter collection, maybe I’ll save up for one of those. :-)

  • Shine

    i totally agree a speedy bag in LV is a must have….

  • Jennifer

    I do think it’s a very attractive bag but after I went to the LV store on Champs Elysees and saw the CHAOS I will never buy an LV bag. To me a buying a luxury product should be a pleasant experience, and if I’m spending a decent amount of money on it I really don’t want to see every teenage girl at the mall wearing it. LV (at least at the Champs Elysees store) doesn’t even have customer service anymore, it’s like you’re begging them for the product and they just shoo you away after you’re done paying them.

    • Sim

      The LV store at Saint-Germain-des-Prés is much better. There aren’t lots of people in the store and the area is much more pleasent.

      • Chris

        You are clearly an insider !

      • es

        Thank you for your tips.  I am planning to go to Paris in April and do some serious damage…  lol

    • Kelsey

      Totally have to politely disagree with you on this one; yes, the store is very crowded but I have to say they had pretty good customer service. I came in with my, then year old son, and they tried to help me quickly, gave me a chair to sit in, and offered water to us as well. In addition, we had asked them where they T&Co store was and the SA pulled out his Rolodex, called T&Co for us to get directions, and wrote them down for us. :) We were impressed!

  • Terrie

    Well, I have carried a Speedy since I was 20 years old. I still have her and with the exception of a few nicks here and there, she looks great. I know that the brand has suffered due to knock- offs, however, to own a true LV Speedy, there is nothing like it!

  • lauren

    just got a mon monogram speedy 30 this past month (couldnt be happier with it!!) in addition to my damier azur – love them both, incredible every day bags!!

  • Jane

    I must admit I was always a LV naysayer because of the logo being every where, but since the Fall 2010 bag pictures were posted I am know hooked. I don’t like logos so I have gravitated toward the doctor bags that were covered in such amazing looking leather. I will have to truly start investigated my fall bag purchase this year, who knows it might be a LV after all. (fb)

  • sndc99

    I have a damier speedy 30 and I love it. I think it’s a classic bag. I prefer it over all other types of this style. I have a bowling Epi and I LOVE it but I have to baby it. I think everyone should own a speedy

  • Veez

    Hi Amanda!! (wave!!!)

    love the article! And can’t agree with you more about the Speedies. I own 5 of them in different versions and sizes and Speedy definiltely is my everyday bag. I have been using my Speedy ebene 30 w crossbody straps for the past 2.5 years and the bag is still looking great! Some asked where to attach the straps to, I attached mine to the handles hardware and it works great!! Look ma! No hands! :)

  • gacats

    A true classic. I have had it in both damier and monogram canvasses. (fb)

  • kemilia

    While I don’t own a Speedy and probably won’t, I respect that it is a true classic.

    For me, it was the first “designer purse”–everyone was suddenly carrying one (or a fake one). It was the handbag to have. I didn’t understand what the big deal was back then–it was vinyl (or looked like it), not pretty, etc.

    But I was a lot younger and dumber then and I am a “grown up” now and recognize anything Vuitton as being pretty darn great.

  • Tiffany

    I agree! The Speedy is the best! I have the mon monogram speedy 30..absolutely adore it!

  • hannah

    i have 2 as well… the monogram and the damier! :)

  • kutu

    haha.. the speedy was everywhere a few years ago

    now u hardly see it around anymore

    now the Chanel flap is seen everywhere

    every bag has its run.. and cycle

  • Kelley

    I want one. Have always wanted one. And one day I will own what I consider a true classic to be passed on to my daughter and hopefully a granddaughter one day for generations to enjoy.

  • Sue-ellen Brown

    i like them but some of the speedys i have seen on the arms of young girls (18-25) it looks like its lost its shape and oblong..

    Megs and the crew I have a question for you about spotting a fake from a originial:
    My cousin gifted me with a LV Backpack like a year ago. I know that she is a fan of LV: she has the LV Neverfull MM, her daughter has the Speedy in Damier Azur and she also has the carry-on. Now, I know her daughter once used this bag and I know for a fact her daughter hates fakes! but could it be she gave me a fake or maybe its genuine??. What is the inside of it supposed to look like and feel? could i send you a pic so that u can judge and give an opinion??

    • The best place to look for authentication information is in the LV section at PurseForum.com – our members can give you much more specific information than we can! There are some very, very knowledgeable authenticators on there!

      • Sue-ellen Brown

        ok, thanks amanda..

  • Karen K.

    Like some of the other readers I was never a LV girl, I can’t stand the brash logos everywhere and allthe horrendous knock off everyone and their mom seem to be lugging around these days, but I LOVE the F/W10 bags!!! They’re so refined and funky and feminine all at once. My interest is definitely piqued!!!! (fb)

  • michele

    Love the Speedy, I have a few….

  • joyoflife

    It’s true. I steer clear overt labeling but the Mono Speedy is such a classic that I own it and love it. Also, it’s somehow totally compatible with my Southern California jeans and sandals wardrobe. White tee, blue jeans, mono speedy – ready to go.

  • jessica

    ooooooooooh i need one right now.. i was always contemplating it because its so common but i loved your reasons! (FB)

  • Angela

    Hi! I was just wondering, can you get the Speedy monogrammed with your initials? Even the smallest one? (And if you can, how much would that cost?) THanks!

  • Nola

    I’m not a fan, but plenty of other ladies sure are. Vive la difference.

  • Thewave1969

    Yes, absolutely. It is a must-have!

  • LDJ

    I like the purse and at the time don’t own one. Me, I’m not into what everyone is toting…I’m into something more different and stands out on its own.

  • llson

    Although I haven’t carried my speedy in a couple of years, it will always be a staple and have a fond place in my closet. This was one of my first ‘big time’ designer bags many years ago – in fact, I think my speedy is around 20 years old. I had the leather replaced and a new lock a few years back, (around $200) and the bag looks brand new. I think I paid around $350 for mine, so yes, this is a bag that will stand the test of time and retain it’s value.

    All the fakes have turned me off to logos a bit, but I know I have the real thing. I have moved on to MANY other designers, but don’t think I will ever let this one go.

    • LDJ

      “All the fakes have turned me off to logos a bit…”

      ^^^^ I SO agree!!!!!

  • nielnielniel

    They call it the 5 minute bag in Korea for a reason. You see one every 5 minute. Next!

  • TT

    I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, but the only problem is that I don’t want the same bag I see everyone else walking around in. Still trying to decide if I should just go with a Gucci version (but it’s just not the same)

  • qudsia

    im getting my first LV soon, and as much as i wanted the speedy, the fact that i shouldnt wear it on my shoulder was a real dealbreaker. im going with a monty instead hopefully.. i feel like its kinda the shoulder speedy

  • karen

    i never thought about this bag, but after this article i may! it looks like a great bag, and altough i am not a fan of the “hand” bag, if i can use one of my other lv cross body straps,( eva?), i will condiser it…

  • Deb

    Had one, sold it, wished I hadn’t…….

  • Irra

    Mine is the Ivory Epi. And i’ve never seen anyone else wearing it here in Brunei. But the Monogram is everywhere. Every Step I make. Hehehe

  • Jocelyn

    It’s not my type of bag. I can’t bring myself to buy one. (fb)

  • Judy

    I finally bought a Speedy. It was the last bag on my must-have icon list. I got the monogram idylle which has a shoulder strap, like a keep-all. It’s really pretty and it shares closet space with my other icons, Chanel flaps, LV Alma (epi), H Kelly, Birkins and the others… I am a happy collector!

  • webmistress

    I want one, its trendy and everywhere I go just about I see somebody carrying one
    the price is insane almost then again when since go fashion is not, but sill if i knew of a cool place to get high fashion for a few low dollars i’de have several of these.

  • Anna

    Reasons why you shouldn’t buy an LV sppedy bag

    1. It’s ridiculously overpriced with overused/tired monogram and made out of CANVAS. Also Speedy sags whenever you put something heavy in.

    2. Don’t like the monogram? Pay 40-60% more for a leather version.

    3. L.V bags became a “masstige” commodity, with somewhat lackluster quality for the monogram range (many of my friends complain about fraying handles and stitching). In addition L.V has pretty bad customer service (my google search produced quite a few complaints) and SA’s with huge attitudes, from personal experience.

    4. Why be like everyone else? Buy a bag that would not be in closet of every other woman you know.

    5. Why buy something just because a celebrity had it? Buy something that goes with your style, your wardrobe, and your taste.

    • nielnielniel

      very true!!!

    • Ivy

      I totally agree. Why have a bag that everyone has and it’s not even real leather. Plus there so many fakes ones out there.

    • fashionista

      I totally agree with Anna! I bought the Speedy Azur print a few years ago and my friends bought the Mono & Damier. The quality totally SUCKS! When I first got mines I was pretty disappointed it looked kind of cheap to me, I was going to return it but then I changed my mind, I just couldn’t do it. Within a year my friends bag literally fell apart! She called to get it repaired and they said they couldn’t do it it was damaged beyond repair and that she would have to purchase another bag:-( I was like WOW!!! I don’t wear mines that often so it’s still in good condition but my friends who were wearing theirs almost daily totally ruined there bag. From real to fake EVERYONE is wearing a Speedy:-(

    • Kristy

      My sister in law has a speedy. the only reason she bought it was because it’s an ‘icon’ and so the conception is that every girl who has a speedy is a real collector. I can’t bring myself to buy it because I really do not go for top handle bags, and yes, the speedy sags ungraciously when filled with stuff.

      Exactly, the speedy is everywhere! So is the neverfull. Every aunty I come across has a LV speedy hanging from her arm and I’m like, OK, is this an authentic one? I own a ebene damier thames and I love it so much more. So I totally agree with Anna – buy something that you’re comfortable with, and suits your style.

  • justa9url

    I have the Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene and I love it. It’s my everyday type of bag that works with anything I wear. (fb)

  • baglady

    So you can put your new Louis Vuitton iPad cover in of course http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/favourites-of-vogue/100504-shopping-list-040510/gallery.aspx

  • erica

    I bought my speedy in 2001. I was working in NYC and one of my co-workers had the Alma. I liked the speedy. I bought it off ebay and honestly do not know if it’s authentic or not, but I don’t care! My sister bought an authentic LV for 700 dollars and she liked mine better because the handles are that caramel brown. I HATE how her bag sags! Mine doesn’t as much because it’s smaller and I placed a bag organizer inside as well to have my items neat. I say if you can afford one, get it! Mine is the logo version, but I think the Damier would be a good investment over the logo since it’s a fresher, modern look.

  • Armcandydc

    My friend bought a fake speedy at a purse party recently and taunted me about the price and the fackt that I’ve gone through a lot to get a couple of my lovely speedys’ ie……standing in 10 degree weather in NYC to get the new Stephen Sprouse HOWEVER I got the last laugh as a couple months later as we were entering her house her cheap fake fell apart at her feet. I own a traditional Monogram, a Mini Lin and of course the Sprouse and could care less about a fake ! I LoVe the Speedy! and I own a lot of other designer IT bags.

  • SweetCarol

    I only can agree! Louis Vuitton Bags are fantastic. I just found a nice online shop, unfortunately in Germany, which offers Louis Vuitton Bags and other designer brands for “rent and buy”. But you really have to check it out. http://www.poshbags4rent.de

  • Mimzzy

    I have monogram 25 and watercolor 30..!!! love em to bits!

  • Vienn

    Just got mine last night. It’s a Speedy 35 Damier Ebene Canvas. What a lovely baby!! It match with my 5’8 height perfectly.

  • nofakespls

    Amanda, now would you take this as a compliment or sheer rudeness… there is now a replica promo site, replicating your exact post!!! a website that supports reps! – i’m not going to even place the link here i’m so put-out — sort of ironic really… (i was trying to find your article for gf at work on google and saw this, the allwomenstalk one, and the replica site review one!)
    ps: am saving up for my first Speedy (25 or 30…)

  • Sonya

    You can never go wrong with the Speedy Bag, enough said!!!!!!

  • lyn monera

    there is a website selling designer bags claiming that their merchadise is authentic but it is too good to be true as the prices is less than 300 usd. it is called eluxury.com. any connection with your Eluxury stylist?

  • Teri

    Hi! My sister gave me my first LV bag, a spedia speedy 30 w/ the strap. I was really really happy and thankful for it. She got it from an LV store in PARIS but I was just wondering why it doesn’t have the small tag inside. Have you heard about this? Thanks.

  • nyc


    i have mono 25,30,35
    damier 30

    I cant live without them! its literally the only thing that i LOVE and wear to death!

  • ms. sciara

    This is my 1st time on this website and I must say that I found it very interesting reading alot of the comments and comparing alot of the complaints. I myself am a Louis Vuitton buyer and I have never experienced any of the issues with any of my bags as I have just read. It is not a good idea to carry the same handbag everyday because it will develop a sense of wear and tear. You also have to consider the fact that some people also don’t take care of their handbags. They drop them on the nasty floors, sling them around, overstuff them and then expect them to last forever. Im a believer in you pay for what you get but you also have to take care of them- like cleaning and using your dust covers- you get the picture. I’ve had several for years and people still think they look like new.

  • charm

    I was planning to buy another Chanel bag but the one I like is out of stock & I can’t wait. So, my friend & I went to LV. Eversince, I don’t want a speedy bag because every girl I see carries it. But then, I saw the new speedy collection & for some reason I like it. So, I bought the speedy 30 with strap (fusain). My friend & I kept on chatting while the SA was checking & showing me the strap & padlock. And the SA even offered me to put the shoulder strap but I declined & told her I’ll be the one to put it on when I go home. Once I arrived home I checked the inside of the bag it’s complete alright but my husband was asking me about the authenticity card (does it come with this? or not?) & how come there’s no box (maybe it’s not their standard procedure to put it in a box unless u ask for a gift box). And I wondered too. The reason my husband was asking me was that everytime I buy a Chanel bag he was with me. Plus, all my Chanel bag has a dust bag and it always comes with a box (this is important ‘coz when I’m done using a bag I just store it inside the box). The SA at Chanel usually wrap it nicely, with ribbons too. So, I thought its the same with LV. I guess, I was wrong. Oh well, I love the bag & proud to own one. Tomorrow, I’ll call the SA & ask her for a gift box instead. After all, I bought it for $ 1,090 +tax.

    • ms. sciara

      I would imagine if you went to an actual LV store that would be all the authenticity you would need. Its not like you have to show the card to prove you have an authentic handbag. I also must add that each LV that I have bought did come with a dust bag and was put in a nice size LV bag. Wallets mostly come in a box. Just remember each designer boutique handles a sale differently and that what makes them unique.

  • Jeson

    I think the reason is very right! If you are interested in sexy lingerie,just browse to my blog

  • Jen

    I must say that LV makes amazing quality bags. I own several that I’ve shared with my mom for YEARSSSS…and the older ones are in as great as condition as the new ones (not to mention two women are using them!). Most astonishing…my junior year in high school my mother bought me a LV laptop messenger bag. I still use it today and it’s in amazing condition! Not a scratch on it!!! I’ve used it everyday in every class…and I am currently graduating college so it’s several years old! LV is pricey….but I’ve never needed to buy a new lap top case or purse (other than pure entertainment haha!!). So in the end I think you actually save money with a great investment!

    • tong chen

      hi, i have the speedy with strap, please contact me and i have the speedy bags at sale $160USD with strap, let me know.

  • Mia

    I read somewhere that the Speedy is also called the 3-second bag in Korea…because every three seconds you see one on the street.

  • maria

    why buy something that everybody will think it’s fake… where i live 95% of the LV that you see are fake -.-

    • Alba

      Hello, I buy something I like and makes me happy, not really caring much about what other people say or what they think of my bag. They can think its fake but I know its not. They dont put food on my table so I dont care what they think. Makes my life simple. :-). I actually have a speedy 30 mono, DE Hampstead which I love and Alma PM noir multicolore. Those are my only LV bags and I love them all.

  • Nat

    I just bought mine yesterday! It is my first Vuitton! I had to save money to buy it. It was a “Speedy project”. I really cant care less if other people have it too or if other people have the fake version. I dress for me me me, and then, for me. I’m just not a person who likes attention.
    I dont think it gets a mess inside because I dont carry many things, but it really pisses me off the fact that it looks like a sac when its not resting over some hard surface. This is a point that bothers me.
    But even though, I really am loving it and can’t wait to use till I drop dead! I love to know I have a timeless piece, an icon of fashion! That’s what matters to me.
    Next buy will be a Galiera (but not the big one)… and I here launch my “galiera project!”

  • CRJ

    I bought my LV Speedy 30 for $175 in February, 1982 (right after I graduated from college) from I. Magnin in Chicago. At that time there were no LV stores in Chicago (until about 1984) so you had to go to I.Magnin, Saks 5th Avenue or Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s). This was my 1st LV bag which was from LV’s French Company line of Speedys. The leather handles and trim were finished and do not change color, also the lock is slightly different. This has been an excellent bag over the 28 years I’ve owned it. It travels well (enough room for the cosmetic case, a curling iron, change of underwear, teeshirt, wallet, book and small umbrella) and the condition is still very good with only a few normal wear scrarches on the leather trim. I have since purchased about 10 additional LV pieces (accessories and 2 handbags) but I love the Speedy 30 because it is such a classic staple for any LV wardrobe. Also, except for my Speedy 30, I only purchase LV iteme in person from the LV store.

  • Peggy

    I am a bag lover. I have different kinds of bags. some are cheap but pretty. some are a little bit expensive. Next Month, I am planning to buy a LV. My boyfriend tells me that every lady needs one LV at least and a set of sexy lingerie. That will be perfect.

    • tong chen

      okay, contact me for discounted lv bags.

  • Con

    I just got my custom mono monogram speedy 35 with pink/cream stripe and of course my name on it this bag is just what the dr. Ordered. I started my collection in 1990 and always wanted a speedy I could not bring myself to get one because I wanted it to be just a little different but not craze all over this is perfect so thanks lv for designing it and a special thanks to my husband mark for making it mine. (You won’t see every 5 minutes in the united states or faking it in Korea)

  • Kristy

    Megs, I am thinking of getting the speedy 30 idylle in sepia. However I do not want a model that will be discontinued in future like the mini lin, I want something that will always be there for sale. Do you happen to know if the idylle speedy 30s are seasonal and will not be around for long?

  • Jules

    Hi all, been reading this forum and it’s fantastic! Funny many say that monoG speedy is so common therefore bought damier speedy. I was reading the comments and realize that many seemed to have bought the damier range.. Before long it’ll b called 5 mins bag too? Just get the bag u like and not be too worried about how many are carrying it.. A lot of people nowadays are pretty smart in spotting out a fake. Many a fake bag uses children to do the job( child labourer) so …. U decide. ;)

  • Jules

    Kristy, I just bought speedy idylle 30 in Sepia from my trip to Milan! Loving it! ; )

  • FashionFanboy

    I love the speedy!

    Some people here has said that you should find a bag which represents you, instead of buying a bag which everyone has. Well, I believe the speedy actually represents me and most women! It’s classic, graceful, simple and beautiful! It’s nearly everlasting (in style) and is simply wonderful!
    It’s very useful since it is quite roomy, and it is, as you said, relatively affordable.

    I’m actually not a huge fan of the monogram canvas speedy. If I’d be to choose, I’d pick he damier ebene canvas version.
    Not only are the handles dark (so it wont oxidate with large effect or stain), but also is the inside glamorously red. The dark tone with the red inside gives it an exclusive touch! Kind of like a pair of louboutins!

  • Britt

    I’m a huge fan of the Speedy bag, as it is what I carry 95% of the time! I got the Monogram Canvas one first and after that I was completely hooked! I have both Damier collections, a Epi Leather in Cassis, and a Monogram Multicolore in Noir. It really is an unhealthy obsession…but I’ve learned to embrace and accept it!

  • Kristy

    I have the epi 25 speedy in black with the silver hardware and I wear it everyday. I have never seen anybody else with this bag and it ages beautifully. It looks brand new minus some creasing. Any type of speedy is classic and elegant. Every girl should have one!

  • beanyce126

    ok im convince to get a speedy now but i would either be an epi or a damier

  • beanyce126

    oop its damier azur or ebene. (ipad)

  • Mary Ann

    I love the Speedy 30….. In fact, I have many of the Louis Vuitton Speedy collection. To be honest with the economy and lost of my job, I can no longer afford the ordinals. I brought mine at http://www.designerdowned.com and I was very impressed with the quality of this bag, in particular. They make them just like the ordinals. We all agree that saving money in these times is important. We need to be loyal to our pockets and not the phenomenon on overpriced high product. Thank you

  • mellya

    i dont own lv speedy, but im dying to have lv eden speedy.

  • shreeya

    i love my speedy 30 its an beautiful handbag with a grace

  • McCauley1

    I own a draw string LV which has been damaged by water and is stained and worn. I would love ideas for repair. I live in San Ramon, California. Does anyone have a recommendation. I would love to be able to carry this beautiful bag again.

  • sue

    i own LV mono speedy 30 and azure 35,, they are awesome..:) i was wondering have 25 speedy ebene :p

  • Kitten

    I received a large hobo Gucci bag for Christmas last year and I have about a $1000 to spend on a LV bag with one should I get…any suggestions?

  • Mhardee

    Be aware of where you are buying your LV products. Genuine LV’s never goes on Sale or clearance. Go to LV Shops at malls. The only 2 places on the internet that are authorized to sell LV things are louisvuitton.com and eluxury.com. If they are sold elsewhere – they are fake.

    • Lara (LAIR-A)

      That’s true for new ones. Not preloved ones. There are several online consignment shops (Malleries, Portero, Yoogi’s Closet) that have high reputations for selling authentic LV … many barely used. I bought mine from Luxury Mart on Malleries. It’s my first LV, a Josephine PM Mini Lin in green. Yeah, it’s 11 years old and long discontinued but I don’t care. It looks and feels brand new. I love it and plan on using it for my spring/summer purse for years to come.

  • matahari

    I agree with you about the awesome quality of theLouis Vuitton bags, and I’m a rabid fan of Louis Vuitton. I love that they will destroy their bag rather than put it on sale. For that kind of passion, I will gladly give them my hard earned dollars. Thank you Louis Vuitton for your quality, service, passion, and your willlingness to destruct! yay.

  • matahari

    Mhardee is correct. There are NEVER any sales onLouis Vuitton, no outlets, no markdowns, no sales, EVER.
    In fact a person on purseforum just saved a bag from destruction by Louis Vuitton by buying it herself. They were just about to ship it back to France to be destroyed when she rescued it. So Viva la Louis Vuitton.

  • Felici4u

    I totally agree with the reasons every woman should own a Speedy handbag.  I am in love with my Speedy 40, it is a great bag and it is big.  I am a woman who is tall and a big bag is my best girlfriend.  The monogram Rose Speedy is next on my list.

  • Rachel3006

    Hi, need help, anyone knows how much is the speedy idylle monogram 30 in paris now?

    • as mongan asoma

      It’s now costing $1046 in Paris.

  • somethingosotee

    Unless your rich enough to buy one of a kind things somebody is always going to have What you have. It’s all about how you rock your stuff. I live in Atlanta too and I don’t care What everybody have I love my speedy 40!!

    • lynn

      The voice of reasoning

    • as mongan asoma

      I share the same idea with you

  • Danielle

    I own a speedy and have only had it for 3 years. I take care of it but the canvas has started to crack and when I took it to the store in which I had purchased the bag, I was told there was nothing that could be done. I’m really surprised that they did not offer a better solution. I still love the bag but will reconsider buying Louis Vuitton in the future.

  • Give to Charity instead

    What an empty, unoriginal, materialistic society we have all created and participate in. This article makes me want to vomit. The number of comments only making it worse. Ugh.

    • sunflowergirl67

      That begs the question, why are you commenting on a blog about purses???

      • Mayberry

        He’s probably writing a paper on Socialism or something.

    • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

      Why are you here?

    • ivy

      What do you think you’re accomplishing by writing an anonymous status on a purse website? Saying that your name is Give to Charity instead isn’t going to convince anyone to do so. There are plenty of people who enjoy luxury goods and give to charities (who promote their causes, rather than complaining about society online). The world isn’t as black and white as you’d like it to be.

    • SusieVL

      Hmmm – I’m confused then as to why you’re even on this site! If we choose to make purchases that literally last a life time and they make us happy, why do you care?

      • Samantha

        If you are person who loves Louie Vuitton you should have a classic speedy bag in your closet as well. I own the over sized one and love it . I Don’t carry it as much as I carry my mahina and never full but only because I take my dog every where I go and it’s hard with the speedy because I can’t put it over my shoulder . Although he fits in it .. Your right you just have to know how to Rovk this bag . I love them all.. Again it’s a classic and you must own one

    • Lara (LAIR-A)

      You sound like my mother.

    • Guccichanel

      Ugh. Seriously why are you commenting on this blog anyway?! Also, judging by your name, why use a laptop or a phone to go onto this blog? Sell it and give it to charity instead!

  • Bb baby

    …the more i love my speedy azur… !!!!

  • Eos

    Not true, these canvass materials crack up. Mine did only after 2 years and they could not fix or replace it. Their prices go up but the quality is becoming poor. I suggest you only buy the all leather materials of LV and not the Monogram, DE, Azure and Multi color. Or try the other brands instead where you will get your money’s worth…

  • Bang Ding Ow

    I had a Louis Vuitton bag which was received as a gift in the late 90’s, it did hold up well with light daily use for quite a number of years, however after about 5 years the brown material it’s made out of started to develop cracks in it along the bottom of the bag. I am not rough or hard on my handbags, I don’t allow them to become wet or set them down on dirty surfaces. I continued using it anyway and then the zipper broke and finally the leather strap broke. So, no, they do not last forever. I was a stay at home mom while I was using this bag and did not go out everyday, there were plenty of days I stayed in the house and the bag wasn’t being used. I am now using a Coach bag. I don’t think it’s worth spending $1,000 or close to it on a bag. Who do I have to impress ????
    P.S. I got my L.V. bag from a mall in Boca Raton from a Louis Vuitton store so it was a real LV bag, not a knockoff.

  • Mayberry

    I hate to say this, but there’s no point in owning a designer bag that everyone else has. The point in owning a designer bag is to show everyone that you or someone who loves you can afford it. If three women in one subway car can afford it too, it’s utterly pointless. It’s low-end designer at best. I don’t love the monogram canvas print either, but if it was authentically exclusive, I’d wear it as a statement piece. But it’s not the least bit exclusive. (by the way, I know a lot of people are offended by materialism and for that I’m truly sorry. I am a capitalist. I work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labor. That’s not to say that I could live with myself if I had $20,000 worth of designer bags in my possession while people are starving. That’s not the case. I don’t need 10 Hermes. But damn straight I will own one and I’ll wear it proud.)

    • Kett

      I disagree – you could choose to purchase something not because you care what others will think about it (and your bank account) but because you love it.

    • Jeffc1

      Fake bags dont count.

    • bbb

      Well a proper Hermes bag costs about $20,000 so you’re in a bit of a pickle there darling. Quite unfortunate that you think “the point in owning a designer bag is to show everyone that you or someone who loves you can afford it”, that’s tacky at best. Good luck living with these dilemmas.

    • Michelle

      “The point in owning a designer bag is to show everyone that you or someone who loves you can afford it.”

      This is a really pathetic and inaccurate statement. I own designer bags because I love the quality and look of them, and I take great joy in treating myself to nice things because I work very hard for my money. I love that my Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags will always be a staple. Designer bags generally have incredible quality, and a smart buyer spends money on bags that never go out of style. I don’t care who has the same bags I do or what they think of my choice to carry certain bags, I buy what I like. If a person is willing to pay the price for a quality bag, what do you care how long it took them to get together the money for it? Whether they’re working class or wealthy, if they bought it, they have every right to wear it without snobs saying they devalue the label.

      What I have a problem with is people who buy fake bags. If a person is unwilling to or simply can’t pay the cost of the bag, they should just accept that and buy something that fits their price range instead of buying a knock off that looks ridiculous.

  • Jenny

    I own 2 Speedies and I wouldn’t hesitate to add a third, fourth, fifth etc. my personal favorite handbag :)

  • Elaine

    When Audrey Hepburn carried the bag, high school girls didn’t carry LV. The brand is over-exposed and is no longer associated with taste and class. Quite the opposite. It might be a reasonably priced quality bag, but I’d rather spend my money on something special. And these days, LV is not special.

    • Jeffc1

      Wow…What a pretentious cunt…

      • Sandy

        My what a sewer you have for a mouth

      • lynn

        Yep. I picture him on an old sofa his mom gave him. Ty sandy for speaking out. People these days should not get away for being disgusting. Hopefully he’ll take to learning a proper way to take part of Internet conversation

      • lynn

        Wow what a trashy person. really? Anyone that uses that c word, on first impression, cannot be held in high regard. That’s the kind of words I seen coming out of those wanna be’s that was responsible for the columbine shootings. Acting all badass bc they can resort to 4 letter words. NOT… Creative enough to use words of intellect to express they’re reasoning to be disgruntled.
        Elaine was actually telling the truth.
        Can you even afford LV? I just know my friendsthat make at least 6 figures … NEVER uses that c word.

      • Kate

        Eh. When I lived in the UK, that word was tossed around so often and so casually that I hardly even noticed it after a while. It had about as much ubiquity as the word b*tch has in the US. I think it’s pretty tasteless personally, but I understand that in some parts of the world it’s not that big a deal. And yes – lol – some of the bankers my husband worked with in London – who made six figures and beyond – used that word, especially after a couple of pints. But apparently you equate class with six-figure salaries, so good luck getting through your adult life with that delusional point of view. Also, extra comedy points for bringing up the Columbine massacre for such an asinine argument. That’s good taste right there, Mensa member.

      • Golfgrl

        it’s not like any girl can afford even the lower end ones. If you bounce “in and out” of them that speaks volumes! If they are dirty and old that says “you’ve strained yourself.” People that know Louis know this fact and still can rock a speedy well aware they wil “roll up” with several. Louis is iconic! What the hell is “special”…Chanel? Oh yeah, that’s so unique in a city environment! All designer bags are common and you make it special with how you style it. You can get an azure or non icon print.

    • Ash

      I very much agree! LV may be a classic name but the popularity amongst kids in high school make the value decrease substantially.

    • lynn

      You are saying exactly the point I was trying to make. You never see movie stars with LV crap

      • Guest

        I know plenty of millionaires, (mostly men) who use the c word.

      • Deborah

        That isn’t true. I see them – sometimes on this blog! – sporting their LVs. Why can’t we all agree it’s right for us or it isn’t right for us.

      • Kate

        Your eyes must not work properly because this very blog has published many, many, many photos of celebrities – movie stars, pop stars, athletes, etc – carrying LV handbags and luggage. Seriously, that comment is so stupid and so easily disproved that I hesitated to respond because I assumed you must be joking. I’m a bit embarrassed for you.

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    • as mongan asoma

      If you are saying that Louis Vuitton is no longer associated with taste and class, then you appear simply never dodge $2500 to buy LV. I had pain when I brought out $2358 for just one new Louis Vuitton suitcase called “Spirit Of The Travel”, but I was compensate to when others are being jealous and many still asking me to sell it for them more the price I bought with.

  • Babs411

    Why is this thread dated 2014 but the comments are years old??

  • Kate

    A functional bag shape, but as mentioned below, anything special about it has been cheapened over the years due to every woman & her dog owning one. Now every time I see one I shudder because to me it just resonates ‘tacky’, as does the LV Neverfull. Monogram wallets, luggage, etc are fine to me, but the canvas bags I encounter always seem to be worn by trashy women looking to show off anything with a label all over it that was once deemed ‘cool’. But hey- that’s just me! To each bag lover their own.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I have had Speedy and because the material is canvas when I put my bag down, it made a ‘thud’ sound from my stuff inside of the bag. I have found a Fendi Chameleon bag on ‘sale season’ that was only 100 € more expensive than the Speedy and it’s made of thick leather. You know where my money went….



  • getoverit

    People are way to serious. If you don’t like this blog, seriously who cares! If people spend $1000 on a LV handbag or any other designer bag, why is it you guys problem. If it’s not coming from your pocket don’t worry about where it goes and how they spend it. People get so offended about stupid things now a days!

  • FashionableLena

    I’m still not convinced. My life is too busy to carry a bag without a shoulder strap as I like to be hands free and paying for an additional strap doesn’t appeal to me either. Most luxury bags include them. I have seen them around town, and I don’t like how it looks saggy, but that’s just a personal preference as I like a structured handbag. The only LV that I own is a Pouchette from the 90s, and I love it. Don’t really have an interest in anything else LV save for a duffle in the charoal Damier print for my oldest son.

  • Olivia C. Jenkins

    I think the Speedy is an iconic bag. I have a vintage 25 one. I love how it looks with the nice darkened leather. I need a shoulder strap though!

  • Jennifer Blue

    Hey catsup…the speedy with the crossbody strap is actually the bandouliere bag..I love mine! Kudos to purseblog giving Louis Vuitton some love. i feel the speedy often gets criticized and minimized but i find it is still a vital piece of my own bag wardrobe..
    -jen b.

  • Sharon

    i think it is a pretty shallow person that decides NOT to buy this bag simply because they see so many people where they live with ones that are fake – so they don’t want anyone to think their bag is,too! how about not worrying about what people think! it doesn’t matter!

    • Lara (LAIR-A)

      As long as I know I’m carrying the real thing, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. In fact, I’d prefer nobody knows I’m carrying a designer bag anyway. I’m carrying for quality moreso than the name.

      I chose a barely-used green Josephine PM Mini Lin for two reasons: I wanted to retain some individuality and the monogram is a lot smaller and understated. The less flashy the better for me.

  • Vicky

    I love that bag charm!!!!!! I never really want a speedy coz I like other style just fine, but that bag charm is so adorable!!!! Now, that’s a speedy that I want! :)

  • SarahSch87

    ive been so stuck in what I should buy I have going back and forth I was debating to get a Louis Vuitton speedy 30 or Louis Vuitton delightful MM.. Help?

  • Sandra

    Hi, I purchased several LV signature bags in the 80’s. They stored away needing zippers. I took them to the LV store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago about four years ago and was told “those are our origanial bags but we don’t have those zippers any longer”. End of conversation. I thought when you purchased those big name designer bags they said they would repair handles ,zippers and other parts for the life of the bag! Soooooo What happened?

  • Gg

    Hi there!i just bought a speedy and is guaranteed authentic.its beautiful except I can find the stamp in the side tag where it says 25,30,35. Is it authentic without it?

  • Gg

    *cant find

  • Gianna

    The Speedy is the best! It’s classic, lightweight, matches everything, zips for security, and if u do not have one, u know u want it when u see a fabulous lady carrying it.
    I have it in LV and Damier Azur ….summer and fall.
    Winters in Chgo can be brutle, so I go with a contemporary designer during the blizzards.

  • Ange

    I have had my Speedy for 27 years and still love to use it. (I still use my mom’s Vuitton bag which she bought in the early 70’s) They are a lot more common now but the quality is excellent and the design is timeless.

  • Joana Richard

    Dear Meg, do you still have your 3 speedys or did you have more?

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  • ranging from Marc before Marc Jacobs because of the Marc Jacobs lines.

  • indian the male is significantly after that wave, delivering away from the sculpted bag and in addition plush budgets.

  • When it came time to treat myself to a pre-40 birthday gift this year, I experienced a dilemma of what my first “big girl” purse would be. I will admit that my desire to own a Speedy was diminished by each grandmother and/or teenager passing by me with the Speedy (Damier Ebene canvas) of my dreams at my local Target store. But when I really thought about it, I didn’t care it was a purse that I always dreamed of having. If you love it and it makes YOU happy that’s what counts, right? Also, the thought of passing this purse down to my daughter when she’s older just adds to the value of my Speedy 30. I love that I still have room for her legos and dolls along with a cosmetic pouch, LV Josephine wallet, sunglasses, keys and the occasional water bottle.
    I am just waiting for my bonus next year to make my next big purchase – Prada Saffiano Medium Executive Tote.

  • Kam

    Can somebody tell me is this website real or fake?
    http://Www.lveshops.com got to know about this from an advert on FB but scared to use it.

  • Hannah

    I found an old vintage speedy bag that looks just like an LV in color but it has P and H on it- anyone know what it is? I bought Cuz those are my initials but just still wondering.

  • Gisellesstuff

    Hey guys, I am selling my Louis Vuitton speedy 30 damier ebene for a very low cost


  • Jib

    why does anyone really give a shit???

  • lynn

    Heres what gets me. Those bags are ugly. Like turd brown ugly. And this shows you how dumb these people are… 1st Gucci and channel are not making the same boring checkered purse like Louie. 2nd after the sun wethers on a LV bag your bag turns an even more shitttter looking. People will carry these God awful purses around just so others know they paid a awful lot of money. Don’t worry, we can see that ugly bag a mile away. Torey and burk purses blows them out of the water. Hell guess has cuter purses and TB will actually cut you a deal every now and then. LV will burn their rubber bags. Yes, they burn the turds (thanks for the waste) so they never have to go cheaper. Those greedy bastards could donate or hold an auction for charity. Last but not leasts the cost to make those hideous bags are less than 1% of the price you paid. People are never original! You sheep are never God dang original. There’s beautiful othintic purses out there. Some have extensive drawling, some have beautiful beads where people actually create a little art. Smh. Channel has gorgeous bags, and you idiots can still spend that money on a Gucci purse. But here’s the thing. When you’ve got a LV on your arm. I promise you nobody is envious. Nope! We’re thinking you’re an idiot for spending 1000$ bucks on a purse that looks the same as it did 20yrs ago. Babyshit brown.

  • MsRefined1

    I can understand the issue some may have with some high schoolers rocking LV, but seriously, if I were in high school and had enough sense to save my money and buy such an iconic bag, then I would. I would prefer to see them go about it this way then perpetuate the cycle of buying a knock off bag. At least this is something they will cherish and have 20 years from now.

  • EasyBreezy

    Hello there; seeking an authentic pre-owned, (well-cared-for) Speedy 30, 35 or 40. Thanks for your kind attention and anticipated response.

  • Parker

    Does anyone else think a Monogram Macassar Speedy would do amazing? I would snatch it in a second!

  • Brittany

    I’d just like to mention that I am a high school student, and I own a speedy 30. It is one of my most prized possessions because I have an extreme appreciation for designer handbags that I refer to as artwork. You can’t say high schoolers decrease the value of LV because, unlike most girls, I don’t carry the bag for the pretentiousness of the brand, I carry it because of my appreciation for LV and designer handbags :)

  • Charlie

    I just don’t like the fact it doesn’t have a base so everything falls down and it looks horrible. They should introduce a version with a firm base so it keeps the shape

  • klama torby

    Two things to watch out – the shape and placement of the zipper make this bag a bit awkward to access its interior. The smaller the bag is the more difficult it gets. Also – the tabs that attach handles to the body of the bag, as well as the side strap with a D-ring for the crossbody strap (the riveted ones) should not be stitched perpendicularly across the tab. It acts just like a perforation on a post stamp. If you tug the handle sideways repetedly it can tear along the stitching. Check it on photos 1,2 and 3. For me this is a major craftsmanship fault.

  • Sparky

    Not a Speedy fan. Looses its shape the moment you pick it up.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    There’s one reason I shouldn’t have it, I don’t like it.