Alexander McQueen Gold leaf Metal Skull Box Clutch, $3295 via Alexander McQueen.

With the vast majority of handbags, I tire of a design almost immediately. So many beautiful options abound that I find myself in a constant state of “on to the next one,” and brands that rely largely on seasons-old products with only cursory changes from collection to collection grate on my nerves something fierce. (I’m looking at you, Chloe.) If a brand is going to charge four figures for its bags, I want something legitimately new.

But for some reason, I never get sick of the Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutches. Part of that is because many of the new versions are wildly creative and do a great deal with the limited visual real estate of a box clutch, but that doesn’t tell the whole story; I love the plain leather versions too, even though I’ve been seeing them season after season for years. For me, these clutches are as close as it gets to a perfect product. Let us know which bags keep tickling your fancy, season after season, in the comments.

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  • bindc

    Wow. That is amazing. I love love love it.

  • alice23

    Louis Vuitton Neverfull. No doubt. it’s timeless.

  • Lulugurl

    I find Balenciaga motorcycle bags. I love the Town style and all the colours they come in. The slouchy leather never gets old!

  • Shirley M

    I will probably never get sick of the Hermès Birkin, even if I will probably never own one :(

  • Ashleyg

    Birkin and quilted Chanel flap, all colors, textures and sizes of them!

  • mochababe73

    I would say any alliteration of the classic Chanel flap bag. I would probably never own one, but I never tire of them.

  • ninjaninja

    I don’t know if I ever will get tire of Chanel WOCs.

  • Musette

    I never tire of Mulberry Bayswater and Hermes Birkin. Both are gorgeous, incredibly versatile and virtually indestructible – perfect bags at opposite ends of the price scale!

    Have a great holiday!


    • SoccerMom

      Me too! Dress ’em or dress ’em down. They’re always appropriate. I also like the Speedy 35 and 40 in Epi leather for traveling cos I’m can throw them around without being too careful of scratches.

  • Chele

    Bottega Veneta’s cabats and knot cluches. Would love to own both one of these days.

    I also adore McQueen skull clutches too. There’s a lace one I’m drooling over.

  • SDBagLover

    LV’s Sophia Copolla leather satchel and Chanel flaps are bags I doubt I will ever tire of. BVs as well. Beautiful craftmanship on all these bags.

  • weaslgrl

    My Hermes gold Lindy, and my BV black Roma!

  • Mila

    I agree! This clutch is amazing!

  • qudz

    LV montorgueil.. its not fancy or anythig but its the only LV i currently own and i love it to pieces! everytime i take it out of its dustbag, i do a little jump for joy knowing its mine. dorky, i know *blush*

  • Ping

    I love my chanel tote, my hermes kelly (parchment color)- more so than my birkins…those are two top favorites…but I really love all my bags:)

  • rose60610

    I like this McQueen clutch. Bags I’ve admired for a long time: classic Chanels, Hermes Kelly, and Nancy Gonzalez crocs.

  • Dorit

    I like all my JIMMY CHOO´s (
    but the Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutches are amazing !
    And I would love to have a Hermes Birkin and a Chanel 2.55

  • Nicole

    anything by Celine , the PS1, and the Balenciaga City bag

  • nappy

    i’ll never tire of the Louis Vuitton Speedy and it’s various versions every season specially the limited edition ones (my favorites are the Aquarelle, Dentelle, Fleur de jais, Mirage, Sprouse and most specially the Murakami)

    And of course i would never ever tire of Balenciaga City bags (well more of the Part time and the work coz the size is more for me) I used a first edition GSH black City yesterday at a wedding and i still got compliments off it.. speially how the leather was deliciously perfect..

  • perfectpaula

    I Never, Ever get tired of my Birkin or Kelly bags…..and I have been collecting them since 1995!!!

  • perfectpaula

    I Never, ever get tired of my Hermes pochettes…..they are adorable and function so well at night!!

  • Nat

    For me: Chanel classic Jumbo flap, Mulberry Bayswater and Gucci Sukey tote.

  • Kat

    First of all, that clutch is absolutely amazing. I love how ornate it is but it still doesn’t seem overdone. And I love the crontast of the skull against the leaves.

    Second, to answer the question, I would say the Bottega Veneta Cabat and knot clutches are it. I love how they manage to find different leathers and different ways to weave those leathers that result in distinct bags that still don’t take away from the original form. Pure genius, in my opinion.

  • 19yearslater

    There aren’t really bag styles I get tired of seeing from a certain brand, personally I have two Coach ergo hobos (in red and gray) that I always go back to season after season.

  • Mama M

    For me, it’s not so much the brand, but the style. Soft leather, double handles, zippered top, and an outside zippered compartment or two are a must. Marc Jacobs bags are a favorite, but I have a Cole-Haan from a few years ago that also fits the bill.

    I’ve always wanted a LV, but not the monogramed canvas. Currently I’m obsessed with the leather Luminouse in Ombre. Gorgeous! I’m not an impulse buyer (as Amanda has told you), but it’s been a week since I saw this, so I think I’ve shown a considerable amount of restraint. :>)

  • Kate

    My Hermes 30 birkins. My Chanel black jumbo lambskin flap with gold hardware. My Bottega Veneta nero and ebano large venetas.

  • Elina

    For me its so classic :D – Chanel 2.55

  • may

    I got 2, tis n YSL roadie, total laid back hardcore chick… hahah, how ever weird it sound :)

  • Charmaine

    Balenciaga City- with new colours every season how can you get bored?

  • Serena

    Definitely by YSL Muse, I will always love her!

  • Alex

    I recently came across the Alexander McQueen Stingray leather box clutch and fell in love with it!! I find it both classic and wild, I could never get tired of this clutch.

  • Jenn

    Marc Jacobs ‘Stam’ <3 after discovering the kiss-lock I never wanted to see another zipper again!

  • AstaK.

    Black Burberry Manor with matching wallet. Its just my bag and looks exactly like I am.
    I have other very classic bags too for different occasions, but I dont ude them too often. Classic is classic, out of time in its own value.

  • witty1515

    i bought a michael michael kors edie tote over a year ago. it’s definitely one i go to most often . this bag holds everything and is practical. i get compliments everywhere i go.

  • Walidah

    oddly enough the hermes birkin. the over-exposure is beginning to get to me