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  • Vicky

    I like how you put that bouquet in the bag.

  • Melissa

    That is horrible.

  • multipolarity

    Acne Studios’ Stockholm subculture roots are evident. Unfortunately, the bag’s heavy wintry aesthetic won’t translate well to other cities (or even other seasons!).

    • Out of curiosity, why do you say it’s “wintry”? I live somewhere with only two “seasons” so maybe that accounts for the difference in perspective, but to me it’s a black bag. Black bags are usually season-less.

    • Fawcett Proust

      There’s nothing wintry about it lol

  • Sara

    There’s something about it I like. It’s roomy and slouchy and not too hobo. I won’t buy it though. Too expensive

  • Yazi

    Can we get a clear picture without the flowers?

    • Let me see if we have another photo! We loved the flowers as you can tell ha

  • Biogirl

    Gorgeous flowers! (And the bag is pretty too–haha!–I’m surprised by how much I like the bow!)

    • That’s what I really like – the bow! And those flowers were so pretty which is why we used them so much

  • Rosa Lily

    Not worth the price. Looks like a design that I would expect to find in Madewell or J. Crew for an eighth of the price.

  • I’m surprised a lot of you don’t like it – I love this bag! It’s so different from almost everything we see and I appreciate that so much :)

  • Winnie

    The bag doesn’t seem worth its high price tag… but then again, I’ve only seen it in pictures. And the bouquet of flowers just seems to be a distraction from the bag. Was this post sponsored?

    • No, not sponsored. We actually just really like the bag and wanted to share. We always mark sponsored posts as sponsored :)

  • FashionableLena

    Not really liking the shape as everything would just settle at the bottom of the bag. I hate rummaging around for stuff. I also agree that it’s expensive for a design house not known for handbags.

  • Sophie Proust

    I really like the style, but since I think I’d grow weary of it after a couple of seasons, I wouldn’t be willing to pay retail.

  • Imgoingbroke

    What’s with the flowers? My eyes are immediately drawn to the bouquet and can’t see the bag.

  • Imgoingbroke

    15 years ago I had a bag by Kooba that looked exactly like this one. Dated.

  • …dang it!…I thought they were part of the purse. Now, I don’t want one…..