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The Under-the-Radar Acne Studios Musubi Bag Has Stood the Test of Time

Years later I'm coming back to this underrated bag

Rarely does an under-the-radar bag stand the test of handbag time, but the Acne Studios Musubi bag has managed to do just that. We covered this bag six years ago when it (and I) was new to the scene.

I was instantly struck by how unique the bag was, differing from almost every luxury bag we see. In the half a decade-plus since its debut, the Acne Studios Musubi has remained a staple for the Stocklhom-based design studio, all the while winning the hearts of fashion girls around the world.

The New Musubi Bag

The Acne Studio’s Musubi bag is a true work of art in person, inspired by traditional Japanese Obi sashes. Its unique knotted details and lines are eye-catching, as is the bag’s beautiful leather. Those who know, know instantly recognizing the bag as Acne, but otherwise, it’s free of any overt logos or in-your-face branding. Each season the Musubi Bag is reinvented in seasonal colorways, with carryover colors like black and cognac a mainstay for the House.

Acne Midi Musubi Tote

For SS23, Acne Studio reimagines its House staple Musubi bag in new colors and materials. An on-trend leather tie-dye technique appears alongside a blue, cloudy print and acid-wash denim. Leather versions are offered in neutrals and beautiful hues from pink and blue to purple and green. There’s even the addition of a new shape to the family – the Musubi Midi Tote, a just-right size for those looking for a spacious daily carry.

A Surprising Staying Power

While the Acne Studios Musubi bag differs from the luxury brands we usually cover, it is incredibly well crafted, boasting quality leather, expert craftsmanship, and a price point under the $2,000 mark, a rarity these days. The Musubi Bag has also done what most contemporary bags can only dream of: it’s stuck around season after season and remains a popular pick amongst fashion It-girls. Discover the Musubi bag now via Acne Studios.

Acne Micro Musubi
Acne Studios Denim

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