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While cutting the photos for yesterday’s post about Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 runway bags, I almost missed this little darling. Cutting photos is mind-bendingly tedious work, and it’s easy to glaze over and become something of a Photoshop robot while in the process, particularly for a show as handbag-heavy as Vuitton‘s. Just before I went into full zombie mode, though, I realized that a lone model wasn’t carrying a bag at all, but instead a Louis Vuitton Flask.

But this wasn’t the only flask to make an appearance on the Paris runways. Hermes showed one too, and it had a neck strap so that you wouldn’t get sauced and lose it. How convenient! For a photo of that one (and a Friday-appropriate discussion of all the designer boozing to be done), you have to make the jump.

Details are sketchy on these item in particular, but based on the photo, it appears to be half logo-etched stainless steel (or maybe LV will get fancy and go with sterling silver?) and half white crocodile. You know what that means, ladies? White croc stains like you wouldn’t believe, so no dark liquor shall pass the neck of this delicate flask. Clear booze only! That means vodka, gin, white rum and fancy tequila are all Vuitton-approved. Whiskey of all varieties, spiced rum and the Cuervo Gold you drank in college? No way.

And then there’s the Hermes flask, which has a different aesthetic quality entirely. It’s colorblock and modern, which should help with spillage, theoretically. Except that it’s suede, so Jeeves (let’s face it, no one who actually uses an Hermes flask is filling it herself) is going to have to be extra careful with that little funnel that comes packaged with flasks to make filling easy. From what I understand, Hermes women only drink gin, so at least there won’t be any unsightly brown stains on the yellow portion.

These items, if produced, will be available for all your drinking needs circa January 2012.

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    I soooo want the LV on but once you add croc. There is no way I will be able to afford it no matter how many months I skip the mortage payment. :(

  • Jennie

    When I read this article I got the giggles. Is it a new trend? Are women hitting the sauce so much more that there is a demand for designer flask lmao….I’m speechless.

    • Ashleyg

      I kind of smirked at that too! But then again, I do come here to escape my reality, lol. Especially since most of my booze comes from Smirnoff bottles and those crappy cocktail glasses at the Casa Tomas, lol!

  • mzri

    @ KoutureCrochet maybe they’ll make a monogram version. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’d prefer epi or vernis but I’ll take what I can get lol.

  • Amy

    Thanks for a good giggle – I needed it & am at the office so I can’t yet get a little tipsy. Although, if I had a designer flask………..well, then, if I could blow money on stuff like this I probably wouldn’t need to work, would I? Sigh…. :)

  • PhotoGirl

    I want that Vuitton flask and I want it now. What a fabulously chic sippy cup!

  • rose60610

    Apparently Hermes doesn’t like the “conceal and carry” law. Where is it written that Hermes women only drink gin? (Not that I think it’s written anywhere.) I think each designer’s customers are equal opportunity imbibers. I know I am. Spending a lot on a handbag is one thing, spending a lot on a flask is impractical to me. No one in their right mind would carry one in their car (unless in the trunk) I’d hope.
    Therefore, it might be mainly for display at home, where I think it’s nicer to pour one’s libations out of a fine crystal decanter.
    Now if you’re taking a peaceful walk in the woods or kicking back after an afternoon of skeet or trap shooting and wish to have a portable nip in style, then “Bottoms up!”.

  • Edoardo

    this pieces are too hermès for my taste!

  • Bir

    Hmmmm so so odd ?.but it seems like a trend for sure !!!!! I just do not love the general concept.

  • klynneann

    I wonder where they got the idea for this one?!

  • J Umm

    yeah… i dont think we need louis vuittons to add fire to alcohol abuse….

  • Sarah

    In love with the Louis Vuitton one! The whole Hermes necklace style reminds me of rednecks floating on the rivers around here with meth teeth…

  • lebohang

    i want to buy a new louis vuitton bags