What’s Krazy Unkle Karl up to this week, you ask? Oh, you know, the usual. Powdering his hair, dressing like a goth French cowboy, designin $37,500 collars that are so high they resemble bondage gear. Wait, what was that last part?

Lagerfeld is well known for a lot of his sartorial tics, but perhaps the most identifiable of them is his penchant for high, stiff collars. Indeed, detachable collars have been a huge accessories trend in fashion circles for almost a year, so it only makes sense that Lagerfeld would release one in his own image. What’s surprising about the move is that instead of incorporating them into one of the many lines that he designs, Lagerfeld chose to release a one-off fine jewelry piece under his own name, sold via Net-a-Porter.

The collar features rows of small black diamonds, totaling 40 carats, with a central emerald that weighs in at just over 22. In case all that sounds just a little bit too decadent for you, take a bit of comfort in knowing that “a percentage” of the profits from the collar will be donated to CLIC Sargent, a children’s cancer charity. No word on exactly what that percentage will be, but is anyone else mildly surprised that it’s going to kids? Unkle Karl doesn’t seem like the type to suffer the chaos of children particularly well. Who knows, though? Lagerfeld’s always surprising us.

If you’re interested in the collar (or would just like to gawk at it some more), you can inquire about purchase via Net-a-Porter.

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  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Looks like it would feel at home on a vampire choking on his luxury…..

  • ha. I love Karl. What a kook. Who will buy this?

  • Rashida

    It isn’t that appealing. The emerald is nice, but I’d rather have it on a ring.

  • 19yearslater

    Eek, I wouldn’t want that for five dollars. I hope it’s a substantial portion that’s going to charity, though at that price it seems pretty easy to part with some of the funds even if there are precious stones on it. 

  • Amanda

    goth French cowboy…. Lmao! That statement sums it up.

  • I’m gonna wear this while I harvest dalmatian puppies for uh…future business endeavors. 

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  • Lisa

    price and craziness aside, you need a really long neck to wear this

  • Julie_gallaher

    It is expensive yet it is perfect for those who love fashion! This is such a great blog!


  • annemeyer06

    Awesome collar! I love it!

  • megan hall

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