Hermes Cup Cozy, $190 via Hermes

File this under: Things I Never Expected to See.

Hermes makes a lot of unexpected products; the company has done a great job transitioning from a leather goods brand to a full-on, ultra-luxury lifestyle brand, and with that comes unexpected pieces (flask, anyone?) to help Hermes devotees spread the French leather love into all areas of their lives. Now, with the Hermes Cup Cozy, you can Hermes-ify your day from the very beginning with your morning cup of coffee. After all, who wants to wrap their $5 latte in cardboard? That’s so pedestrian.

Technically (if this issue can even be technical), this item is not a coozie, although I suppose you could put it on any drink you saw fit; I merely enjoy imagining a frosty Coors Lite at a football tailgate with $200 of Hermes leather wrapped around it. Instead, as I mentioned, it’s intended to protect your hand from the warmth that radiates from coffee in a disposable cup. One would worry about drips and spills, but if you’re buying this kind of knickknack, the idea of ruining something that costs a mere three figures probably doesn’t keep you up at night.

If that sounds like you, make your buying decisions and proceed to checkout quickly. This limited edition piece is part of Petite H, an Hermes project that runs online until November 22nd and offers unexpected pieces from Hermes artisans. If nothing else, an Hermes coffee sleeve is certainly unexpected. They come in three colors, but I think yellow is the clear winner. Buy through Hermes for $190.

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  • Kate

    At first I though “rediculous”, but now I think it would be a cute idea for a die-hard Hermes fan. I would take one myself.

  • new-new

    Finally, I’ve found something to set my red solo cup apart from the rest at the UGA tailgates!!!

    Really though, knowing myself, that thing would accidentally end up in the trash one day.

  • mochababe73

    Talk about something that I could never justify to my husband.
    Eh, I’ll keep my Kindle Fire.

  • edoardo

    The idea is nice but I think that like the “apple bag” these items are just for crazy editors and sometimes I wonder if Hermès’s designers are just kidding or really think think that it’s a good idea to sell these things!

  • yvonnexuyi

    just wanna say that they have got a huge range of colors.

  • J Umm

    such a waste of money… i mean would you keep that in y our bag so that you can whip it out when you go get your coffee? i dont think so… STYLE DECORUM

  • rose60610

    If you’re already drinking coffee out of styro or recycled green cardboard, are you really going to put it into a $190 Hermes sleeve? Give me a break. For $190 I’d go to the Ritz for high tea. At least they’d put the cream on your table and you wouldn’t have to battle the masses for a wood stir stick.

  • Jen

    This is hilarious. Thanks for a great laugh. I needed one today.

  • KoutureCrochet

    I think its made from leather scraps that would otherwise be throw away. And in that sense it’s brilliant. Turning trash into a $190 cup sleeve.

    Plus I think it’s one of those things that H fans love about Hermes, it’s fun, unexpected, well made I am sure.

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  • DanaaGH.

    That’scutee!! Is it available in Dubai? and how much is it?

  • Elyse Greenberg

    Really, Hermes? Really?

  • Shirley J

    the cup cozy is a bit too chic for me….i will pass lmao

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I hope the people reading this post realize that the leather on this piece of overblown Hermes egotism will darken with the heat of the cup which it snuggles. Just plain pathetic…

  • AW

    hmmm… even if i had $300 to blow on something random, I wouldn’t buy this. I love me some Hermes but this is just pretentious lol

  • Ha ha, those darn marketeers! Hermes Cup, do you really know what it means? it has an ancient occult meaning, nothing to do with drinks…well, unless you are a porn queen that is. Look up “to spill the Hermes Cup” it has ancient symbolic meaning