Taylor Swift Dolce and Gabbana Sara Bag

Generally, stars vary their day-to-day handbag choices quite a lot. Not only does the average celebrity have plenty of money to buy whichever bag she might desire, but most are also regularly sent the Next Big Thing by brands with which they have existing relationships.

Rihanna and her Celine Roll Clutch Bag

Love her or not, Rihanna seems to be on all of our screens at all times. The singer makes waves for everything from her musical career to her personal life to her fashion sense, and we are there to follow along.

Mira Duma loves her The Row Bag

If you follow the fashion industry, then you might know that we have an entire culture of fashionistas that garner attention similar to that of A-list celebrities. One of our personal favorites and the industry’s new darling is the cute-as-a-button and always impeccably dressed Mira Duma.

Quvenzhane Wallis Puppy Purses

The talk of the town during this year’s Oscars was not some of the nominees you would assume; instead, there was quite a stir over nine-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis. The strong-willed and highly talented youngster hit the red carpet with a memorable smile and probably the most memorable accessory of the night, her custom puppy purse, designed to look like her dog from home.

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