Generally, stars vary their day-to-day handbag choices quite a lot. Not only does the average celebrity have plenty of money to buy whichever bag she might desire, but most are also regularly sent the Next Big Thing by brands with which they have existing relationships. Not only does it help the brands subtly promote their products, but it gives stars new things to be photographed with every time they leave their houses. Sometimes, though, a star loves a bag so much that it becomes a constant companion, and that appears to be the case with Taylor Swift and her Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag. (more…)

Love her or not, Rihanna seems to be on all of our screens at all times. The singer makes waves for everything from her musical career to her personal life to her fashion sense, and we are there to follow along. While I’ve been known to jam out to a Rihanna song or two, I mostly love following what the singer is wearing; she goes from edgy to downright out-of-this-world. Even though she has a closet filled with special pieces and designers sending her things hand over fist, Rihanna seems to really love her Celine Roll Clutch and has been spotted carrying it countless times, to different events and with different ensembles.

We already covered Rihanna with this clutch, but at the time we didn’t realize just how much she would love it. I can see why she does – the oversized shape gives plenty of room to carry the necessities and the roll top helps the design stand out. Since Rihanna loves wearing black, adding a sultry red accessory really helps everything stand out that much more. If you are looking for a Celine bag, try your luck at Portero.

If you follow the fashion industry, then you might know that we have an entire culture of fashionistas that garner attention similar to that of A-list celebrities. One of our personal favorites and the industry’s new darling is the cute-as-a-button and always impeccably dressed Mira Duma. Mira is snapped coming and going to every show by every magazine, street style photographer and iPhone-wielder imaginable. With the attention, Mira’s notoriety has skyrocketed, and I constantly find myself tracking her latest looks to see the accessories she is wearing. During Fashion Week, Mira was a huge fan of The Row Top Handle Bag; she was spotted carrying it to many places and on many occasions.

With her fame, Mira is given items to wear long before they hit retailers, and that is true of her The Row Top Handle Bag in black, ruby, and winter white which will be available in July 2013. I love seeing more people give credit to The Row for its beautiful designs and quality materials, and this bag has the makings of a beautiful classic. Available in two sizes, there will be a variety of combinations you can choose from, including divine exotic skins. The ladylike structure helps the design stand out, and as you can see, Mira makes it work with very different outfits. Prices will range from $2,950 for calfskin to $13,500 for the exotics. Current The Row bags are available via Net-A-Porter and Barneys.

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The talk of the town during this year’s Oscars was not some of the nominees you would assume; instead, there was quite a stir over nine-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis. The strong-willed and highly talented youngster hit the red carpet with a memorable smile and probably the most memorable accessory of the night, her custom puppy purse, designed to look like her dog from home. In fact, if anyone remembers anything accessory-related when it comes to the accessories of the Academy Awards, it is that of Quvenzhane Wallis.

I’ve been a huge fan of Quvenzhane, who happens to be the youngest actress ever to receive a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress. She has handled the limelight with grace and composure similar to that of a well-seasoned (and much older) pro. What I also admire is how Quvenzhane has stayed true to herself and hasn’t tried to over-dress. For every red carpet event and appearance, Quvenzhane has carried a Poochie & Co. Puppy Purse, varying from Betsy the Bulldog to Sadie the Cocker Spaniel. While Quvenzhane carried puppy purses to majority of her events this season, the custom version that accompanied her to the Oscars caused quite a stir. In fact the usually $15 price tag skyrocketed to upwards of $300 on eBay after the puppy purse craze began. What I do know is this is the perfect bag to have when you are young, fun, and looking to accessorize in a way that is true to yourself. Bravo Quvenzhane, we are big fans! More info on her bags via Poochie & Co.

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