Coach Spring Summer 2017 Preview

Coach creative director Stuart Vevers might be British, but he embraces classic American culture, especially that of the American West, with very open arms. He’s been mining the Americana aesthetic for Coach 1941’s collections since …

TV Show Recaps

After any big event on Real Housewives, there’s always an episode in which all the cast members meet in various small groups in order to discuss what happened, how everyone acted and who the new …


Fashion people are a dramatic bunch and the industry is full of personalities. Designers leave and arrive at brands, the flock of editors and industry insiders flits from one trend to the next, companies’ literal …

For the price, this is the most elegant, polished chain-strap flap bag you're likely to find Mulberry Clifton Shoulder Bag $1,445 12 Comments Read More
Alexander Wang

Coming late to a trend isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. When Valentino first debuted its Rockstuds, I remember being surprised the brand was going all-in on the look after every other brand …


When you write about something for a living, it’s easy to look at it and think, “Will people like this?” instead of, “Do I like this?” How a particular design plays to the market at …


The worlds of fine art and high fashion make sense together. Not only do their clienteles overlap, but appreciation of both requires a keen eye and appreciation for the history of aesthetics. Since 1982, Leslie …

Bag Deals

Even though we’re not technically in sale season right now, we found a couple bags for our weekly roundup of bag deals that generally only appear at discounted prices for a couple weeks a year. …

Buy for $4,900 in the US via Chanel

A love of high-end fashion and a love of international travel often overlap. Both require considerable expendable income and aesthetic curiosity, and both fashion and travel have a sense of glamor to them, which compounds …


“Classic,” when it comes to handbags, is an idea everyone conceptualizes a little differently. A bag can be classic-looking without being a classic, and today, my interest lies in the latter concept. When it …

TV Show Recaps

I didn’t expect I’d ever say this, but last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was completely terrifying. And not in a “quiet terror of upper-middle class suburban disaffection” way, but in a …

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