Tomas Maier Leather Shoulder Bag

Bag: Tomas Maier Leather Shoulder Bag

Price: $1,450 via Net-A-Porter

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Tomas Maier is best known as Bottega Veneta’s much-celebrated creative director, but his just-launched eponymous line is also worth noting. The look is in the same quietly elegant vein as BV, but the prices are a little less dizzying.

Christian Louboutin Sale December 2014We’ve got some exciting news for your after-dinner shopping break. Today only, BlueFly has a huge selection of Christian Louboutin shoes at 20% off, including much-coveted (and sometimes difficult to buy at full price) picks like black patent So Kate pumps.

Givenchy Fish Skin Antigona Bag

Black Givenchy Antigona Bags aren’t exactly a tough sell; not only has the brand been moving them briskly for seasons, but the ultra-expensive exotic versions sell out before they even hit the sales floor. It’s the kind of bag every designer dreams of creating, because it more or less enables a company to print money for a couple of years.

Resort 2015 Handbags

It’s easy to let resort collections slip by. They arrive at a time when shoppers are already distracted by sale season and the need to procure holiday gifts, which is inopportune for even the most attention-grabbing of bags. Nothing slips by our crack team of Internet shoppers, though, so we searched our favorite shopping haunts for all the Resort 2015 bags that you need to see.


If you have a lot of people on your gift list for the holidays, checking everyone off can get complicated quickly. That is, of course, the beauty of department stores like Bloomingdale’s–one store, one checkout, one package delivered to your home, lots of happy gift recipients.

Gifts for Men 2014

When you’re used to shopping for women’s fashion, buying a gift for your dad, brother, spouse or male friends can be a bit…deflating. Things are getting better in men’s fashion, but the colors, prints, materials and fabrications are still much more limited than those you’ll find for women.

Givenchy Mini Lucrezia Bag

We’re in the thick of sale season, so we’ll get straight to the point: there are tons of great bags still available in all the recently launched seasonal sales. This is easily one of the best discount crops we’ve seen in recent memory, and that means that there are lots of bags from high-demand brands like Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Valentino floating around in the Internet’s best sale sections.

Bloomingdales Private Sale December 2014Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean sale season is over–not by a long shot. In fact, it’s just getting started, and the next big event is the Bloomingdale’s Private Sale, which just launched today.

Want It Wednesday Fall 2014 Sales

You’re not the only one out there shopping all the just-launched seasonal sales; we are, too. Below, check out our picks for what we’d love to be bringing home–at a discount–this week.

The Many Bags of Bella Thorne

Actress Bella Thorne may only be 17, but she’s already got an enviable bag collection socked away in her closet. She’s super into Chanel lately, but also of particular note are her clutches–Bella attends a ton of events, parties and premieres, and unlike some of her bagless brethren, she almost always carries a little bag to coordinate with her outfit.