If you’ve been feeling a little bit curious about Prada lately, there’s a reason for that. The brand has introduced a slew of new handbags for fall, and many of them are exactly the kind of sleek, modern bags you’d hope to see from a designer of Prada’s caliber and history.

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Louis Vuitton

It’s never all that hard to figure out which new bags Louis Vuitton is betting on. The massive French brand is singularly powerful within the luxury industry, and that means it has plenty of famous friends to rely on when it comes for drumming up pre-release interest in a new design.

Bag Deals

As we inch closer to the end of summer, we’ve made our way to another Friday, and you know what that means: another round of the internet’s best bag deals. Today, we’ve found a bunch of bags that I’m guessing have been made available once again after being restocked from returns, which is always an excellent opportunity to get a previously sold-out bag at a huge discount.


I go through phases where I don’t buy that many new beauty products and phases where I buy a ton. The past couple weeks have been the latter, and in my shopping adventures, I’ve found a handful of products I really like, covering everything from hair care to trendy lip color.


If you feel like you’ve seen Margot Robbie everywhere lately, you’re not wrong. The Australian actress has been on a seemingly interminable publicity tour for her new movie Suicide Squad, which is so far getting not-great reviews but has, at the very least, provided lots of opportunities for celebrity watchers to see Margot and costar Cara Delevingne in cool outfits.

Shoulder Bags

You may not be familiar with Vanessa Seward’s name quite yet, but you’ve definitely seen her work. She’s designed for brands ranging from APC to Chanel, and now her eponymous line is a cult favorite among shoppers looking for an everyday wardrobe with a luxurious, Parisian twist.

farfetch-clearance-sale-august-2016If you’re deal-hunters like we are, we have some can’t-miss news for you:’s online clearance is up to 70% off right now, and these are the final reduction that will be taken for the season. The sale selection includes bags (and beyond!) from brands like Valentino, Chloé and Givenchy, so you would be crazy to miss out on these prices. Shop quickly, though–many of the best pieces are in short supply.

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In case there was any doubt that the Givenchy Horizon Bag is the design Givenchy hopes will carry it forward from the popularity of the Antigona and Nightingale, the contents of the brand’s Fall-Winter 2016 handbag lookbook should remove it.

TV Show Recaps

Most episodes of Real Housewives fit into one of a handful of categories: parties, fights, party-fights, narrative filler, vacations or reconciliations. Episodes sometimes fit into more than one of those categories, but they’re always at least one, and they usually follow week-by-week patterns.


Every season (and usually at least once between each season), Chanel releases a brand new array of products, the scope of which is matched by very few other luxury brands. Not only are there handbags (and you should definitely check out Chanel’s brand new Pre-Collection Fall 2016 handbags), but there are wallets and pouches and coin purses, as well as pieces that fall somewhere in the murky middle between bags and wallets.


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