Versace Metallic Monogram BagIn the quest for finding something to blog about, lately I’ve frequently sought input in our Purse Forum, just because our ladies have such indisputable tastes for the most sizzling and glamorous bags. Today, for example, PurseFanatic pointed out Kimora Lee’s fabulous white Versace Metallic Monogram Bag with distinct golden features. So distinct in fact, that it was mistaken for an LV… I can’t blame her, it does have a certain resemblance with the LV Speedy, the side lock looks like it may have been inspired by LV as well. Nonetheless, an absolutely fab bag.

The bag is made of Versace’s monogram silk jacquard with metallic gold leather trim and is adorned with polished gold metal studs and Versace-engraved chain links. Braided metallic gold leather straps with Versace-engraved gold metal ends on gold metal links give it a 5″ drop for easy toting around. A gorgeous satin interior with zipped pocket and Versace plaque round off this masterpiece, and for a humble 1,482 bucks via eLuxury, it’s not even all that pricey. For a Versace anyway. Click on the link below to see the bag in action.

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  • Kathryn


    I am not sure about this bag it is kinda cute but like it is to big for me i am one of the mini top zip girls so yeah.

  • Alex

    it is a very good purse and i would pay
    $1,000,000 for it!!!!!!!!!!


    This purse sucks i hate people who are fashion crazy.

  • Alex

    :mad: Whoever said they hate people who are fashion crazy well well i hate them being fashion crazy rocks and well it rocks!!!!!

  • 2dogs

    Then go to fucking Sears! :twisted:

  • veronica valencia

    Caution! Only the truly fabulous can handle a bag as flamboyant as this Versace handbag…I have the one in bronze metallic and black patent leather and LUV THEM!!!!!
    This white one is extra fab!

  • Mikaa

    goshh, it looks just like the LV speedy -.-

  • .

    I can no longer find this purse anywhere online. And I saw it on eLuxury that before. But they don’t have this item anymore and I am dying to have it.

  • nina

    actually for the people dissin this bag, i’ve got one of these bags and trust me girls die for it so the person sayin fasion crazy… nah girl.. u suck…… versace bags rock… xxx

  • babe703

    absolutely fab~

  • quennezy

    i got a black one from Paris
    LV speedy was my 2nd choice
    love both of them but u can see LV anywhere on the street
    so i opt for the elegant black
    of course this one is limited edition
    more expensive

  • charmed girl

    its ok i have seen a hell of alot better

  • gona

    hi i from kosovo it’s vey nicccceeeeeeeee :razz:

  • fashiongal4life

    I am in love with this purse. I love silver. The style of this purse is amazing. It will be great for this summer.

  • :wink: :wink: :wink:

  • this purse does not like a lv speedy…. it is 10000xxxx better than a speedy bag the beauty of this bag cnnot be compared to a speedy what a joke.

  • BondGirl

    I have an older version of this bag, in bronze metallic, both are GORGEOUS!!!! It takes confidence to wear something like this and looking fab! I wear it with nice jeans, i wonder what every one else wears it with??? share?

  • In between Blessings

    I wish I could afford this purse…I dont like to many purse style but I do love this one. Versace come down on the price a notch…it a recession but we, the little people still want to embrace your style. smile

  • kathleen

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  • Elian

    Hello, I wonder if I may use this picture to my school project,

  • don ed hardy

    Anything colorful or with a bold print. We need something that stands out, especially with our school uniforms/dress code. lol.

    • nina

      this bag is to die for …is it available in black??

  • kate

    where do i find this in black?

  • alicja

    nice bag, and the way I bought the company Takoma versace nice nive bag i gave many 1050

  • Nafisa

    Couldnt find this bag online anymore…Does anyone know where to get it in white please?

  • Naggy

    That is one gaudy satchel. (ipad)

  • Ada

    Nafisa yes i hv it in my shop,email mi lets talk is on white.

  • ines

    I dream to have a versace bag. One day I hope lol

  • ScorpioHeadWue

    whats the name of the style of the bag?