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I have some relatives who live in South Florida. I haven’t visited since I was a teenager, but my memories of Floridian seaside kitsch are still very clear: pastel starfish and seahorses and shells. Lots of them. Adorning everything from t-shirts to upholstered furniture. If the bags from Versace Spring 2012 are any indication, Donatella Versace may have spied on my childhood vacations quite frequently. For a brand so inextricably linked to Miami, these designs make a certain amount of sense.

The starfish and seashells gave way to an endless array of studded, quilted satchels and crossbodies that reminded me a little bit of Marc Jacobs circa 2008, but considering the bags that Versace has made in that same period of time, these designs feel like an improvement. If nothing else, they look very Versace, which is something that the brand’s established customer base will probably enjoy quite a bit.

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  • Rhoda

    Go on Etsy and search for “minogue”. She sells handbags there.. the MOST BEAUTIFUL handbags. Or look at .. either way. I could just stare at her bags!!

    Changing the subject.. I love your blog!!!

  • Oi

    “Like an improvement”? These are abhorrent, the [Ugly] Sister should quit designing, well, virtually everything. Sorry if this sounds bit offensive.

    • Based on the accessories Versace has designed in the past, say, five years, I still think these are less terrible, even if most of them aren’t objectively attractive. That’s faint praise if there ever was any, because my disdain for Versace’s handbags is the stuff of legend.

      • Oi

        I honestly don’t know who buys Versace at this point of time. J LO (and good luck to her)? Anyone else?

  • mochababe73

    I think that I would like the bags more if they were unadorned. That’s saying alot for me because I love an over-the-top bag.

  • Here is something really weird for me to say – I kind of like the starfish/seashell ones.

    • Well duh, you’re from South Florida.

      • Mama M

        Exactly. I can see these in South Florida. My cousin would carry one.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I think the python bag for fall is quite nice….I thought things were looking up for Versace……I guess I was wrong.

  • bir

    well…….its versace!!! thats all i can say

  • MsLabelsofLust

    These bags are soooo South Fl. I know the women are going to be carrying them everywhere! The bag in the main pic and 24 are doing it for me!

  • Ekaterina

    As for me, I really don’t like those with shells but as for the rest I would like to have them all ))

  • klynneann

    Oh no, these are really not good. Not at all.

  • versaceme

    i start wondering that why this blog is dominated by amanda who hates Versace design so much, and if she doesn’t have much nice things to say about the one of the most important fashion house in the world, then SHUT UP for good, please!!!

    • Ekaterina

      agreed, sick and tired of reading all of this stupid things about versace bags, looks like haters page!!!