I keep finding myself drawn into Valentino bags. The continuous use of whimsical bows and feminine touches is so appealing. However, Valentino is not immune to having an off bag and this bag may be an example. Animal print bags really put me on the fence typically. I do not own an animal print bag, I seem to always find something I do not like about each of the ones I see.

The Valentino Leopard Print Goat Hair Bag brings together a leather bow detail at the front of the bag with a leopard-print goat hair body. Leopard print is a popular animal print that when put on a handbag usually skates a fine line between fabulous and trashy.

Valentino Leopard Print Goat Hair Bag

So where does this bag fall? Let’s go over the details. I really am liking that the bow detail is incorporated on this bag, bringing back the signature feminine touch that I crave from Valentino. The shape of the bag has a nice slouch, but I do not like the way it fits on the model. And if I don’t like how it fits on the model, I am not sure I will like it on me. I like a handbag with ample shoulder drop, and this bag does not seem to have it. Then we have the leopard-print goat-hair. The print itself looks good for a leopard print. The finished product however is not cutting it for me. I must admit, for a leopard print bag this is a very nice one though. Buy through Net A Porter for $2,695.

Are you a fan of animal print bags: What do you think of this one?

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  • DWJ

    The bag is gorgeous, but goat hair? Wow. Now that’s something I don’t have in my closet!

  • Pandor@

    Ahw, Nanny Fran would’ve loved this bag so much! :D

  • girlcook

    ROFL! @ the Nanny Fran comment – the minute I saw that bag I thought of Fran Fine!

    Thanks for a great laugh!

  • susan

    It looks better in person. But, I’m not willing to spend that amount for this bag.

  • YES! Nanny Fran. PERFECT

  • Baghag78

    This is the most amazing bag eva.

  • Michael St. James
  • Kelley

    Gorgeous!!! But I love anything leopard print!

  • Pandor@

    :) Hehee, thanks, girls!

  • Trina Gupta

    I generally like Valentino bags as well but with animal print I think smaller is safer, specially if you want to get some use out of the bag:

  • Cuckoo_Boo

    i like animal print handbags but not all of them who are out of there right now are fantastic… handbags look different in pictures and very different up close and when you try them on… I tried the Valentino animal print and it’s a NO for me… the bag has no structure and the handle is so delicate that with a little weight in the bag, it seems it will break…so, in other words…if you have it empty, looks great but once you stuff it with all your essential…the bag becomes very heavy and its shape just folds!
    The best animal print handbag so far is the YSL Easy!

  • Marty

    Valentino bags are amazing, especially this one. I own it and every time I wear it people take notice. It is beautiful and love wearing it.

  • Michelle

    actually, I’ve tried this style on in leather and the shoulder drop is perfect since it’s not cut straight across like most shoulder bags. You can get it on with one hand. AND it’s rediculously lightweight!!! I <3 Valentino!!!