As handbag lovers, we’ve been very lucky recently. Luxury brands are notoriously secretive about their behind-the-scenes processes, particularly their manufacturing, and anyone who knows anything about the counterfeit trade knows exactly why that is. Letting people behind the curtain not only risks trade secrets, but it also chances taking some off the luxurious mystique off of the final product. Don’t be fooled, that mystique factors heavily into the prices that these brands are able to charge for their goods.

Last week, though, Chanel threw open its doors and let a bit of sun shine on the work that goes into a Chanel Classic Flap. This week, our interest goes to Valentino, which has released images to document the making of the lovely Valentino Rockstud Net Bag. You can check out all of the up-close-and-personal images after the jump or shop the design via Neiman Marcus for $3345.

Images via Valentino.

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  • Kemilia

    Wow, that is an intricate bag! Thank you for showing us the ‘behind the scenes’ story (and I like this bag in red way more than the white on the NM site).

  • Fashiondoesntexist

    Interesting post, really cool! I love this bag ad it’s always nice seeing how a bag is made!

  • Seejsyluvsbags

    @Kemilia, you took the word out of my mouth, it is quite intricate & I’ve admired this bag for sometime however, I doubt the durability. But it’s ool looking.

  • Seejsyluvsbags

    Oops! “cool”

  • Marie

    Beautiful bag! for almost $4000 it should come with it’s own security guard! lol

  • A Reader

    That bag is stunning! If money were no object…

  • that’s amazing!!!

  • pixiegirlie

    I love seeing how bags are made! It’s so interesting to see it in different steps of the process to get to the final product.

  • erica

    That’s amazing. Seeing these bags in such a deconstructed form! It’s art! 

  • Sandra Rowley

    The first time that I saw this bag I thought to myself, no way is this worth the price that they are asking….some bags you see and you go “wow” this bag is worth the money.  I did not feel that way about this bag….now that I read your article I think…wow, this bag is not worth that much money.  I would pay $2000.00….not $3345.00.

  • Jeloi

    I wonder if the people that work there get a discount.

  • 693207468


  • Purplestarfishjoanne


  • glowingface

    this is cool!! The price seems justified seeing the hardwork n detail…unlike CHANEL Flap… but thats just me…