Left to right: Henry Beguelin Croc Embossed Tote with Fox Tail Charm, $1645. Gucci Smilla Top Handle, $5200. Henry Beguelin Fox Detailed Tote, $1520. All via Neiman Marcus.

I remember a couple of seasons ago when Louis Vuitton debuted detachable fox tails on the Spring 2010 runway and everyone threw a fit over how silly and tacky and unreasonable they were. Well, it’s a year and a half later and now it looks like Vuitton and Marc Jacobs were, once again, more than a full calendar year ahead of the curve. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t doubt the brand’s vision anymore; if Vuitton produces a bag I don’t like, I just assume that I’m not yet advanced enough to understand its brilliance.

And that may have been the case, if the industry’s sudden embrace of fox tail accouterments is any indication. Both Gucci and Henry Beguelin have produced bags adorned with tails (or tail-like furballs) for Fall 2011, and Gucci will sell you a loose tail charm to add to any bag in your collection as well. Suddenly Louis Vuitton seems like it was on to something. Would you wear this trend? What if the “fox tail” were faux? Mostly, I’m jealous that Megs picked up one of the hot pink Vuitton charms a few seasons back and I didn’t. Also, if any of you guys see a faux option out there, let us know.

Henry Beguelin Croc-Embossed Tote with Fox Charm, $1645 via Neiman Marcus

Gucci Smilla Top Handle, $5200 via Neiman Marcus

Henry Beguelin Fox Detailed Tote, $1520 via Neiman Marcus

Gucci Fur Charm, $590 via Neiman Marcus

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  • chloehandbags

    If they’re real fur, I’m against them, simple as that.

    I have never had a problem with the look of them, though; just the origins.

    • Lulugurl

      same here, might be slightly hypocritical of me since they are leather bags but the fur, some how i just can’t get past it..

  • rose60610

    I’ve never been one for charms, metal or otherwise, and I missed out on the coonskin cap craze of the 50’s. I think the fox charm would get in the way. For the price it sells for, I’d rather get an Hermes scarf and tie it around a bag, though I’ve not done that either. Before I’d pop $590 on one small fox piece, I’d spring for more and just get a whole coat or stole. I love fur.

  • Jen

    Just saw a faux version at … wait for it … Target. It was really cheaply made and was so obviously fake that I couldn’t buy it. But it is out there!

  • Nade

    I can’t believe that fur is still seen as acceptable. I really thought we’d moved past that.

    We eat meat and when that leather is used for bags I’m ok with that, but butchering animals just for their skins and tails not to mention the conditions they live in, is appalling. Aside from the sheer grossness of this, attaching an animals tail to your handbag and wandering around with that? No. I don’t care what fashion house is attempting to be cutting edge and attention grabbing. Tacky is tacky. *end of rant*

    As you can tell I feel strongly about this:)

  • Papertiger

    There are also sheepskin versions available, I have a bright red one. It all depends on how you wear them, very much in the maxamalist style and charms can add a little spark of something to a plain bag.I won’t be buying anymore anyway.

  • Amanda

    Dollskill.com has a bunch of really great ones. Everything from natural solid colors to hot pink and neon green. They are all real though. I also found an amazing fake one at Patricia Field but I’m not sure if they are still in stock.

  • Amanda

    Dollskill.com has a bunch of really great ones. Everything from natural solid colors to hot pink and neon green. They are all real though. I also found an amazing fake one at Patricia Field but I’m not sure if they are still in stock

    • Amanda

      sorry for the duplicate comment.

  • Nico

    I got a neon yellow one at the Renaissance fair in LA for $15. I asked if it was real, they said yes, but explained that they worked with the Canadian government as wild fox were having to be put down for population control and otherwise the pelts would end up in a landfill. That made me feel slightly better about spending $15. in terms of the $600 ones, I have no idea.

  • Austinmamadrama

    There is a Gucci bag that I love. But I absolutely refuse to buy it because of the tail. I even called to see if there was an option to buy it without the foxtail, but the SA said, “Well you can just take it off.” Nope. Not giving them money for fur.

  • KoutureCrochet.com

    It looks really fun and care free if the fox charms are not HUGE beyond reason and not colored crazily. I really like the new ones coming out. I certainly would prefer faux.


  • mochababe73

    I have no problem with it being real fur.
    I like the tail hanging off of the handbag. I think that it’s cute. I would love one in a neon color on those rare occasions that I carry a black handbag.

  • Shana

    Where can I get a faux fur foxtail for a reasonable price? I have been looking everywhere

  • Stylista

    I wasn’t so fond of the LV ones, but these are actually not too bad. The colouring is more natural, and less “in your face”. Although, when a label piggybacks on a trend established by a better-known designer, it’s sometimes just too obvious.


  • Chris

    Hmmm… I have to admit I have nothing against real fur (I have no fur in my wardrobe though). After all, I eat meat and wear leather….
    These fox tails… I do not know. I think I’d rather add an Hermes scarf to my handbag.

  • 19yearslater

    This is one trend I’ll skip. I have been unable to come around to them since they first appeared.

    • Stacy

      Have to agree with you 19yearslater. And Chris, comment #14 above this comment, is spot on about adding a scarf to the bag instead. That’s a marvelous idea!!

  • Tygriss

    Faux fox tail? Really? Renaissance Fair goers have been wearing real fox tails on their bags and belts for years now. I could see RenFair folks laughing at these high dollar fake tails like some folks scoff at those that carry fake handbags.

    • Michael

      yes because Faux tails are better! who the F gives a shit if it’s fake anyways? only shallow people with a pea for a brain, secondly you can not use the fact that people have done it in the past to justify your opinion, Killing a fox just for it’s tail is inhuman and wrong, that fox want’s to live just as much as you do and it lives in an unforgiving world where it’s only survival of the fittest… why are you against using fake fur? no animals were killed in the process…

  • Foxtails

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  • Anna

    You can buy a full fox tail in any length for like $20 max on ebay and you can get fake ones on ebay too.

    • Michael

      if they are 20$ on ebay they are probably fake.. but then again…
      internet stuff.. idk

  • Andrea

    i have to say every since i saw LV’s fox tail sunrise bags i have been utterly in love with this trend. I cant wait to see other designers responses to the fox tail trend.

    • kovacs

      you’re a moron

  • Cindy

    So sad to think people in this day and age can be so callous and cruel for the sake of vanity. I could be wrong but I thought we called ourselves civilised. Doesn’t it seem a little barbaric to you that people are wearing the body of animals and calling it fashion? Don’t you find it kind of silly and selfish to kill a poor innocent animal so you could hang it’s tail off your freakin purse or hip. How totally uncool is that? C’mon really think about the selfish stupidy in that one!! An innocent  little furry creature who feels pain and wants to live as much as you do is trapped and killed so you could use it’s tail to make a silly, ridiculous fashion statement! We wonder why the world is so  Crazy, it’s because our priorities are totally F_ _ked up!! Using poor innocent animals like this is just WRONG!!   :(( 

    • Jessica W.

      i don’t think in a society that eats meat, we can tell people who wear them for their fur that they are any worse than we are. Personally i have no problem if they use the whole fox, such as the meat, make fun charms from the bones, fox foot charms etc.. high and mighty people such as yourself just get upset because it is a “cute” animal which i might add eats meat, can carry rabies and kill small pets, but SOMEHOW people like you sit saying it while eating your salads with chicken or burgers claiming that its any better ^.^ who’s the f’ed up one here?

      • GF

        Your argument is completely out of context. Eating meat is something that is natural for all animals (humans being one) – you can’t blame a fox for having rabies as if it were doing that maliciously! However, humans having farms purely to breed foxes and then kill them to sell their tails is barbaric. Models who have become ‘role models’ parading down a runway with this on a bag is disgraceful. Makes me sick!