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Can we talk for a moment about this whole denim thing? And I mean not talk about it like fashion people, but like people that like to buy pretty handbags, because ultimately, that’s what almost all of us are. Even if we are fashion people in our spare time. Let’s dispense with what might be “on-trend” and talk about what actually looks good. Hint: IT’S NOT DENIM.

In the interest of full disclosure, I probably haven’t worn jeans in about a year. I just don’t like them. I know a lot of people do, and they look great on a lot of women. They do not look great on me, however, and they do not look great on handbags. I’m ok with denim-colored leather, but bags like the Miu Miu Large Denim Tote are simply beyond the pale.

From a distance, this bag looks it might just be made out of the denim-immitating leather that has started to pop up around the handbagosphere (forgive me for the portmanteau), but on closer inspection, it’s actually a really expensive handbag made out of fabric that came to popularity as a heiny-cover. The Dudette most certainly does not abide (further apologies: I watched The Big Lebowski for the zillionth time this weekend and for most of the intervening days, I’ve been speaking in nothing but TBL quotes).

More than anything, though, I can’t imagine that this bag would be particularly useful. In a situation that would be casual enough to encourage people to wear a denim bag, aren’t most people already wearing jeans anyway? There’s nothing worse than too much denim in one outfit, but I suppose that if you’re already partial to the Canadian Tuxedo look, this might be the perfect way too pull all of those different washes together. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1295.

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