The ridiculous bags are always my favorite, be they good or bad in the long run. I’ve always thought it a greater sin to be boring than to be over-the-top, and sometimes great style is what happens when you get right on the line between just enough and too much.

The Marc Jacobs Wrath Studded Bag is somewhere circa that line, although I’m not sure what side it’s on. But I am sure that I love it, in spite (or maybe because) of its wealth of personality.

Marc Jacobs Wrath Studded Bag

We’re all well aware that studs and industrial details are THE trend of the moment, and I can’t help but think that Marc Jacobs is using this bag to poke more than a little fun at all of the metal-covered fashionistas that are starting to hit the streets.

But even when Jacobs does tongue-in-cheek, he does it beautifully. The multicolored, multi-sized studs are attached in swirly lines that cover nearly every inch of the bag. It’s over-the-top, in-your-face, and a host of other hyphenated phrases that mean that it’s, in the immortal words of Rachel Zoe, BANANAS.

My favorite part, however, is the thick, tough, oversized chain handle. The bag is such a statement that nothing less than a handle like that would be appropriate, and I’m glad that designers still have the nerve to do things that not everyone will understand or enjoy. Buy through Net-a-Porter UK for £4,100

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  • Jimmy

    Not loving it, it looks sort of cheap and as if it’s trying too hard. Plus the price is outrageous and should be spent at Hermès instead.

  • abbi

    I love the look of this bag, it would be a great bag for partying at night!!!

  • MAX

    OH ! sorry for the price but studs are cool i love studs but i think this one is kinda too much studs that i might get hurt lol

  • Handbag Lover

    It is fair looks a little cheap and the price is WAY too much. Chain bags hurt your shoulder by the time you put all your items in the purse. Marc can do better!

  • tadpolenyc

    this has got to be the badass-est bag to rule all other badass bags.

  • Jess

    love, love, love!
    I feel like everyone needs a over-the-top bag like this!
    I plan on owning it.

    @ Jimmy: Dont get me wrong i love Hermes’, I adore both my Kelly bag, and my Birkin, but they are quite boring, and cannot be worn in a club or party setting, While this bag can.
    Its young!, Fun!, and Faboulous!

  • otter

    LOOOOOOVE this. Won’t buy it though.

  • Graciella

    Love it! Great party bag, but the price is outrageous IMO.

  • Claire

    Dang! That has be to close to $7000!

  • Michael St. James

    i just saw this bag in elle and i couldn’t believe how many studs were on it…almost as ridiculous as that price!

  • atrophia

    Ohhh I love it! I would love to own it, but not at that price…

  • Jan

    One word…yuck!

  • Merve

    I think its quite funky although I would never buy it especially at that price. I can’t really believe anyone would.

  • mywebbags

    Haha““““`Good but price is high.How about a chanel bags cost no more than 200USD .
    Moved,just action!

  • Space

    This bag is really a sight to behold in real life. I’ve seen it twice now in the Marc Jacobs Boutique, and it is positively jewel encrusted! Honestly it’s like magnified pave comprised of dark sparkly prong set jewels and metal studs. I think this one needs to be seen up close and personal to really be appreciated. That being said, its a little dangerous too, it scratched me when I tried it on, lol.

  • Sarahp

    ^what space said–it’s hard to tell from the pics but the rectangular shapes are the most beautiful sparkly ametyst stones. It’s a gorgeous bag for someone who has a strong shoulder and bold style.

  • AA

    Love this bag. I love MJ’s creativity. Its so bold!

  • Amber

    If you would like some cute discounted Marc Jacobs bags go to…its a web site by invitation only that you can get designer bags, clothes, children’s cloths, accessories ect.

  • Kendra

    It’s very sassy, love it!! (fb)

  • Nicole

    Yeah, I’d do this bag… but it’s not my first choice by any stretch.