Green Accessories
So, last fall, it was purple. This spring and summer, some people say it’s yellow and other people say it’s blue. But according to Women’s Wear Daily, next season, it’s going to be green. Didn’t we just have green a few years ago? Like, circa 2004? I guess there are only a certain number of “it” colors available, so they probably circle around pretty quickly. Let’s just be glad it hasn’t been chartreuse yet – not everyone can wear that stuff. And by not everyone, I mean almost no one.

So now, green. How do we feel about green? I love these sort of blue-green pieces that are featured in WWD‘s story, but I fear that when the trend is translated to downmarket retailers like Forever 21, it may become more of a seafoam nightmare than I’d like. But if everyone can stick to true greens, and maybe a few blue-greens, then I’ll be happy to hop on this bandwagon along with everyone else when fall’s new stuff starts hitting shelves.

Oh, and wondering about the bags in the picture? They’re not available in those colors yet, but you can buy Mulberry’s Oversized Bayswater Clutch for $695 via Net-a-Porter. Similar Kotur snake clutches are available via Singer 22.

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  • skyblue

    love green, just not christmas tree green. thats too green.

  • MizzJ

    Too true, that is a very ugly green and only good for Xmas! It’s the same with any type of colour, you have to match it to your skin tone. I think it’s great that green is coming back, I rarely see anyone wear it!

  • me

    Why is Forever 21 getting blasted again? We get it, their style is ripped off of luxury brands. I’m so-so on green. I usually wear a little of the “in” colours but mostly stick to my favourites whether they are in-season or not.

  • chirpy_gal

    Green is just beautiful and so soothing.. has always been a fav….. the accessories i reen are just beautiful :)

  • dacs

    I think chartreuse is gorgeous.

  • I like chartreuse too, but it takes someone with a VERY special complexion to pull it off in clothing.