The Crystal Bag Trend Is Still Going Strong

These sparkly bags continue to have their shining moment

There are certain bag trends that when they first entered the scene I wasn’t set on, but over time, as they found their footing in the designer bag realm, I found myself intrigued. Many would proclaim that Prada brought the designer crystal bag trend to the forefront of the luxury world, and I’d fully agree with you. Since then, the crystal bag phenomenon is still going strong and new bags have popped up and found a piece of the bag trend.

I know many of you aren’t into this trend, and rightfully so because many of us are not trend shoppers. It’s one thing to pick the more practical version of a newer bag design, one that even if your liking of the bag itself fades, you know you still have a solid color leather and more wearable design. But the rhinestone and crystal movement falls into the more trendy category, yet brands continue to introduce new options to their offerings.

The Prada Bags that Started It

Prada found immediate success with its crystal renditions of already highly popular bags and continues to expand on this offering with new colors and a range of styles adorned with crystals. The Prada Cleo, a newer design that was embraced as a sleek and modern bag, was updated with crystals to great success – in fact, you couldn’t do one full-finger scroll of your timeline without seeing someone carrying that bag.

Prada Cleo with Crystals
Crystal Prada Mini Bag

There’s now a crystal covered Prada bag for nearly every major Prada shape, including the Cleo, Re-Edition, Triangle Bag, Re-Edition 2005, and the Mini Tote.

Contemporary Crystals

While we’ve shared other designer crystal bag options, I found an entire crop of more contemporary bags that I keep seeing. Namely, the Cult Gaia Hera Nano Crystal Shoulder Bag. This bag sells out quickly, much like past successful Cult Gaia bags, and if I am to decide on a more of-the-moment design, many times I prefer it to be from a contemporary brand.

Cult Gaia Hera Crystal Bag

The Cult Gaia Hera Nano Crystal Shoulder Bag is available in different colors, though you’ve probably seen the silver most often (and that one will be able to get the most wear if you are considering that for your trendy bag needs). This bag features a slouchy silhouette crafted from crystal mesh which is topped off with a stylish knotted double-strap top handle. If you are like me, let your bag be the ultimate accessory of the night with a bag like this.

A few things to note: a bag like this can easily lead to snags in your clothing, so you’ll want to be mindful of that. And on the flip side, but equally an issue, you may wind up with single crystals falling out. There are a few other Cult Gaia crystal designs in different colorways as well as this fun green bag by Kara designs, most importantly all are under $500. Check out some of my favorite crystal bags that keep this trend going strong!

Cult Gaia Hera Nano Crystal Shoulder Bag Blue
Cult Gaia Hera Nano Crystal Bag Black

Cult Gaia Bara Mini Crystal Shoulder Bag

Kara Mini Crystal Mesh Bag

Kara Mini Crystal Mesh Bag
via Moda Operandi

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