We’re all told from a young age that we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but how many of us manage to make a good-faith effort to follow that advice? I know that I’m guilty of it, even as a writer myself – we all like a pretty picture. The problem with pictures, however, is that they don’t give you the whole story. I know for a fact that most of the ones that I’ve seen of the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket bag didn’t paint an accurate picture of how I would feel about the bag in person.

In photos, I hated it. In fact, I kind of hate it in the photo we’ve got here – it looks shapeless and busy, like you’d have an impossible time trying to figure out how to get in and out of it. I thought it lacked the simple elegance that Wang’s Rocco duffel has, and that it was surely a rare miscue for the young designer. And then I saw it in person.

When I was actually holding this bag in my hand, it was all over – I loved it. Where the leather had once looked dumpy and overly complex, the bag’s shape and function seemed totally clear in person. The flat back, which puzzled me in photos, made total sense when it was hanging on my shoulder. Unlike many bags in the drawstring trend, the Diego Bucket Bag isn’t the same structure all the way around, and the back panel ensures that the bag sits easily against your hip.

Even the little shorty handle makes sense in person – the bag can be easily carried as a shoulder bag or satchel, and both options are more comfortable than I expected. Sure, the Diego is a bit heavy because of the signature studs on the bottom, but I’ve never been one to be intimidated by an extra pound or two. If you prefer a bit of edge to your accessories but want a piece of the drawstring trend, this is the perfect bag for you. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $825.

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  • Emily

    Cute, not my style (fb)

  • BLynnT

    Definitely not my style either (fb)

  • Mary

    It’s weird, but I kind of like it. (fb)

  • Shine

    as per the article written previously featuring Louis Vuitton noe bag, bucket bags are the trend now, i dont know but these type of bags dont attract me at all, as i always say some things may work on others but this type wont work for me. (fb)

  • Pookie F. – (Stacy)

    good price but I’ll have to pass also. By the time I put all my stuff in it it will weigh 10+ pounds and everything will just go to the bottom where I will have to dig for the item I’m wanting and then will have to take everything out of said bag to find that one item. I usually keep two small cases to use as a keep-all for easy access, but I’m also realistic, when I get in a hurry I just throw everything in the bag and go and will have to “suffer” for it later when I’m trying to find something I desperately need.

    • Pookie F. – (Stacy)

      (fb) – drat – keep forgetting :)

  • karin

    i like it…these types of bags were never my favorite either, until i bought one…totally changed my opinion about this style, they are actually very comfortable to wear, and hold a ton, yet you can still find everything easily…

  • covertanjou

    I really don’t like bucket bags, so it is not surprising that I don’t like this particular bag. Would never pay that for a bucket bag. (fb)

  • Ruth

    I LOVE my Diego bucket! I have an older version with no studs on the bottom, so it’s definitely not too heavy. I agree – pics are misleading. Once I had it slung over my shoulder and resting on my hip…I was in bag heaven! (fb)

    • Kate

      Ruth, I too have an older version of the Diego bag, and for the life of me cannot remember the “model name” of the bag….yeah, been that long….do you remember the style name?

  • Deb jones

    Sorry but none of mr wangs bags do anything for me. Once you fill it, they are way too heavy to be practical as an everyday bag… (FB)

  • natalie

    I have to agree with the majority-I don’t think I quite understand the appeal of a drawstring bucket bag. I’d always be afraid that someone can steal something out of it when I’m walking in a crowd. (fb)

  • Kate

    It seems like a great bag for everyday use. Weight has never bothered me as long as the bag is great.

  • Sheila

    Hmmm thats interesting, I don’t think I’m a fan of it, looks kind of small… maybe if they made it bigger it would be better… (fb)

  • Hanna

    I think its cute and urban, and looks like it would hold a lot. Never had one of these bags, so I dont know about how heavy it gets.

  • Anika

    I love the style. It looks so effortless and cute :) (fb)

  • Yoonmee

    The more I look at drawstring bags, the more I like them. The only thing I might not like about this one is that it’s a little bit heavier, but other than that, I love it! (fb)

  • Victoria

    I really like it… the leather texture is soo tough and hot. It kinda reminds me of eighties style.. but in a futuristic modern way. Just wouldnt invest that much into it.. not unique enough for the price. (fb)

  • Ashley Allen

    I can’t tell too much about this bag from the picture. It might be cute… (fb)

  • JenC

    I LOVE bucket bags!! I am not a big fan of “pebble” leather, but this is a really cute style! :)

  • Sandy Flores

    Looks like I will be having a hard time going through my stash if I were to get this bag. (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    it`s interesting, but not really special. or maybe it`s just not my kind.

  • Choy

    I like the style and currently using my Mulberry Sharpham duffel bag but I think this one is not for me. These type of bags are so versatile and I think they are great. Would be nice to see it in a light grey so that the design could be appreciated more as the black slouchy look hides it a bit. (fb)

  • Choy

    O m g, saying that (above comment) – I just found it in camel-suede and that is absolutely gorgeous.



  • Lizz

    I certainly dig it! I’ve been wanting a bucket bag for awhile but $800+ is a bit steep IMO .. (fb)

  • Sonya

    It’s kind of cute, but I couldn’t see myself carrying this bag. It looks like it’s trying to make up it’s mind on being a shoulder bag or hobo. The feet on this thing look like cleats or driving mocs. But, still cute in it’s own rights. LOL

  • Gelynn

    Sorry my style. (fb)

  • Trang

    cute <3 (fb)

  • CC

    It’s too busy and not very nice looking.. (fb)

  • Susan

    Bucket bags are difficult because my stuff gets lost deep in the bag.. (fb)

  • phyllis

    it does not appeal to me! (fb)

  • Karen

    I don’t mind drawstring bags, I have the McQueen Salvage tote which is drawstring and it’s perfect for casual trips out, but this bag just photographs so awfully! It really doesn’t have that wow factor, or really, any interesting thing that draws you in! :p
    I do bet it’s far more unique in person though… (fb)

  • JenG

    I love these type bags, even looking at the picture I thought it was cute. I would purchase it!

  • Kelly

    Not crazy about the look… though the leather looks magical, but I’m not a fan of tone-on-tone hardware. (fb)

  • Denise

    it’s not really doing much for me, wouldn’t be something I ran out to get! (fb)

  • Lauren

    I like to know that things look better in person than in photos, but it does make it harder if the photo looks bag. Thanks for the information!! (fb)

  • swags

    I’d need to see it in person. Looking at the photo, I am not loving it. I have noticed more bucket bags coming out in recent months. (fb)

  • Tamee

    To me it just seems so tall. I’m a shorty so I feel like I’d be up to my armpit trying to find something inside! (fb)

  • Miranda

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of the bag by looking at this picture, like you said, lack of structure and the fact that it looks so busy. I would really need to see this bag in person. (fb)

  • Kimmy B

    I really need a new summer bag (FB)

  • Melissa

    It’s a nice size and has a unique look.


  • Kate

    I can definitely see how it would look better in person (fb)

  • izyan

    a.wang can’t go wrong! (fb)

  • Monique Waymer

    Glad to see the Linea Pelle giveaway. (fb)

  • Mochababe73

    I am not a fan of Wang’s bags with the studs on them. Besides, this is just a boring black bag. It’s not enough contrast with the studs and the color of the leather. (fb)

  • .reese.

    hmmm…i like the way the bag looks in my picture. and it is always great to be pleasantly surprised! i hate it when a product looks fabulous in picture, and then it just doesn’t look anything like the picture at all in person. such a disappointment. (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    It’s different but I think it would work. (fb)

  • Alanna

    looks good, and i love the studs on the bottom (fb)

  • kayla

    i felt the same. but after seeing it in person, i had to own it! (fb)

  • Valentina

    I love it, I love Wang. I have think of doing the worst things imaginable to own every single one of the bags he has created. I consider some of my thoughts as not so terrible so I might try, now…or in the future. (fb)

  • Adrienne Challinor

    i like it and would use it with the right jacket & event (fb)

  • Roxanna

    I dont like it in the picture, but you are making me want to see it in person (fb)

  • Jenn

    Love the functionality. And the pebbled leather provides for some peace of mind re: scratches. Not sure about those studs, though. Signature maybe, but do they make it weighty? (fb)

  • JJ

    I like the leather and hardware on these bags but I’ve yet to see them in person. Based on your review, I think I’d need to reserve judgment until I can see the bag in person (fb)

  • Lynn

    I’m really falling for these bucket bags lately! (fb)

  • Natasha

    Just got the bag in the Mesh Leather from ForwardForward and it’s still sitting in the box at home. I’m iffy on it. Wish I could have gotten it in the pebbled leather (the mesh feels flimsy and looks a bit busy) and it weighs a TON. I’ve ordered the Donna too, so I’m going to do a compare and contrast, even though looks-wise, the Donna doesn’t hold a candle to the Diego! But on a practical note though, the Donna will probably be a much better everyday bag.

  • Ann

    I think I like it. This is one of those bags I need to see and feel in the store before I buy. (fb)

  • Debbie

    Hope it looks much better in person because the picture is not impressive. It looks like a bottomless pit. (fb)

  • abitnerdy

    once upon a time i hated bucket bags, but as I’ve grown and my taste is refined the bucket bag is so much more appealing. it’s classy it’s own way (FB)

  • Barms

    not loving this one (FB)

  • Rosanna

    I LOVE this! This looks like a fun, casual bag. But I think it would look even better in a camel color (fb)

  • Mai Thao

    I don’t know where one would carry this bag… to the movie theaters with snacks hidden inside? Lol (fb)

    • stylecat

      To your mom’s house.. where we can beat her face with it to a bloody pulp. LOL.

  • robyn

    I’d really need to see this one in person…..(fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Meh the leather looks like elephant skin. Not my cup of tea. I prefer my bags to look more delicate. This looks a big harsh for me (fb)

  • Lydia

    I will have to take your word for it because this picture is doing nothing for the bag’s appeal. It looks like it has had all the energy sucked out of it. (fb)

  • denim53

    Love the leather but bucket bags are not for me.

  • Kira

    I LOVE this bag! But I wish AW would come out with the bronze studs again on this bag. (fb)

  • Debbie

    I guess I have to see this one in person too before I can comment on it (FB)

  • bisbee

    Love this – I have the original Rocco with brass studs…but I love this one too. Hmmm…I’m going to have to think about this…I also loved it in the navy suede with black leather.

    • bisbee

      I forgot too – (FB)

  • Pat

    I think I’d have to touch it in person, but I like the detail of the studs on the bottom. (fb)

  • joce

    love this bag in person! Sadly it weighs more than a pound…or 2

  • justa9url

    I don’t like the leather and I’m not digging the bucket bags. (fb)

  • Camille

    This bag looks very masculine to me… (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    It’s not really my type of bag. (fb)

  • Joy

    ehh… not digging it

  • Jun

    I love AW, shoes & bags:::and T(fb)

  • Lee-Anne

    I love this bag!!! (fb)

  • l

    not for me sorry.(fb)

  • Monique

    ok bag, not my taste. (fb)

  • ad

    it has the possibility to be awesome and yes, i think that it needs to be view in person to truly appreciate it. so im undecided. (fb)

  • ad

    oh the price is quite affordable. thats cool. definitely has to check it out in person. hmm (fb)

  • Dawne Strehl

    Um, no. I’ll have to pass on this one. No appeal for me. ‘(fb)’

  • Sofia Nolan

    this is interesting

  • Irene

    Love how A.Wang keeps his prices affordable… if only I had an extra 1k now :P (fb)

  • Nikki

    I want to see this! (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Sometimes I need a bag that is functional and not in your face grabbing attention. I think this Alexander Wang bucket bag fits the bill. I love the rows of studs on its bottom, and that the designer has made a flat side to accommodate the body. Bucket bags just don’t sit right otherwise. It looks very touchable. (fb)

  • Lizzie

    Hmmm i don’t really like this. It just looks weird.

  • Maria

    love this! adorable! (fb)

  • marian T

    love it, beautiful, I guess I just love bags (fb)

  • savannah

    I do like it, but second to the coco duffel. (fb)

  • Jacelyn

    This is perfect to bring for vacations! (fb)

  • Joyce

    ehh. (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    Yikes! Looks kind of frumpy and bulgy. Never been a fan of bucket bags anyway. I don’t find them practical. (fv)

  • Tiff Chao

    Yikes! Looks kind of frumpy and bulgy. Never been a fan of bucket bags anyway. I don’t find them practical. (fb)

  • AV

    I looked for an edgy and comfortable bag and bought this bag. Did not see it irl but decided to buy it anyway (can always return it). Got it today and I am in heaven! The bag is so great: the leather is very nice (I had my doubts about that) and the colour of the studs is greater than expected: they are not black-black but more pewter colour.
    And matches therefore with all kind of jewellery…
    Getting in and out of the bag is also easier than expected. Love it. love it!!!!

  • stylecat

    I saw a picture of it in the lighter color and I think it looks better than the black one. Overall interesting design but this picture doesn’t cause any lemmings haha! Maybe if I’d get the chance to see it in real life I might like it. :)


  • Emma G

    I agree it looks great in real-life (ipad)

  • turadosapuay

    diego bucket was great.