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  • Edia

    i know that theres going to be lots of hate comments – as usual. but srsly have a look at this one irl. its amazing. it weighs next to nothing and is simply amazing. Id really love to own one one day X3

    • Averil

      I love that its handles are situated at the ends so both sides have a flat backing! If looks fab and I’d like to own the blue epi version *yearns*

  • Gigi

    I actually really like these! I think in the last slide, the silver cheapens the overall look of such a luxe bag, but the monogram really does look lovely.

  • Rama

    These are beautiful, no doubt. But I always worry about the functionality of hand-carried luxury luggage with hard cases. After years of traveling always with a trolley, I realize that unless the rolling luggage comes with external pockets, you really don’t maximize the use of it. Opening those things in security to get your laptops out can be a nightmare–really inconvenient and wastes time. I’m a small person so I put laptops in my leather Le Pliage cuir but I do think it would be better if I can put a heavy laptop in my hardcase rolling Rimowa (which is otherwise excellent in quality). Now people could be traveling in their own jets with their own bodyguards who take care of airport security, and if so, by all means, discussions of functionality would be moot. Also, these sorts of luggage would be fine for road trips, I suppose.

    Also, I don’t know about others but I wouldn’t dream of checking in that kind of luggage. Even if scratches are not an issue, it would seem very attractive to airport crew thieves, bless them.

    • Michele Holbrook

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  • Charlie

    This is a revolutionary design, it’s surprise to learn no one had attempt it to have the handles on two sides to flatten the case (so you don’t lose any space)

  • psny15

    did they copy my 15 year old Hartmann design?

  • B.S.

    I think these look great until you pull the handle up. That large handle may be functional but it is also extremely ugly.