We all know how lovely the Bottega Veneta intrecciato woven bags are, but a lot of people feel like the brand’s simple good looks don’t fit their personal style. I can’t blame anyone for wanting something more, and while Bottega has been doing a fine job of mixing up their aesthetic recently, I’ve got a woven alternative for people that like something a little funkier.

The Vanessa Bruno Fringe Sack is full of bohemian texture and visual interest in a way that might be a little much for people that prefer Bottega’s more traditional bags, but it might be perfect for people that like to make a statement. I think that we all know, at this point, that a statement is what I prefer.

The knotted pattern of the fringe provides texture on top of texture, and in a lighter color the lattice effect might have been over the top. In black, however, the bag looks rich and touchable, and I want to hold it in my hands so that I can examine its intricacies in a more complete way. The fringe provides the last punch of bohemian flare, and although I’m not a fan of fringe as a generalized concept, I think it works in this context.

Not only is the bag visually pleasing, but I think it would be quite functional as well. Woven leather has an inherent slouch to it because strips of leather allow for more movement than the solid material, and this bag will sag beautifully when carried by shoulder. The straps look generous and comfortable, and the neutral color means that this bag, despite its intricacies, will go with a wide variety of ensemble options. Buy through ShopBop for $1494.

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  • BLynnT

    I must be on the opposite end of the spectrum from you, Amanda, because this bag is definitely “a little much” for me. Just not my style at all. (fb)

  • justa9url

    I still prefer Bottega Veneta. (fb)

  • ad

    i would be so tempted to cut off the fringe. i never like fringe. its just too much (fb)

  • Pookie F. – (Stacy)

    I agree with AD. Take away the fringe and it would be perfect for me. The fringe just isn’t visually appealing to me at all, it’s distracting. My cats would have a field day with this bag. :)

    • Pookie F. – (Stacy)


  • l

    Not the best Vanessa Bruno to be honest.

  • l


  • Jenni

    Not my style. I don’t like the fringe! (fb)

  • Monique

    Bohemian bag, not my taste. (fb)

  • JiChi

    I don’t normally into fringe, but I’m really liking this bag!! It would be really nice in maybe a soft pinkish color, for the summer :).

    • Yaaaaay finally someone agrees with me ;-). I’m not much of a boho fan (in fact, I’m generally sort of a glam-hipster-goth combo in my personal style choices) but for some reason this bag just looks like it would be fun to own to me.

      • Karen

        I love this bag!! Glam-hipster-goth for the win!!!!
        I would rock this anytime. (fb)

  • MAX

    Bottega Spirit in Gucci hobo style mixed with lil senses of Balenciaga leather Oh my I’ve fallen in love haha

  • Sandy Flores

    I’d pair this with shorts for summer! (fb)

  • abitnerdy

    BV can do no wrong in my eyes I love all the different textures! I want this is a beautiful shade of purple (fb)

  • Mochababe73

    I don’t like BV, but I appreciate the workmanship involved in the making of the bag. I am not really liking this bag either. The fringe and color kill it for me, but just like BV, I appreciate the workmanship.

    • Mochababe73

      I forgot again. (fb)

  • Rosanna

    Not a fan of fringe and I find the position they put the fringe on this bag is a little weird to me. (fb)

  • covertanjou

    I love the texture of this bag. Beautiful! (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    I don`t see anything special about it

  • robyn

    Love it!! Exactly what I would like, the texture the shape the size….perfection!! (fB)

  • swags

    Basic shape that will always be stylish. Personally, I don’t care for the fringe. I think the bag has a unique look w/o the tassles. Still, I would look twice if I saw someone carrying it. (fb)

  • Tamee

    I think I’d really love this bag if it didn’t have the fringe on it. The texture looks so cool, but the fringe is just distracting. (fb)

  • Irene

    Usually I hate fringe but loving this. Kind of reminds me of the monster A.Wang Alexis fringe booties… sooo wrong but so right. (fb)

  • JanisGail

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  • 19yearslater

    The fringe seems awkwardly placed. I like the idea of fringe on this bag just not where it is now. Still, that’s not a deal-breaker and I still really like this bag.

  • Amy

    I like the woven texture but not all that fringe. Waaaay too much fringe for me. (fb)

  • Debbie

    I love this bag(fb)

  • Pat

    I’ve never been a fan of fringe, but other than that it looks like a comfy bag to have on your shoulder. (fb)

  • Shine

    the leather weave pattern is a style of its own, highlight of this bag were the fringes, I would love to see this bag in some other color and definitely perfect for spring or summer.(fb)

  • Jan

    It reminds me of some of the new Lockheart bags-only they’re a lot cheaper and just as gorgeous! They have the fringy tassels which I like a lot better than the attached finge on this bag! Plus they top out at $600!

  • Mika

    fringe is not my thing.. love the texture though (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Fringe is also not my style. I like the woven detailing though (fb)

  • Lydia

    I think I’m just over the whole “fringe” trend. The first few months I was all over it, but now it feels like that trend has surpassed it’s freshness. (fb)

  • Debbie

    Would definitely love the bag without the fringe, but as it is, it’s way over the top for my tastes. (fb)

  • Lilly P.

    I don’t like this fringe thing…(fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    I like to make a statement but this bag is all about questions. Why place the fringing in the middle section, wouldn’t it look more visually pleasing at the ends? THOUGH on the pretend model on ShopBop, it does hang nicely but as I don’t look like the ShopBop model it may not hang like that on me.
    Also why do designers make enormous bags with magnetic closures not a zip closure. I am sure to lose everything at the bottom of the coats closet at work !! (fb)

  • Nikki

    I think it would look better without the fringe. (fb)

  • Roxanna

    I agree with Nikki that I think it would look better without the fringe, but the leather looks to-die-for. (fb)

  • Carol

    I like this bag — especially the functionality. But not the fringe or the color. (fb)

  • Joy

    not a fan of black bags cause they are just too simple
    but im loving it

  • Melody

    love it! would be better without the fringe though (fb)

  • Kellie Wilson

    Not a fan of all that fringe. Like you..I prefer Bottega’s more traditional styles! (fb)

  • Lizzie

    I kind of like this. Fringe always has me on the fence, but I agree with you, this works.

  • Mai

    Not totally digging the fringe. Guess it’s not my style.. But I’m sure it’ll be super cute on Taylor Swift! (fb)

  • Maria

    I agree, I would prefer it w/out the fringe (fb)

  • Gelynn

    It would look better without the fringe..that’s my opinion. (fb)

  • marian T

    me don’t love it (fb)

  • Kim

    wow. too many trends in one bag for me. (fb)

  • savannah

    hmm I think there is just too much going on with this bag, especially combining the woven detail with the fringe. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    $1500 for a purse. unbelievable.

  • Joyce

    Agree with Adrienne..

  • Tiff Chao

    I could also do without the fringe. (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    If there wasn’t any fringe, I’d like it more. (fb)