Sissi Rossi Washed Leather Tote Sometimes I forget how much life itself costs. After running errands all day, my credit card was feeling a bit lighter. I decided to actually look at all my receipts and see what the heck was going on. Well let’s start with gas for my car: $57.89. WHAT?! I sure didn’t pay attention to that at the pump. Add on a car wash inside and out: $35.79 plus $5 tip. Ok so far alright. Then I met some friends for lunch: another $32.56 plus tip. Then there was the stop at the mall: let’s just say, too much. Then stupid ink cartridges for this printer that I think I broke: $34.99. Then a stop to Bath and Body Works for some unnecessary ‘stuff’: $46.37. And of course, 2 stop today to Starbucks: $7.40 (for the 2 combined- can anyone guess what I drink?? ;-) )And that wasn’t it. The day proceeds on with other stupid needs. Ink is expensive, so are food, cars, and just life. So when I think of it this way, I realize we all can’t be spending over a grand on every new “it” bag that comes out. Why not find an in-betweener.

If you are a huge lover of the Chloe Paddington, but either can’t find one or can’t afford one, I found a similar looking bag- that is also beautiful and less than half the price. The Sissi Rossi Washed Leather Tote is a beautiful leather slouch bag. I love the color too (reminds me of the Blue Paddy). This is an oceanic blue washed leather tote bag which is stitched with pink and accented with aged silver hardware. There is no padlock, but the shape of the bag is reminiscent if you like the look. The bag also has two handles, a silver zip top fastening across the top, two buckles found on either end of the bag, and a strap. The inside is lined in pale blue canvas and has an inside zip pocket for anything you may want to hide. For $535 via Net-A-Porter, you can feel a little closer to the Paddington you may yearn for, and still have an extra $700 or so to spare.

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