RG House of Florence Elephant CollectionClose the shutters, secure the doors, bring the children inside and the dogs, too… because the elephants are out and the jungle is going nuts! Hah… you have to understand that I have a thing for elephants. I am not sure where it came from, but years ago I think my dad talked about how he wanted to be reborn as an elephant in the next life, and since then our collection of wooden, stone, toy, and fluffy elephants just grew to a point that we count 4o-some different elephants in our home, from every possible corner of the Earth imaginable. Hence, I was very excited when Megs emailed me these bags with the email’s subject saying “especially with you in mind“.

Kickin’ off the working week, we’re doing it big, and in style! The RG House of Florence Elephant Collection is in the house and they made sure to bring the whole family. Ok ok, parts of the relatives had to stay at home, but the finer selection found its way to our precious blog.

Starting to our top-left we have the Elephant Collection Shopping Bag, a generously large shopping tote with a funny edge. It is made from beige canvas with finishings in brown boar leather. This bag has a large internal section with a zippered pocket. The elephant sign is cleverly intergrated into the handle, which makes it both unique and adorable to look at. There is also a detachable strap. The Italian shopping bag goes for $589 through Forzieri.

The next relative is the shopping bag’s brother, the Suede Big Shopping Bag. Big name for a big bag. This full suede shopping bag is a whole 13 inches wider than the aforementioned bag, measuring in at 41 inches in width. Other than that, the specs are the same, it will find a new owner for 658 dollar American through Forzieri.

Bottom right, we have the universal Beige Elephant Collection Backpack. Absolutely gorgeous! The elephant trunk makes the handles for the closure of the bag… simply irresistible. The italian back-o-phant goes for 491 bucks, again via Forzieri.

Last, but certainly not least, the smallest member of the family, the Brown Elephant Collection Cosmetic Case. This way, even your daily toiletries will travel in style with you, and also will draw surprised looks once you pull out the trunk! Guaranteed! Available for $259.00.

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  • Judith Lieber

    Once my website is completed, how do I include an introduction to my purse designs to The Purse Blog? They are unique, one of a kind, handmade silver wire crochet bags trimmed with gemstones.

    Thanks, Judith Lieber

  • Hi Judith,
    we would love to feature your works on our blog. Just shoot me or Megs and email once you’ve got your site established!



  • I agree with Vlad!! Let us know when you get your site up and running, we love new designers!

  • Oh, gosh, each time I look at those cuties on those bags, I just love them more. They’ve got cute little eyes and ears *coo*. :-)

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  • eunice

    is there a process to rent an elephant purse with option to buy without using the internet but a 800 number

  • Naggy

    Just because there’s a strange-looking handle attachment doesn’t mean that the rest of the bag should be kept so boring. (ipad)

  • KY

    Lol these bags looks funny, but I wouldn’t wear them. (ipad)