Alright, who skinned Snuffaluffagus? And who told Prada that it was ok to make a bag out of a beloved Sesame Street character? Have they no shame?

Ok, so I doubt any childhood icons had to die to make the Prada Visone Tote , but that doesn’t make it any less unattractive.

Prada Visone Hobo

The reasons that this bag is unattractive are almost too obvious to describe, and the fact that it looks like the pelt of a woolly mammoth puppet probably says it all for me. Explaining why this bag is bad is like shooting fish in a barrel. Which, of course, I’m happy to do.

There’s nothing artful or interesting about this. It’s a giant ball of brown mink with a briefcase handle stick out of the top. It’s not that the design is bad, it’s that there’s no design to speak of. I know Prada is all about minimalism in a lot of their bags, but if you’re going to do something minimalist, every last detail has to be absolutely perfect for it to work as a look. And this is far from perfect. Buy through Saks for $4950.

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  • Mohnblume

    I would NEVER wear fur, especially not at a purse. it’s disgusting

  • Jen

    It looks like that monster book in Harry Potter that tries to attack Harry when he opens it. No thanks!

  • Cherie L.

    This bag screams Russian mob. I expect to see it around the red square along with many a fur coat come winter. *LOL*

  • Jeannie


  • Michelle

    i cringed when i saw this..not coz its fur, but coz the design is so.. erm…

  • Rose

    Add a few red beady eyes or some teethlike studs and you will have the ultimate one up to that naff Rick Owens mink toad bag thingy.
    Then again, I’d spend the 5k on a proper bag (or 2) (or 3!) and use my grannie’s fur coat to create it ;oD

    I do need some expert help with this one though:
    Fur = dead animal = evil?
    Leather= dead animal = not evil?
    Alpaca fur = dead (or just naked?) animal = not evil?

    BTW adooooore the blog, regardless of the stuff the featured dreams are made of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 19yearslater

    Ugh! Another ugly fur bag. Who do designers think is going to pay premium prices for a lump of fur?

  • liz

    This bag is so ugly. It doesn’t even have any embellishments on it, it’s just… a big brown blob.

  • Laura

    Another furry bag? I think we need to start a “Save the Muppets” campaign.

  • Sarah

    I adore Prada but this bag is awful. I have nothing against using fur, but dont waist any of it on a candidate for worst bag of the season. The Prada Fall collection is great but her runway bag collection is scary. No wonder she is having financial problems.

  • Jane H.

    Hilarious review!

  • DanielleZ

    I don’t like this bag at all. It’s confusing and scary. I don’t understand how come out of so many great fabrics, they just had to use fur?!!

  • Merve

    Ok who killed Yogi Bear?

  • Claire

    That’s what my cat would look like, as a bag.

  • Mama M

    At least they left the color natural and didn’t dye it turquoise like the Versace “Cookie Monster” bag!

  • spanish moss

    does peta know about this???????????

  • MizzJ

    Well, it would likely make a good cushion?

  • Madison C

    I love this.
    It’s fun and while it will date someone carrying in it the short term, in the long run, it’s a collectors item.
    And fcuk Peta.

  • Yan

    For that insane price I’d rather go hunting and skin a wolly mammoth myself….
    I usually LOVE Prada but this is a disaster!